Who knows where we’re at! The weeks are flying by!

The weeks are going too fast to keep up with every run updates!

So we are now into our winter run, all tarmac and virtually the same route but it starts in the carpark, goes out along the cycle path, past the firestation then back and finishing just before the path ends. No more grass! So the course is a bit faster, there are a few runners bent over - and coughing up all kinds of stuff - at the end of the run, so just means that people are working hard to shave a few seconds off!

Since the last update we've had another sweatshop trainer winner, well done to Lynn Trussel who ran 4 runs in October and got 2 pb's and improved by 2.17 minutes in that month alone and has knocked 6.22 minutes off her time overall!

Lots of people reaching their 10th run milestones over the last few weeks, Tony Holliday, Peter Little, Dave Prescott, Gary Lynch (I am sure to have missed some!) fab effort from all.

We had a new female course record on the 30th from Camilla MCKNESPIEY in 18.35 minutes, great stuff Camilla.

For the 1st time we had no new runners taking part on our 24th event, overall so far there have been over 400 runners taken part which is amazing. We need to encourage some of these back, especially now we have a grass, mud free route there's nothing to put anyone off - oh except the 5km obviously! All fellow parkrunners please spread the word that parkrun isn't about how fast you go, it's about giving it a go, whether it takes you 18 minutes or 48 minutes, all runners and parkrun friends are there to encourage and support right to the bitter end, and it's always great to share a coffee afterwards - and don't forget it's nearly Xmas so a tasty Xmas treat to wash down would be more that welcome if anyone is especially good in the kitchen!

Most improved times for runs in November are:
Suzanne Penfold (4.17)
Aimee Little (2.40)
Craig Hatch (2.36)
Fran Gray (2.12)
David Gardiner (2.09)

I know you can see the results on the results page but just a quick update on the most recent parkrun details -

Men's placings:
2. Patrick MALKINSON
3. Andrew BRADLEY

Women's placings:
3. Tiffany PENFOLD .

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:

Camilla MCKNESPIEY (JW14) was graded 85.92% for the time 18:35 (third overall).
Sheila MCVEIGH (VW55-59) was graded 83.35% for the time 22:19 (15th overall).
Andrew HENDERSON (SM35-39) was graded 78.04% for the time 17:00 (first overall).

Until next time!