Nearly 1 year old!!

Well on the 21st June we celebrate our 1st birthday, and we want everyone to come join us and celebrate with some sparkly beverages and a piece of cake!

We've had 775 runners in that time what are the chances we could get most of those back on Saturday (possibly not those who've traveled from all corners of the Country although it would be great to see you again!) - even if you haven't ran since that 1st run on the 22nd June 2013 come and share half an hour after the morning run with us.

We will be awarding some prizes once everyone is back from the run including top points scorers (male and female) and the Workington parkrun champion.

Us volunteers have had such a fantastic time over the last 12 months, meeting new people and listening to all the wonderful stories from our runners parkrun journeys and we hope this will continue for many years to come so thank you for all your support.

If anyone wants to get involved in the coordination or development of the parkrun please just talk to one of us and we'll find you a job, although I'm not sure Tony will give up his role as none scanner note taker very easily!

Our June 7th front runners were:
Women -
Susan CAIN was first (13th overall) 21:28
Dawn PRITCHARD was second (17th overall) 21:40
Kelly BARRATT was third (19th overall) over the line in 22:03

Men -
Andrew HENDERSON was first over the line in 17:22
Gary PALA was second over the line in 18:13.
Des MORRIS was third over the line in 18:27.

Well done to our most recent sweatshop winner Chris Wear hope you've got yourself some hot new footwear!

And finally, if anyone has borrowed one of our delightful hi viz vests in the past, please can we get it back! We've lost a couple and we're very fond of them!

See you Saturday!