Saturday 9th August – uploading issue

You may have already spotted the note on the Workington parkrun page that there is an issue with the uploading of the results from Saturdays event - the scanner would not connect to the computor.

We are still looking to see if this is something we can overcome and hope to get the results up if we can. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any delay!

Workington parkrun


Nearly 1 year old!!

Well on the 21st June we celebrate our 1st birthday, and we want everyone to come join us and celebrate with some sparkly beverages and a piece of cake!

We've had 775 runners in that time what are the chances we could get most of those back on Saturday (possibly not those who've traveled from all corners of the Country although it would be great to see you again!) - even if you haven't ran since that 1st run on the 22nd June 2013 come and share half an hour after the morning run with us.

We will be awarding some prizes once everyone is back from the run including top points scorers (male and female) and the Workington parkrun champion.

Us volunteers have had such a fantastic time over the last 12 months, meeting new people and listening to all the wonderful stories from our runners parkrun journeys and we hope this will continue for many years to come so thank you for all your support.

If anyone wants to get involved in the coordination or development of the parkrun please just talk to one of us and we'll find you a job, although I'm not sure Tony will give up his role as none scanner note taker very easily!

Our June 7th front runners were:
Women -
Susan CAIN was first (13th overall) 21:28
Dawn PRITCHARD was second (17th overall) 21:40
Kelly BARRATT was third (19th overall) over the line in 22:03

Men -
Andrew HENDERSON was first over the line in 17:22
Gary PALA was second over the line in 18:13.
Des MORRIS was third over the line in 18:27.

Well done to our most recent sweatshop winner Chris Wear hope you've got yourself some hot new footwear!

And finally, if anyone has borrowed one of our delightful hi viz vests in the past, please can we get it back! We've lost a couple and we're very fond of them!

See you Saturday!



Spring into Spring! We’ve reached event 42

Hey all!

The sun is starting to shine on the West Coast again.

Well we're 8 events off the big 50, anyone who's been with us from the start will be looking forward to their 50 tshirt! Don't think anyone is quite there in terms of running, I think Bev is probably the closest at 36. Shaun should get one though, for not missing one since the start in June, not sure if they give them to volunteers though! But we know you're a parkrun hero Shaun!

Speaking of t shirts, well done to Cameron Lawler who reached his 10th run on Saturday so should have a shirt in the pipeline.

Our February Sweatshop winner was Sharon Jones, hope to see some new dazzlers at the bottom of her legs hitting the track in the near future.

Welcome to the 15 first timers who rocked up this week and well done to visitor Adrian Holliday from Tipton Harriers broke the track record and to the 34 runners with new PB's achieved, a fantastic result, must have been the lovely weather! We've had some great runs over the last 4 or 5 weeks, 92 at one event, lets try and keep those figures up.

We had a great group of new starters from the St Bees Triers, don't be strangers guys hope to see you again soon.


Just a quick request regarding volunteering, firstly thank you so much to those who have helped with setting up, managing the event and helping tidy up at the end but there is always room for more help. Tony, Sheila and Shaun are there every week and there are other regulars who take a break from running to support but it we'd love to give these guys a run every now and then so if our Workington parkrun friends are able to offer a Saturday morning to manage over the stopwatch (it's not that hard, honestly!) that would be much appreciated.

Good luck this weekend!

Workington parkrun


And with rain………

It's been over a month since we've put anything on here, time goes so fast! I wil just say again though, if anyone has anything they want to put on here just send an email to the workington inbox and we can put it on.

I want to start by letting you read an email sent after the 34th event:
"Just a quick note to say thanks for a lovely parkrun yesterday. Having lived for several years between Carlisle and Dumfries, I remind myself everytime I travel out west, that I must go that way more often!
It was great to come to a small friendly run for my friend/clubmate's parkrun debut!

An interesting fact about workington parkrun is that you must be the only parkrun that has the male and female course records set by runners nominated for the uk ultra runners of the year awards ( an award that relies on public vote on Amazing to be in a list with runners such as Ricky, and goes to show that you have to work at short distance as well as long!

Thanks again to the marshals/timers/organisers and especially to whoever provided the hot drinks

It's interesting to hear people (and podcasts such as the parkrun show) talk about huge numbers and attendance records....but smaller events have such a personal touch and seem v friendly. We don't have a "local" parkrun so if running one, we often see different people, hence the friendliness, chat and camaraderie really makes the trip worthwhile. Keep up the good work, and hope to be back"
Joanna Zakrzewski x

Thank you Joanne and well done for setting the new womens record on Saturday 1st Feb. It's always nice to get some feedback, especially when it's as good as that above, makes it all the more worthwhile getting out of bed on a Saturday morning for volunteers and runners alike.

Anyway - Well done to David Chapman to was the December sweatshop winner, and to Tony Briscoe the January winner.

Christina Davies, Nichol Moffat, Jenny Jennings, Ben Crelling, Sara Huddart, Marie Duxbury, Heidi Martin, Joanne Hughes have all got PB's in their latest runs since joining us in the new year so congratulations to you!

From the last event we had some quick finishers:

Russell MADDAMS (VM40-44) first over the line in 16:44
Brian TAYLOR (VM45-49) second in 16:57
Blain ROONEY (SM25-29) was third in 17:27.
Joasia ZAKRZEWSKI (VW35-39)  was first over the line in 17:50
Pippa MADDAMS (VW35-39) was second over the line in 18:50.
Faye MALKINSON (SW25-29) was third (18th overall) in 21:14

So from our first event in June 2013, up until our 34th event we have completed 1,674 runs covering a total distance of 8,370 km, and 508 new Personal Bests!

Well done Workington, it's neighbours and it's visitors!

Until next time.......


Welcome to 2014

Well it's a brand new year and on the 3rd January, Workington parkrun will reach it's 30th event which is a fantastic achievement.

I would like to say a huge thank you to those volunteers who have made it possible each week and supported the setting up of the event, otherwise, frankly, there would be no run! Special thanks to Shaun, Tony, Sheila, Keith, Chris, Matthew who have given up their running time so often during those 30 weeks to make sure we have the scanners, timers and barcodes covered. There are lots of others who have also covered those roles, marshaled and set up but I don't want to start naming them all in case I miss someone! Their are new runners and supporters coming forward each week wanting to lend a hand which is great so lets keep it going.

The New Years day results aren't up yet but will be over the weekend, but each week we see new first timers giving it a go, and hopefully we can encourage some more to start their New Years resolutions with us!
From the run on the 28th December:

Fabulous to see first timers - Martin Kirkbride, Hannah Simm, Julie Richardson, Tracey Owen, Matt Sullivan and Christian Jones - hope we see you back again soon.

Well done to the 4 ladies who got new PB's (come on fellas!) Jaclyn Grey who go a new PB at 35.11 minutes an improvement of 1.45 minutes over 3 runs, excellent, Ann Slaymaker, Rhiannon Jones, Ashlyn Holliday also got new PB's on the 28th.

Our 1st female to cross the line first was on the 28th December, Abbie Hetherington did the course in 18 minutes, obviously not feeling the effects of the turkey and chocolates. Abbie was closely followed by the first male over the line - Philip Cueto who completed in 18.56 minutes. Well done to both.

Just a quick mention to those who have now achieved their 20th Workington runs - well done to Bev Faulder (24 runs, wowsers!), David Chapman and Richard Williams (both 22 runs), and loads have reached their 10th run over the last few weeks - Norman, Tony Briscoe, Stephen Hackley, John Thompson, Tony Jewell, Faye Malkinson, Ian Vatter, Daniel Strange and Joanne Coyle so well done to all of you as well, it's a great effort.

So happy new year to all, hopefully we'll see you more regularly as we come into the spring, the routes lovely and dry so no more soggy socks!

See you soon



And 2013 comes to a close!

Just a quick one - just a reminder fancy dress festive style is welcomed at this weekends parkrun (21st) - if anyone wants to bring a shot of the mulled stuff for the volunteers (it looks due to be pretty windy!) I'm sure it would be much appreciated.

We could do with an idea of numbers interested in doing a parkrun on New Years Day before we commit to doing it, so if you are up for it please drop us an email or let us know on Saturday or put it on the facebook page. We would be looking at a 9.30am start.

Well done this week to Camilla McKnespiey who got a new female course record (don't know how in that wind!) and to Ricky who got a new make course record on the 7th December.

Sheila McVeigh was our November sweatshop winner, excellent job Sheila well done!

That's all for now, see you Sat! And don't forget the run is on as normal on the 28th December.


Christmas 2013

We wont be having a Christmas Day parkrun this year, the Cumberland Athletics Club who make up a number of our volunteers, already have the PICA 4.6 miles run planned for Boxing day so if you fancy a run then head out on Boxing day for that one, it's a great run to burn off some of that Turkey!

She Sheila, Keith or Shaun on Saturday for more details.

New Years Day is yet to be decided. If we do one it will start at 9.30am but just need to confirm we have enough volunteers so watch this space!


Who knows where we’re at! The weeks are flying by!

The weeks are going too fast to keep up with every run updates!

So we are now into our winter run, all tarmac and virtually the same route but it starts in the carpark, goes out along the cycle path, past the firestation then back and finishing just before the path ends. No more grass! So the course is a bit faster, there are a few runners bent over - and coughing up all kinds of stuff - at the end of the run, so just means that people are working hard to shave a few seconds off!

Since the last update we've had another sweatshop trainer winner, well done to Lynn Trussel who ran 4 runs in October and got 2 pb's and improved by 2.17 minutes in that month alone and has knocked 6.22 minutes off her time overall!

Lots of people reaching their 10th run milestones over the last few weeks, Tony Holliday, Peter Little, Dave Prescott, Gary Lynch (I am sure to have missed some!) fab effort from all.

We had a new female course record on the 30th from Camilla MCKNESPIEY in 18.35 minutes, great stuff Camilla.

For the 1st time we had no new runners taking part on our 24th event, overall so far there have been over 400 runners taken part which is amazing. We need to encourage some of these back, especially now we have a grass, mud free route there's nothing to put anyone off - oh except the 5km obviously! All fellow parkrunners please spread the word that parkrun isn't about how fast you go, it's about giving it a go, whether it takes you 18 minutes or 48 minutes, all runners and parkrun friends are there to encourage and support right to the bitter end, and it's always great to share a coffee afterwards - and don't forget it's nearly Xmas so a tasty Xmas treat to wash down would be more that welcome if anyone is especially good in the kitchen!

Most improved times for runs in November are:
Suzanne Penfold (4.17)
Aimee Little (2.40)
Craig Hatch (2.36)
Fran Gray (2.12)
David Gardiner (2.09)

I know you can see the results on the results page but just a quick update on the most recent parkrun details -

Men's placings:
2. Patrick MALKINSON
3. Andrew BRADLEY

Women's placings:
3. Tiffany PENFOLD .

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:

Camilla MCKNESPIEY (JW14) was graded 85.92% for the time 18:35 (third overall).
Sheila MCVEIGH (VW55-59) was graded 83.35% for the time 22:19 (15th overall).
Andrew HENDERSON (SM35-39) was graded 78.04% for the time 17:00 (first overall).

Until next time!



is this where we start to see the die hards over the fair weather parkrunners?

It's starting to get nippy out there on a Saturday morning but we're continuing to be lucky in Workington with nice bright mornings. I love a crisp morning to get out there and do some exercise though, so hopefully, this weather might be what people have been waiting for.

Over the last couple of parkruns, we had a couple reach their 10 Workington parkrun milestones - well done to Stephen Watson and Joanne Coyle, Stephen could show us all a thing or two, hitting the mid 70's and still doing the parkrun.

Shaun Cavanagh was the winner of the September Sweatshop trainers, I hope you'll agree it was well deserved, Shaun hasn't missed a parkrun yet!

We had two new leaders over the last two events, Steve Garner and Mark Walsh leading the pack but it's not all about those at the front, it's about those who have been inspired by Workington parkrun and have taken the steps to get into running and are motivated by the support around them and the improvement week on week, so well done to  those 1st timers on the 12th October Gary Thwaite, Liam Campbell, Gillian Baxter, Peter Vaughan and Aiden Little and hopefully we'll see you back again.

Lots of people stepping forward to help out which is great, it's not that hard is it! The roles are easy once you get used to them so as usual, let us know in advance if you want to volunteer either by email or the facebook page and we'll stick you in the roster ( so you can see what you'll be doing.

Results for event 17 were:

Mark WALSH (SM30-34) was first over the line in 17:04
Sam STEAD (SM20-24) was second over the line in 18:18
Stephen HACKLEY (SM35-39) was third over the line in 19:05.

Lucy STOBBART (SW25-29) was first female over the line in 20:47
Kelly BARRATT (SW30-34) was second over the line in 22:12
Gillian BAXTER (VW50-54)  was third over the line in 23:49

Keep up the good work guys!

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