Workington parkrun is cancelled on 2021-03-06 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Workington from Summer to Autumn!

Not that you would notice the changing of the seasons, we have been super lucky with the weather at Workingon parkrun, touch wood (I have) I don't actually think we've had a wet one, could be soggy underfoot tomorrow though after all the rain - fell shoes or wellies I'm thinking!

So the last two weeks have come and gone, a slightly lower number on week 14, not sure what happened but still some lovely Saturday activity. We even had tea and coffee outside last week which was a nice change. Well done to stephen Hackley, Richard Williams, David Chapman, Patrick Malkinson on reaching their 10th Workington parkrun over the last couple of weeks if you didn't get a shout out - please do remind me it's worth a round of applause! Don't forget your 7 day pass for the centre, see me when I'm next there.

We will be looking at changing the route to the winter one by the end of this month which will mean more tarmac and less grass!

So results as they tand on week 15 are:
Women -
Caroline WOOD visiting us from down south was first female over the line in 19:57
Lucy STOBBART  was second over the line in 20:47
Faye MALKINSON was third over the line in 22:28

Men -
A new top spot finisher in Neil COCKBAIN of Keswick AC, was first over the line in 18:42 Patrick MALKINSON was second over the line in 18:48.
Stephen HACKLEY Derwent AC Cockermouth, was third over the line in 19:14.

Both the Malkinsons in the top three and both with a PB! Trainings paying off guys well done. In fact, well done to all 23 who got a PB in week 15 it's great to see the improvement and dedication on faces each week!

Welcome to the 16 were first timers and thanks to those who let us know how much they enjoyed it on our facebook page

Thank you to those who stayed behind last week to get involved in sustaining parkrun through helping out, I will get an email sent round in the next week or so, as I said it doesn't mean you have to be at parkrun each week or volunteer each week but between you hopefully it can keep going and keep building. Thanks also to Howard Seal who will be the runs new technical whizz helping to update this page (so please send any stories through from your morning run) and the facebook page. We will keep updating the volunteer roster page (top right tab) so if you're thinking about it let us know in plenty of time so we can get it on there.

Good luck to anyone taking part in the Cumbrian Run over the weekend.




Round up of events 10 – 13!

How fast do these weeks go!
Can't believe we not got anything written down on here for the last few weeks so will give a quick update.

Lots of new runners still joining us each week as well as the familiar faces, Bev and Gary both got a 7 day pass to Workington Leisure Centre for achieving their 10th Workington runs, congratulations - please let us know (just in case we forget!!) if you reach this landmark and we can sort you a pass out too.

The placings for the 13th event were:

Chris STEELE (SM30-34) (Unattached) was first over the line in 16:25 - first appearance.
Mark WALSH (SM30-34) of Ellenborough AC, was second over the line in 17:11.
Robert MORRIS (SM20-24) of Derwent AC Cockermouth, was third over the line in 17:41

Women's placings:
Lucy STOBBART (SW25-29) (Unattached) was first (14th overall) over the line in 20:36
Sheila MCVEIGH (VW55-59) of Cumberland AC, was second (23rd overall) over the line in 23:33
Bev FAULDER (VW35-39) of Seaton AC, was third (25th overall) over the line in 24:11.

Well done to all on event 13, we had 23 new runners and 17 personal bests which is just great to see.

Thank you to Bex - yet to actually run a parkrun - who brought in cakes for the apri run refreshments to celebrate her birthday - more of those please!

Well done to Cathryn Johnston who was our August Sweatshop parkrun prize winner - if Gary is anything to go by after donning his new pair then Cathryn should be getting a new PB on her next outing, he's had two since winning the July pair!

Thank you to all of those who have volunteered in these last 4 events and those new faces stepping forward to let others run. It really isn't a hard job, it's a great event to be involved in.
We will be having a get together after the run on the 28th September over coffee for those who are interested in supporting the organisation of the event - Craig Kershaw, Shaun Cavanagh, Dave Heaton and the McVeigh's have been integral in getting it on it's feet but they do also like to run and it would be good to have some others in there to share the work load - but it doesn't mean you can't run - just to support in organising those who can marshal, get run set up and getting the runners over the line and those who can bring experise in the web side of things and can get an update on here regularly and keep the facebook page going which is crucial in spreading the word.
So please if you are interested stay behind for a few minutes after the run on the 28th.

Finally as we're approaching the 14th event can we also thank Carlisle Leisure Ltd who provide us with the storage, a member of staff each week, refreshments and get all the results online for us which makes it even easier for our volunteers.

Week 14 this week! Bring it on.
Workington parkrun


Workington event 8 and 9

Well two weeks on the trot and we've had over the 60 mark! Well done to Yasmin, Faye and Ricky at being 1st over the line for women and men over those two weeks and creating two new course records!  29 new starters at event 9, more and more each week which is great. We've sorted the times out now, thank you to all those who are very honest and let us know the times were a minute too fast.

Need to try and get a fold out table brought out so we can have the coffee's outside and enjoy the sunshine and cheer everyone coming over the finishline, plus then it's handy for the volunteers to grab one without waiting until the end!

Also, need to mention a congratulations to our 1st monthly sweatshop winner. And it goes to Gary Byers! Well done Gary hope to see a few seconds knocked off your time with a new pair of runners! 

We had some support down from our friends at the Barrow parkrun on the 10th and they have invited us to attend their 2nd birthday on the 21st September - there will be cake.

Thank you to those who keep turning up to help out each week the setting up is becoming a doddle! Just a request to let us know either in an email or through facebook if you are planning to help out on any day, just so we can make sure you get your name in the lights but also so we can let others kow they may be able to run that day if they were planning on volunteering and spread it out across the weeks.

That's it from me, if anyone else would like to put anything forward for this, as when we volunteer we maybe don't catch what goes on out on the route let us know and we can share it!

See you on the line at 9!

Workington parkrun



Workington parkrun event 7

Event 7! Can't believe we're at event 7.
So many new faces each week, we'd love to see you back again, don't be strangers! Of course, we love to see all those regular faces too.

This week 45 runners headed out on the track towards Harrington, the wind whipping their faces!

Despite the wind though, 11 new personal bests recorded! Well done to Richard Williams, Mark Walsh, Jenny White, Simon Byrne, Rachel Mellor, David Heaton, Anne Slaymaker, Nicola Smith, Tommy Smith, Stephen Watson and Claire Andrews for achieving those!

We had a new volunteer Susan Cain who was  keeping the tunnel under order, and almost a trouble free scanning session, vertually everyone went through - we are getting there!

Just a note about cooling down, some head off back down the finishing line, can we just ask that you go down the outside of the left hand side of the tunnel, avoiding those running back up to the finish then cut across the pitch when there is space to do so.

Men's placings:
Brian TAYLOR (VM45-49) of Ellenborough AC, was first over the line in 17:50 - Mark WALSH (SM30-34) of Ellenborough AC, was second over the line in 18:06.
Graham SMITH (VM40-44) of St Albans Striders, was third over the line in 18:16.

Women's placings:
Rachel Anne MELLOR (SW30-34) of Keswick AC, was first (12th overall) over the line in 21:57
Bev FAULDER (VW35-39) of Seaton AC, was second (18th overall) over the line in 24:29.
Katherine HARVEY (VW35-39) (Unattached) was third (19th overall) over the line in 24:34.

See you there again this week, the challenge is for all regular runners to bring someone new to parkrun (although I realise it is Friday already so maybe we'll do this next week!)

Happy day!



Workington parkrun event 6

Event 6 people! and we rocked the 60 mark! Well done to us all.

We had 34 new runners which is just fantastic, and runners from 15 different athletics clubs, one from as far as Brighton! The number of visiting runners astounds us, so Workington parkrunners, while you are out and about on your holidays, look for your nearest run, and go give them your support.

New womens course record achieved - Well done to Camilla MCKNESPIEY (JW14) of Carlisle Aspatria AC, was first (13th overall) over the line in 20:09.

New fella at the front of the men's placings - James BOWNESS (SM20-24) of Trafford AC, was first over the line in 17:03 - first appearance, well done.

We are going to need a couple of extra volunteers particularly over the next couple of weeks - any one who can spare an hour please drop me an email from the address on the volunteer page or go to the workington parkrun facebook page.

See you Saturday!

Workington parkrun