Wormwood Scrubs parkrun – run report June 15th

Myself and my friend Tracey visited Wormwood Scrubs parkrun this week. It was Tracey’s first ever parkrun and my 97th. My home parkrun is Crane Park over in Twickenham. I am in the process of completing all the parkruns in Greater London (there are currently 56 and rising!), so it was another London one ticked off the list for me. Tracey and I first met just over 16 years when delivering our just turned 16-year olds at Queen Charlotte's Hospital which is next door to this parkrun, so it was also a trip down memory lane for the two of us. Needless to say, our 16-year olds were in bed whilst we were enjoying the park run! Tracey really enjoyed her first parkrun. For me – having now done 29 different parkruns - it was one of the smallest and friendliest that I've done so far. I found running on grass hard going (although probably much better for my old knees!) but there was little to no mud which had been a small concern having done a bit of advance research!
So, with almost perfect running conditions, 137 of us walked, jogged or ran the 416th parkrun at Wormwood Scrubs. There were 23 unknowns #DFYB.
We welcomed an impressive 12 people to their very first parkrun and there were 15 first time visitors to Wormwood Scrubs. 7 people were doing that always tricky 2nd parkrun, and 4 of those 7 achieved a PB. Well done all!
There were visitors from several running clubs (alongside TVH obvs) including Kings Heath RC, Runnyhoneys, Derwent (Derby), CSSC, Mornington Chasers, North Shields Polytechnic and Serpentine.
Overall 24 people bagged a PB this week. This included Rizwan Rauf on his 298th parkrun. Inspiring stuff and just goes to show that we can still keep on improving even after many years of parkrunning!
In terms of official milestones, John Grigg and Richard Stone were both celebrating their 50th parkrun. John has completed 49 of his 50 at Wormwood Scrubs and Richard has completed 22 of his 50 at Wormwood Scrubs. An unofficial milestone for Nick Michael, completing his 350th parkrun yesterday, 326 at Wormwood. Nick has also completed a very impressive 168 volunteering roles. Well done all.
Satisfying stats awards go to:
Richard Stubbs 22.11
Tasos Soupios 24.24
Daniel Bending 25.00
Lizzie Pawsey 30.30
Alice Silva 33.33
David Lindsay 54.54
Our first male finishers were:
1 Matt Ryan 17.31 (with a new PB)
2 Gideon Reid 17.57
3 James Warren 18.16 (with a new PB)

First female finishers were:
1 Samantha Penn 23.53
2 Emily Januszewski 24.54
3 Zoe Vance 25.02 (new PB)

First juniors home were:
Joint 1st Louis Bilboul and Jamie Levinson 23.49
3 Louis de Rosee 23.52

5 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In descending order they were Gideon Reid, Kevin McAleer, Matt Ryan, Simon Rubens, James Warren.
Well done to all the speedy people and to every single person who ran, jogged or walked.
None of this is possible without our wonderful volunteers. We are very grateful to all the volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning (and in some cases their own run) to help make this event happen.
We are always looking for volunteers so please do email wormwoodscrubshelpers@parkrun.com if you’d like to get involved.
Thank you for having us!


Wormwood Scrubs Run report 13-04-19

Surprisingly, having lived in Hammersmith and Fulham my entire life, I had never been to Wormwood Scrubs and my mission to visit local parkruns is doubling up as a great way to explore my local community. I woke to an overcast chilly morning and after putting on a few extra layers, I met up with my good friend Jas from Tooting, bid farewell to Fulham and waved a warm welcome to Wormwood Scrubs.

A great big open grassland greeted us upon arrival. We weren’t the only newbies to Scrubs, as 21 first timers took part today. We made our way to the finish where everyone gathered before the start and could leave their belongings if needed. Soon 96 parkrunners made their way to the start and after a briefing by Run Director Ben, we were soon underway. I was a little nervous to parkrun at Scrubs, as I complete parkruns with my son in a jogging buggy and the two and a bit lap course around The Scrubs is entirely on grass. I found the course tough, with sneaky gradients on soft long grass combined with muddy pot holes and an undulating ground underfoot it was hard work for me, but fun for my passenger, as he let out an enthusiastic “Wohoo!” as he bounced and bumped as I bounded along. I think when you have these difficult parkruns it reminds you of why you run and why you take part in parkrun each week. Our running journeys take twists and turns and ups and downs but showing up, not giving up and being with others to share these moments with make the challenges a little less challenging.

Despite finding the course difficult I actually really enjoyed it! The route around Wormwood Scrubs felt like a cross country run, and the hustle and bustle of city life was soon forgotten and my focus was entirely on the course, plotting my footing and navigating the lumps and bumps. My time and potential pbs or not were no longer a concern and I ran for running.

Everyone at Scrubs this Saturday morning did themselves proud as they crossed the line. There were an amazing 20 pbs achieved. Isacc Adni was first through the funnel in 16:59, just one second outside his pb! The first female came third, well done to Emily Dudgeon who finished in 18:47 and also got the top age grade rating! Theo Signey was the first junior through the funnel in an impressive 25:47. A massive Kudos to James Malcom who not only completed the course in 20:03 but today was his 345th parkrun, which is equivalent to six and a half years of weekly parkruns!

Of course, parkrun never happens by magic, even if it sometimes seems like it! This week ten amazing superstars made todays parkrun possible: Charlie Le Rougetel, Run Director Ben Le Rougetel, Craig Gunn and Nick Michael for getting up super early to set up the course and getting everything ready, quick on the clicker timekeeper Gideon Reid, Amber Mullens for giving out those all-important finish tokens, Kirstie Tew who scanned the barcodes with a broken foot, Nick Davies brought the run home as tailwalker , Peter Jordan for putting Wormwood Scrubs parkrun to bed for another week and my dear friend from Tooting Jaspal Dhalley for inspiring me to write this run report.

Author: Claire O'Brien


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Above pic courtesy of Michael O'Brien (aged 4)



I can see why run reports are scarce – the attention needed by the garden this time of year has been competing strongly with this one. Apologies for slow posting.
It was a bit of a grey morning on the Scrubs with that chilly breeze out of the north-west corner but the ground is definitely drying out – a bit! More of that below.
My home run is Fareham, near Portsmouth, but when I'm in London Wormwood Scrubs is my local run and I really like the welcome of the Thames Valley Harriers (the flapjack over coffee after the run is legendary) and the variety of the cross-country challenge is fun. It seems to be drawing a steady stream of tourists and this week a group of first timers. I was one of those a year ago and got so bitten by the Parkrun bug that I've hardly missed a week since. I love it! Thank you Parkrunners for making it all that it is.
This Saturday there was a Parkrun milestone for Junior Leon doing his 10thrun and coming in on 23.24 as first male junior. There was also Annette from Poole preparing for the London Landmarks Half-marathon on Sunday. She achieved the best veteran female run of the event with an age graded percentage of 66.23%. A friend of mine was also running in the half-marathon. They got a lovely day for it and did some great fundraising.
I am nursing a calf injury so I was going slowly at the back but had the tail walker Keith from Reading for company part of the way. This is a family with a volunteering ethos including one of the younger generation contributing towards a Duke of Edinburgh award. Keep up the good work and thank you to Ben, Run Director, and all the volunteers.
This is Parkrun so there's always lots of encouragement – face to face as you meet the returners on the out and back course at Fareham and as you get lapped at the Scrubs. Encouragers included a shout out from an Ealing lad originally from South Africa with whom I'd had a chat over the bag drop before the start. I lived in South Africa for a few years, long before he was born, and used to holiday at a beautiful place called Uvongo Beach and St Michael's Bay where, guess what, there is now a Parkrun right alongside the Orange rocks where I played as a child. Maybe some tourism called for!
Talking of lapping, I like to try to keep ahead of all but the top ten on the first circuit but this was a slow day so I saw a lot of you passing me. Top female junior was Emma in 26.12 a new PB. Top female runner was Rosie Valance in 21.23. Recently as the Scrubs celebrated its 400thparkrun the first person over all was a female runner, Emily Dudgeon, congratulations – a big cheer for the female athletes! First in, top male runner and top Veteran male was Gordon in 18.32 running at an impressive 80.85%. Oh, and I, coming last, was first woman in my age category, so there :) – secretly that's why I like the Scrubs because in Fareham the women my age group are incredible with one of them functioning at close to 80% and there are women older than us achieving times of under 30 minutes but I love the stats because you can keep working on your own run whatever your age and stage.
And finally - “Oh, mud!” The cry went up just after the start where the stickiest patch still lingers. Don't wear your best trainers if you are coming to the Scrubs. At Fareham it is mostly a gravel path with only one big puddle between bramble patches just after the 2 k marshal where you can hit a hole in the solid base like a portal to another dimension. If the Scrubs mud is such a portal, fear not for Daleks getting through because, if they can't do stairs, they'll not catch a Park runner on this patch either!
Already looking forward to next Saturday!
Denise Perrett

Trooping the parkrunner

Wormwood Scrubs parkrun
Event number 364
9th June 2018

Wormwood Scrubs was busy on Saturday 9th June with the 24 hour football event and the softball / baseball. Nevertheless someone must have heard Nick Michael's suggestion to mow the grass further towards our course! The weather was overcast with a temperature of around 14 degrees and north-easterly wind of 14 km/h but the sun came out as we were running! The going was firm.

Run Director Rob Ferguson was also busy collecting volunteers and had some news:
- Wormwood Scrubs parkrun is cancelled on Saturday 23rd June due to another event taking place
- NO Gunnersbury parkrun for the month of July 2018 - and as we are one of the 3 parkruns within 3 miles of Gunnersbury (that usually attracts nearly 500 runners) we are expecting a large number of their regulars (like Ealing Eagles and West 4 Harriers) will be visiting. So please could we have more volunteers in July to act as marshals?

Gideon REID was running his 100th parkrun and was in high spirits running alongside the barefoot Sage PEARCE-HIGGINS and there was talk of PBs. Unfortunately my phone dropped out of my pocket on the opening straight and I had to go back to retrieve it before anyone trod on it so I had some catching up to do. Sharon LEMBERGER was running a good pace and gave me some encouragement as I caught up but I couldn't keep up her pace in the second half.

The first places were:

  1. Sage PEARCE-HIGGINS of Thames Valley Harriers in 17:12
  2. Gideon REID of Serpentine RC in 18:06
  3. Pierrer LEROYER set a new PB of 18:32

Amongst the Ladies:

  1. Sharon LEMBERGER kept up her 5 from 5 winning streak finishing in 20:37 just behind her PB of 20:34
  2. Janine MAKARONIDIS of London City Runners ran 24:54 in her Wormwood Scrubs debut
  3. Sonya Lukic of Ravenscourt Park Runners in 24:56

Adjusting for age and gender:

  1. Sharon LEMBERGER scored 76.31%
  2. Sage PEARCE-HIGGINS was very close with 76.26%
  3. Gideon REID was 75.41%

This week 110 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 30 were first timers and 19 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 11 volunteers:

Robert FERGUSON was Run Director • Nick MICHAEL did Pre-Event Setup with Craig GUNN • Paul OPPE scanned all the barcodes • Rizwan RAUF was Tail Walker • James DOE was TimeKeeper • Fran SANTOS handed out the Finish Tokens • Marion BRYDSON was Tea Lady • Fraser BRYDSON did the washing up • James SPENDER wrote this report • Peter JORDAN did post-event close down

If you would like to help and volunteer, please email wormwoodscrubshelpers@parkrun.com and check http://www.parkrun.org.uk/wormwoodscrubs/futureroster/

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wormwood Scrubs parkrun Results Page.


Run Report #363

Congratulations to all 99 Parkrunners (not including the 5 dogs!) who ran today at Wormwood Scrubs. Welcome to the 14 first timers including Charlie Scott and Mia Denise Muhammad who are new to parkrun.


The Top Three Women Are:

  1. Sharon Lemberger (VW40-44) with a speedy time of 21:17
  2. Olivia Colegrave (JW11-14) with an impressive time of 23:43
  3. Kiran Randhawa (VW35-39) with a fast time of 24:33


The Top Three Men Are:

  1. Luke Whiley (SM30-34) with a winning time of 18:43 - his first at the Scrubs.
  2. Gideon Reid (VM40-44) with a classy time of 19:26
  3. Charlie Rollo (JM11-14) with an inspiring time of 19:45


Well done to the 11 children who ran the youngest being Alice Siva (JW10) who, between them, have run a whopping 267 Parkruns!


Also, well done to the 12 new Personal Bests. David Lindsay (VM55-59) managed to shave one second off his PB.  And somehow, Andrew Stevens (SM20-24) knocked a jaw-dropping 1 minute 53 seconds off his previous PB.


Good Luck to Gideon Reid who completed his 99th Parkrun and will be running their 100th next time. Way to get the T-shirt!


We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:








Catherine LINDSAY




(One volunteer even saved a packet of jelly babies from a pesky crow! (although the yellow jelly baby never came back alive))


Martha Siva

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