Wormwood Scrubs parkrun # 211 – 20/06/2015

The weather was good for running – not too hot, but not raining either. The Scrubs is being heavily used by other sports events at the moment – this time, we were treated to the spectacle of sponsored football matches as far as the eye could see. This meant that the car park was a bit full, but we were able to run along the side of the pitches and not to have to make any detours from our normal course. I’m sure it gave the runners a welcome distraction on that hill that has to be tackled twice!

A total of 43 runners turned out to run the 2.5 laps of the course; the usual mixture of Scrubs regulars, Scrubs occasionals and a sprinkling of 6 Scrubs first timers. Hope you had a good time and hope to see you back with us at some point!

First over the line with a barcode was Peter Hucker of Durham University Cross Country Club, in a time of 19:18. He was followed by Colm Doherty, in 19:28, and Alex Harris of Reading Road Runners in a new PB of 19:35. Well done, guys!

First woman over the line was Sarah Taylor with a new PB of 24:15, followed by Agatha Obiekwe in a new PB of 25:06 and Barbara Maddison of Thames Valley Harriers in 26:51. Well done, ladies!

There were 12 PBs: in addition to those already mentioned, congratulations go to William Ferrand, Alvin Ho, Freddie Sims, Richard Aldridge, Rasa Owondault-Berre, Chris Boole, Alex Fleming-Brown, Diana Leth and Elizabeth Sardari-Kermani.

The best age-graded scores this week were achieved by Alex Harris, with 73.53%, Cliff Collins, with 72.85% and Simon Rubens, with 70.47%.

Thanks very much, as always, to today’s volunteers: Andrea BROUGHTON, James DOE, Robert FERGUSON, Barbara MADDISON, Simon MADDISON, Jerome MATIL and Nick MICHAEL. As you know, we rely on volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved in volunteering at the Wormwood Scrubs Parkrun, please email wormwoodscrubshelpers@parkrun.com.

Don’t forget that you can also donate to the Scrubs parkrun via the following link: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/wormwoodscrubs/aboutus/

Happy running and see you next week!