WS park run – Feb 22nd, 2020

“Is it actually getting muddier each week?!” “That was proper cross country!!” “Oh my god…”
Some quotes from the finish line today, amongst some smiling faces, a lot of well-earned sighs of relief, and some very, very muddy legs. Well done to all 77 parkrunners who ran, jogged and walked their way around another swampy and windy Scrubs parkrun.
Big hello to the 7 first time parkrunners who made it out today (Peter Ives, Tom Hallam, Lewis Roberts, Harriet Robson, Valeria Lanata, Hastings Tarrant and Claire Pritchard), and a shout out to the further 19 of you who are new to Wormwood Scrubs - hope to see you all again.

First to finish was Gideon Reid, closely pursued by Dan Druce. Heather and Josie Pawley were the first women over the line, and also first timers at this course. Good job all!Even though you are statistically more likely to lose your shoe than get a PB at the moment, Katrine Thompson and Toni Snow have defied the odds and broken their previous records – top work! While there weren’t any ‘official’ t-shirt awarded milestones today, nice work Gideon Reid and Freddie Wilson who both hit 150 parkruns, and to Nathan Sutton who completed 200!And finally the crowd goes wild for the volunteers who made it all happen today, much appreciated – Andrea Broughton, Fraser Brydson, Marion Brydson, Craig Gunn, Robin Hamilton, Courtney Ireland, Peter Jordan, Ben Le Rougetel, Thomas Lindsay, Nick Michael and Paul Oppe.
Chuck the trainers through the wash and see you next time!