Wormwood Scrubs parkrun no. 234 – 28th November 2015

A good winter’s day for running, not too cold, not too windy, and not rainy at all. A thankful surprise given the weather of the last few days. The course is holding up well and so far there is more grass than mud on the back straight. 57 runners took part, including Ben LE ROUGETEL, who ducked out of the long trek to Greenwich for a 10k when Charlie decided the only 10k she was interested in was 10,000 more zzzzzzzzz’s. Snooze well, Charlie, but it’ll be great to see you next time.

Many thanks to our volunteers. Run Director Andrea BROUGHTON is off to the Lake District next week for a five-day adventure on the Bob Graham Round so we wish her good weather (well I do, I’m going with her), and George BARNES is volunteering as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award, so best of luck for that. Thank you also Ben LE ROUGETEL (tea maestro), Fran SANTOS (barcode scanning), Nick MICHAEL (set up), Peter JORDAN (close down) and Paul BARNES, Paul TAYLOR, Stephen HUTCHINSON, William PAYNTER and Kate O’DONOGHUE, variously timekeeper, finish tokens, photographer and run report writer.

Only one person can win outright, but we can all compete against ourselves, so many congratulations to Yang GUO, Natalie MAUNDERS, Sarah THORNTON, Felix JOHNSTON, Ewan HARRIS and David WILLIAMS who all achieved Personal Bests. Well done particularly to Yang, Natalie, Sarah and Felix who have run all their parkruns at Wormwood Scrubs, keep up the good work!

We were really pleased to see Andrea BOYLE, Andrzej LAKOMY, Rosie HICKS, Louise IRVING, Kezia PEARCE, James CREWDSON, Moyfrid KALVENES, Michael TANNER all at parkrun for the first time. I hope you enjoyed your run and do come and run with us again.

James MALCOLM and Philip JACKSON are our stand out loyal parkrunners – with 206 and 205 runs respectively. Looking forward to our first Wormwood Scrubs Regular’s 250 t-shirt sometime in 2016.

In the women’s race, Naomi HARRIS (JW11-14) of Reading AC, was first in 21:27 on her first appearance at Wormwood Scrubs. Moyfrid KALVENES, visiting from Bergen, Norway, was second in 27:17. However thanks to carelessness (or confusion?) her brother Lars KALVENES registered her as a male runner, so she appears in the results as VM35-39 in 29th place – sorry Moyfrid. Kate O'DONOGHUE took the official second place (31st overall) and Rachel WILLIS (SW30-34) was third (32nd overall) in 27:50.

In the men’s race, the winner didn’t bring a barcode, Richard FLINT (SM20-24) was second in 19:35 and Paul BARNES (VM45-49) was third in 19:40.

The women’s annual point competition is too close to call. Andrea CALDERWOOD remains in first place with 1453 pts, Marion BRYDSON (Thames Valley Harriers) is second with 1440 pts and Kirstie TEW (Thames Valley Harriers) has 1413 pts. In the men’s annual point competition Manuel CORRIENTE (Vegetarian Cycling and AC) has 1949 pts, James SPENDER has 1823 pts and Nick MICHAEL (Thames Valley Harriers) has 1723 pts.

Christmas is approaching, and what better way to burn off excess Christmas party calories than parkrun? And if you're fed up with the onset of consumer frenzy, how about donating to parkrun, a fresh air, fun and fab alternative to shopping? Go to http://www.parkrun.org.uk/wormwoodscrubs/aboutus/ for a link.

Looking forward to running with you soon.



Visually impaired guide runner required

We have received a request for a guide from a male runner who is visually impaired and who would like to participate in WS parkrun on a regular basis. If you are interested or would like more information please email wormwoodscrubshelpers@parkrun.com

Thank you.


Sweatshop Monthly Prize June

Congratulations to Paul Taylor, the recipient of the monthly prize for June. Paul has run 49 times at the Scrubs, all since last July, with a 1:48 overall improvement.


April Sweatshop Monthly Prize Winner

Congratulations to Candace Bovill-Taylor, the prize-winner for April. Candace has ran 44 times at the Scrubs and has volunteered a few times this year! She's also encouraged her daughter to become involved, recently volunteering twice.


Wormwood Scrubs parkrun # 184 – 13/12/2014

The weather report will have to wait a sec, we’ve got some announcements to make first. 


1.Next week. Saturday 20 December. The Santa Run will return to Wormwood Scrubs parkrun. Bring your Santa hats and costumes and prepare for a Christmas-themed run. We might even have mince pies in the clubhouse afterwards!

2.If you want to run on Christmas Day and you are gutted there’s no run at the Scrubs, our closest open run is Northala off the A40, which kicks off at 0900. Rumour has it a number of Wormwood Scrubs parkrunners will be in attendance. See you there!

3.If you do Northala and you find you still haven’t had your fill of holiday parkrunning, then you can not only get out and run on New Year’s Day, you can get out and run the double, with Richmond parkrun starting at 0900 and Fulham at 1030. Follow Martin Gillies on his bike for the journey between the two!

4.Huge congratulations Kirstie Tew, our Wormwood Scrubs Sweatshop parkrunner of the month in November. Enjoy those new trainers, Kirstie, you deserve them!  

5.Last month, parkrun partnered with Strava to create parkrun leaderboards. You can join the Wormwood Scrubs parkrun Strava group here http://www.strava.com/clubs/wsparkrun and see if you can knock Martin, Liam or James off the top!


Right. Announcements over. Let’s get back to business. And the big news this week is the return of the evil ice water pools threatening to rid our toes of heat and sensation. But despite the pools of ice, a gorgeous sun-filled winter morning met us on the Scrubs for a lovely refreshing run, very welcome after a week of Christmas parties and festive celebrating.


First across the line in a field of 31 including two Hampstead Heath tourists was run director Martin Gillies in 19:34. This was Martin’s second first place in just a few weeks. Congratulations! In second and third places were James SPENDER in 20:13 and Anthony DELANEY in 21:19. This was a new PB for Anthony, who shaved just one second off his previous PB from May. Our other PB this week was Esther Carter, who took four seconds off her time from last week on her third ever parkrun. Congratulations both of you. 


First female across the line was Danielle Roberts in 23:03, her seventh win in seven appearances - that’s some record. Congratulations Danielle. She was followed by Rose BARKLE in 24:05 and Matilda FERRAND in 24:07, just over a minute behind her dad Hugh. 

Current standing in the women's annual points competition and nothing has changed since last week:
- Charlotte LE ROUGETEL (Unattached) 1749 pts.
- Kirstie TEW (Unattached) 1527 pts.
- Marion BRYDSON (Thames Valley Harriers) 1504 pts.

Current standing in the men's annual points competition and with neither Riz nor Nick running this week, the one and two positions have stayed the same but Peter is creeping closer:
- Rizwan RAUF (Unattached) 1943 pts.
- Nick MICHAEL (Thames Valley Harriers) 1837 pts.
- Peter JORDAN (Thames Valley Harriers) 1695 pts

Thank you to this week’s volunteers, Anaelle STENMAN, Charlotte LE ROUGETEL, Fraser BRYDSON, Kate O’DONOGHUE, Martin GILLIES, Nick MICHAEL, Peter GOUGH and Peter JORDAN. If you are coming down on December 27th and fancy doing a bit of timekeeping, please get in touch. Your parkrun needs you ;) There are a few gaps in January, too. Check the roster here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/wormwoodscrubs/futureroster/ and if you would like to take part please email us at wormwoodscrubshelpers@parkrun.com.


Happy running and look forward to seeing you for the Santa Run next weekend.




Christmas and NYD parkrun

Twice a year, you can enjoy a parkrun when it's not a Saturday morning, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. We will not be holding an event on either day this year, but please take this opportunity to experience another local parkrun. You can find the full list of which event is doing what and at what time here. We would also like to encourage you to volunteer at an event nearby, as with any holiday season, core volunteers are often away, so any help is even more greatly appreciated!


Sweatshop Monthly Prize for October

Congratulations Barbara MADDISON. Good job on your PB this month and we look forward to welcoming you to the volunteer team this week.


Wormwood Scrubs parkrun # 176 – 18/10/2014

Big news of the day at Wormwood Scrubs parkrun - the mud has returned! It was our first muddy run for six months and, in parts, the ground was pretty tricky underfoot. But despite its wintery appearance, the weather was reminiscent of summer at 20 degrees and with super high humidity.

Run director Martin Gillies kicked off this morning's run with an announcement about our very first Wormwood Scrubs Christmas social. This will be Christmas dinner and drinks on Saturday 6th December at a local bar. If you would like to come, please email us at wormwoodscrubshelpers@parkrun.com or join the group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1497009507215770/ so we can get an idea on numbers and look for a suitable venue. Friends and family are, of course, more than welcome to join us.

It was extra busy on the Scrubs with lots of officials and runners floating about waiting for the South of England XC Relay Championships to start. We'd like to say a big congratulations to the Thames Valley Harriers senior women who were crowned champions.

This week there were 43 runners at the Scrubs, of whom five were first timers and two recorded new personal bests – congratulations Peter Barrow and Anthony Ball. Of our 43 runners, eight didn't have barcodes – it's not essential to have them, but if you are registered for parkrun, try and remember to bring them so that you at least get an official time and a point towards the red tee shirt, which segues neatly into big congratulations to Bedros Kabrielian who ran his 50th parkrun today – 36 at the Scrubs and 14 at Gunnersbury. We look forward to seeing you in your red shirt when it arrives.

First over the line and first in the men's placings was 
Gideon REID of Serpentine RC with a time of 19:54 – his fourth win in 16 appearances. 
Nuno MONTEIRO (SM30-34) was second in 20:36.

First female over the line this week was 
Patricia THOMAS of Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC in 25:38 – her first time win in three appearances, with 
Kate O'DONOGHUE of Thames Valley Harriers finishing in second place in 26:35. Kate also looked after the course set up and close down this week, thank you Kate. We also managed to keep Poppy (Kate's dog) safe from harm this week (and from wandering off), which was a relief all round.

Current standing in the men's annual points competition (it's SO tight and all to play for):
Rizwan RAUF (Unattached) 1372 pts
Nick MICHAEL (Thames Valley Harriers) 1337 pts
Peter JORDAN (Thames Valley Harriers) 1281 pts.

Current standing in the women's annual points competition:
Charlotte LE ROUGETEL (Unattached) 1170 pts (WHOOP!)
Marion BRYDSON (Thames Valley Harriers) 1130 pts
Kirstie TEW (Unattached) 858 pts

Thank you, thank you, to our volunteers Ben LE ROUGETEL, Charlotte LE ROUGETEL, Janos BREZNICZKY, Kate O'DONOGHUE and Martin GILLIES. The roster is completely bare next weekend so if you are free to volunteer - perhaps you have an injury or a big run next Sunday - it would be great if you can help out. And if you are free at any point in November, that would be great.

You can find today's full results and a complete event history on the Wormwood Scrubs parkrun Results Page.

Happy running and see you next Saturday.



Sweatshop Monthly Prize Winner – April

Please join us in congratulating the Sweatshop monthly prize winner for April, Charlie le Rougetel. She managed two PBs and volunteered three times in 4 weeks, numbers which would make anyone proud!! Well done!

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