parkrun suspended until further notice


In line with the decision taken by parkrun HQ our weekly run at Wormwood Scrubs will be suspended until at least the end of March.

For further information, please visit:

Stay safe and hope to see you all soon in the near future.

Event Director


Cancellation of parkrun at Wormwood Scrubs – March 14


Sadly conditions have only mildly improved since last week and there is still plenty of standing water and a whole lot of mud.
For the safety of all our participants I am once again sadly having to cancel this Saturday's run.

Here's hoping normal service will return next week.

Kind regards

Event Director


Cancellation of March 7th parkrun


Based on the condition of the course last week and the continued rain over the past days, which will make conditions even more challenging, the parkrun this coming Saturday will not go ahead.

For those of you who still want to run then I would suggest heading to Gladstone Park, Gunnersbury or Fulham Palace.

Here's hoping normal service can return at the Scrubs on March 14th.



Ben Le Rougetel
Event Director 


WS park run – Feb 22nd, 2020

“Is it actually getting muddier each week?!” “That was proper cross country!!” “Oh my god…”
Some quotes from the finish line today, amongst some smiling faces, a lot of well-earned sighs of relief, and some very, very muddy legs. Well done to all 77 parkrunners who ran, jogged and walked their way around another swampy and windy Scrubs parkrun.
Big hello to the 7 first time parkrunners who made it out today (Peter Ives, Tom Hallam, Lewis Roberts, Harriet Robson, Valeria Lanata, Hastings Tarrant and Claire Pritchard), and a shout out to the further 19 of you who are new to Wormwood Scrubs - hope to see you all again.

First to finish was Gideon Reid, closely pursued by Dan Druce. Heather and Josie Pawley were the first women over the line, and also first timers at this course. Good job all!Even though you are statistically more likely to lose your shoe than get a PB at the moment, Katrine Thompson and Toni Snow have defied the odds and broken their previous records – top work! While there weren’t any ‘official’ t-shirt awarded milestones today, nice work Gideon Reid and Freddie Wilson who both hit 150 parkruns, and to Nathan Sutton who completed 200!And finally the crowd goes wild for the volunteers who made it all happen today, much appreciated – Andrea Broughton, Fraser Brydson, Marion Brydson, Craig Gunn, Robin Hamilton, Courtney Ireland, Peter Jordan, Ben Le Rougetel, Thomas Lindsay, Nick Michael and Paul Oppe.
Chuck the trainers through the wash and see you next time!


Wormwood Scrubs run report – Feb 1st, 2020

A merry band of 100 runners braved the squelchy mud of the 449th Wormwood Scrubs Parkrun. The sludge (temporarily) claimed a couple of running shoes but well done to everyone for getting themselves around the course safely.

A very warm welcome to the 8 first time parkrunners (Adeline Han, Kamil Riedel, Amanda Douglas, Katherine Thompson, Sophie Thompson, James Flynn, Agustin Gonzalez and Michael Burke) and all those making their debut at Wormwood Scrubs. We hope to see you again soon.

Using parkrun’s age grading % (which indicates how a parkrunner has done relative to their age and gender), the top five are Gordon Low (75.74%), Gideon Reid (68.62%), T.C. Collins (66.29%), Melissa Migliaro (65.14%) and James Malcolm (63.73%).

A special mention to those with groovy times - Jimmy Perkins with 22:22, Sophie Martin with 47:00, Stephen Eddison with 33:55.

And a drum roll please for this weeks volunteers: Andrea Broughton, Fraser Brydson, Marion Brydson, Craig Gunn, Peter Jordan, Ben Le Rougetel, Thomas Lindsey, Nick Michael, Debbie Peters-Mill and Alexander Smotrov.

Lastly, anyone for bingo? The idea is to take the seconds time from your parkrun result (the minutes are irrelevant) and cross it out on a virtual bingo card of 00 to 59. For an example, with a finish time of “31:47” you would strike off 47. Have fun going for a full house.

Keeeep running!

Author: Hayley Siva


Squelch squerch! Run Report – January 25, 2020

As a (lapsed) regular to the Wormwood Scrubs parkrun course, winter conditions should not be a surprise, however, despite a week largely free of precipitation, the 5 km course can best be described with a quote from Michael Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

“Uh-uh! Mud! Thick oozy mud. We can't go over it, We can't go under it. Oh no! We've got to go through it! Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch!”

Regardless, 126 runners made it around the course. The conditions probably came as a shock to the 34 individuals who were first time parkrunners and tourists. Nevertheless, six people set personal bests this week! Well done to Allan TAYLOR, Jon WESTALL, Quirin LUEBKE, Jennifer SCOULAR, Nile WILLIAMS, and Lindsay ANDERSON.

First across the line was Matthew FULLER in a time of 19:00, the first women to finish was Catherine Louise SPURIN in 26:19. Best male age graded runner was Richard BROOK in 19:53 and best female age graded runner was Joy GIORGI in 26:45. A special mention has to go to Dan WATTS, tourist from Tooting Common Parkrun, who made it around the course in 31:28 pushing his daughter Nina in a buggy. That’s a challenge even when it’s dry, let alone in this mud.

Last, but not least, a big thank you to this week’s volunteers: Ben LE ROUGETEL • Charlie LE ROUGETEL • Craig GUNN • Fran LOU • Fraser BRYDSON • Hayley SIVA • Hugh LEVINSON • Lan-Lan SMITH • Marion BRYDSON • Nick MICHAEL • Peter JORDAN • Thomas LINDSAY. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering in the upcoming weeks, so if you fancy coming up, but not getting quite so muddy, here’s a good option.

Until next time, happy running!



Run Report – Jan 4th 2020

I am happy to have been given this opportunity to write the run report for Wormwood Scrubs event number 445 on 4th January. The first one at this location in a new decade!

I attended as a first time tourist and I was struck by the friendliness and low key nature of the event. The location was easy to find and has free parking, changing facilities and toilets. It was a mild, dry morning but the going was soft underfoot - much softer than I have experienced at a parkrun for some time. Given that a few of the regulars were running in football boots etc I think it’s safe to say that it is probably usually that way. We shared the space on this day with the Middlesex Cross-Country championships that were taking place here too.

There were a team of 11 volunteers without whom the event could not have happened and everyone was thankful for their work. Thanks go out to Ben Le Rougetel, Robert Ferguson, Frankie Lynch, Martin Black, Colm O’Sullivan, Nich Michael, Craig Gunn, Kirsten Kitchen, Charlotte Hatfield, Marion and Fraser Brydson. Please consider volunteering yourself from time to time.

From a field of 143, first woman home was Lucy Taylor in 25:09. First male was Thomas Adamo in 20:11. Congratulations go out to David Beech of Steel City Striders who completed his 250th parkrun on this occasion. New PBs were obtained by Dominic Wallace, Josh Hallam and Francesca Warren.

All in all a great start to the twenties and everyone had a muddy but happy time!

John Wilkinson A3424048


Problems with results for today’s parkrun (Sep 21st)


Sorry to say there were some major issues with some of the results for today's run. Those affected would have come in between places 70-100.

If you timed your own run and have a record of it, please email with your time and parkrun ID.

I will do my best to amend times/places, but sadly I cannot make any guarantees.

Apologies once more





Run report 17th March

St. Patrick's Day 2018. A big day in Sport for Hammersmith & Fulham. At midday in the South, by the river, Fulham would entertain QPR in a keenly contested 2-2 draw, and later still many would watch Ireland beat England in the Six nations to take the grand slam. Meanwhile in the morning in the North, the Arctic North, 45 hardy souls took part in Wormwood Scrubs park run #352; one of the most challenging ever. A bitterly cold morning with an accompanying icy-wind turned into a blizzard. It was the return of 'The Beast from the East'. Not to be confused with the 'Beast from East Acton' Thames Valley Harrier Nick Michaels, running his 282nd. Well done Nick!

Whereas last month a few renegade runners ran round the Scrubs in a blanket of snow that resembled a benign Narnia, today the wintry blizzard gradually turned the Scrubs into an austere snow-dome like a scene from a Grimm's fairy tale.

Not the day to run in your pyjamas but a couple of runners, father and son, did. At the halfway point I couldn't help notice in the young boy's body language a reluctance to finish the race as he veered off-course running straight for the car-park yelling: "No more! No more! But Dad somehow convinced him to carry on. And carry on and finish they did. Well done that lad for listening to your pyjama-clad Dad!

Well done to all the runners today. It was an endurance. Chill factor was high and at times fun factor was low. But deep down. Deep deep down you enjoyed it. Possibly. And you'll be back for more. And with the rumour of spring on the way we shan't see the likes of that weather for a while.

First in was Mark Sweeney in 21:11. Best age grade score (66.81%) was Richard Evans in 3rd place who runs for Hercules Wimbledon AC. Great to see a dozen first timers today including a good contingent from the Wimbledon & Sutton area. Do come again. It's not always like this.

Well done the junior runners, Noushka Summerfield, her 2nd appearance, Sunday Bovill-Bellieni, on her 10th run (double figures!), and 10 year-old Max Warrack, who has to be the pyjama-wearing snow warrior mentioned earlier (apologies if I've got name's wrong). Big shout to race director, Ben Le Rougetel, and also Charlie Le Rougetel, now just 1 short of 150 runs. Thanks as ever to all the volunteers not least the wonderful Marion and Fraser making possible once again the post-run delights of the TVH House of Tea & Flapjacks.

Andrew Roche


Wormwood Scrubs parkrun # 334 – 04/11/2017

It was raining gently but steadily this morning, as the parkrunners gathered on the Scrubs just before 9am. The rain intensified but that didn’t put anyone off – we’re all hardy all-weather runners, after all! Winter is approaching, the clocks have gone back and the course is beginning to get a bit slippery, especially down the back straight. I realised that I hadn’t worn my trail shoes for some time, as there were cobwebs on the inside of them when I put them on this morning! We had 77 runners today, including a fair number of regulars from the Fulham Palace parkrun in Bishop’s Park, which was closed due to the fireworks there this evening.

Run director Rob Ferguson briefed the runners on the course, before handing over to our timekeeper this week, Ben LeRougetel, who counted us down. The course wasn’t too bad, although the pot holes at the top are an ever-present hazard. Luckily the rain wasn't too bad - you don't really notice it when you're running! This sparked a bit of a rain-themed conversation in the club house afterwards, with Frankie Lynch, from Scotland, telling us about the Scottish word dreich, which is used to describe a particular type of rainy day, which is dreary and gloomy, with soft and very wet rain. The etymology, I've just found out, is Middle English, of Scandinavian origin. They have a lot of rain there, too.

The first runner to cross the line on this dreich day was Thomas Bayley, of Exeter tri club, in 18:00. He was followed by Milan Misak, of Serpentine RC, in 18:07, and Paul Rowley, of Sale Harriers Manchester, in 18:46. First woman to cross the line was Anna Lawson, of Inperial College Cross Country & AC, in 21:43, followed by Andrea Broughton, of Thames Valley Harriers, in 24:42, and Kay Guccione, of Sheffield Tri, in 25:00.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Lara Rogers (JW10) – 74.32% for the time 25:15 (33rd overall);
Peter Hutchinson (VM55-59) – 74.13% for the time 21:27 (15th overall); and
Thomas Bayley (SM18-19) – 74.07% for the time 18:00 (first overall).

We also had 7 new PBs today: congratulations to James Hooker, Sam Denny, Lara Rogers, Bill Rogers, Benjamin Rawsthorne, Michael Law and Damalie Mukyala.

Many thanks to the volunteers: Graeme BOXALL, Marion BRYDSON, Fraser BRYDSON, Melina DUER, Robert FERGUSON, Craig GUNN, Peter JORDAN, Ben LE ROUGETEL, Nick MICHAEL, Gill TAMPLIN

As you know, we rely on volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved in volunteering at the Wormwood Scrubs parkrun, please email There are lots of volunteering opportunities in the coming weeks!

Don’t forget that you can also donate to the Scrubs parkrun via the following link:

Happy running and see you next week,


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