Meet the Volunteers- Andy

Andy hope

1. When and why did you first choose to volunteer with parkrun?

My first ever parkrun was in April 2012, I think the 7th event at Worsley Woods, and I volunteered for the first time later that year, simply because it was and is only fair to give something back to something that gives you so much pleasure. Usually when I volunteer it is following a ‘big’ night the night before, and I know volunteering is the better option than running!

2. Which is your favourite volunteer role at parkrun?
I enjoy marshalling most, giving encouragement to the runners, particularly to my friends who are taking part

3. What would you say to someone who is unsure if volunteering is for them?
I would simply say if you enjoy parkrun you ought to help out occasionally…and it really is good fun. Do it with a mate if that helps.

4. What are you doing when you're not at parkrun?
I work for a local brewery, and am a season ticket holder at Anfield, the home of the Premier League Champions

5. What song would be your parkrun anthem (either for volunteering or walk/jog/running)?
‘You’ll Never Walk (or run) Alone’