Meet the Volunteers- Carolyn

1. When and why did you first choose to volunteer with parkrun?
I joined parkrun in 2013. I live just 3 miles from Worsley Woods, via the loop line, so it is my home parkrun. I also love the course. I started volunteering soon after I joined because I wanted to give something back. I know how important the volunteers are. Without them we'd have no parkrun.
2. Which is your favourite volunteer role at parkrun?
That's hard, because I've enjoyed all the roles I've done so far. Marshaling is great because you get to cheer people on and give them a boost up hills, or to the finish. I also like barcode scanning because you can congratulate everyone who has finished their run. I used to help out at a local junior parkrun too, and I loved tail walking, complete with my rainbow tail. The kids liked trying to pull it off!
3. What would you say to someone who is unsure if volunteering is for them?
Don't worry, all training is given on the day, non of the jobs are hard and you'll have loads of support from your fellow volunteers. Adam, Jenny and the team are very friendly! You'll also get a great buzz from doing it. ☺️
4. What are you doing when you're not at parkrun?
Running!! I'm a freelance illustrator by day, which gives me the freedom to train for races when I want to.
5. What song would be your parkrun anthem (either for volunteering or walk/jog/running)?
I don't run to music, I like to be able to hear what's going on around me, but I used to love hearing the theme to Chariots of Fire as we set off at Worsley Woods. That was some years ago now!