Meet the volunteers- Ian

FB_IMG_1598689568374FB_IMG_1598689574018Meet the volunteers- This is Ian

I first became aware of parkrun when I was on the loop line one saturday morning and was passed by all these runners, I wondered what was going on. I was then away in Majorca and people ran past our hotel on the boardwalk and it made me think I could do that, it looks good. So when we returned on the friday night I signed up to Parkrun and had a go the next day, what a great move! Am a make the numbers up runner and won't ever be better than that but LOVE the community spirit, exercise and friendliness of the whole set up, so many new friends been made, even though lots of them are 'parkrun friends' without me knowing their names

1. When did you first volunteer with parkrun?
I started running in 2016 and volunteered not long after first run as had a race that afternoon, swimming rather than running and didn't want to be tired.

2. Which is your favourite volunteer role?
No favourite, I have enjoyed each role I have had. Was down to funnel one day and I thought it would be a bit boring but found it great as you get to see everyone so no missed hellos and watching all the different experiences of the run from total exhaustion, through pride at finishing and affirmations of friendship with fellow runners, to marvelling at the relaxedness of some of the runners that I can't even imagine running as fast as.

3. What would you say to someone who's thinking about volunteering at parkrun?
Volunteering adds another layer to the parkrun experience and is a great way to feel more 'joined in'. Support is always there when you're not sure and everyone is so friendly. As well as having a full explanation of the role from the organisers help comes from your fellow marshals like you would get from friends rather than formal 'training", a sense of belonging to the team seems instant.

4. What are you doing when not volunteering at parkrun?
When not at park run most of my interests are exercise based. I still try to compete at swimming, outdoors mainly, and enjoy cycling, indoor rower and walking. I love to food shop and messing around in the kitchen is always time well spent.

5. What would be your parkrun anthem?
I have never run with music, I'm keener on enjoying the fuller experience (as I see it) and being aware of my surroundings. I also can't follow a beat to save my life so don't get any help from the metronome type effect. I do enjoy jazz and soul but music has never been a 'thing' for me.