Meet the volunteers- Jenny

This week's volunteer doesn't really need introducing as she's one of the most familiar faces at Worsley Woods. In case any of you don't know her by name- this is Jenny. 20200911_224615 20200911_224749


1. When and why did you first choose to volunteer with parkrun?
It was my new year's resolution for 2015; get out & meet new people. So a chilly January morning saw me standing in the middle of a field shouting words of encouragement. Over the next 250 Saturday mornings I think I have covered most of the roles available.

2. Which is your favourite volunteer role at parkrun?
Barcode Scanning, being able to put names to faces once I became a regular. Closely followed by the game of token sorting over a well needed coffee at The Coffee House or The Honeypot cafes in Monton.

3. What would you say to someone who is unsure if volunteering is for them?
Talk to someone who is in Hi-Vis either before or after your run/walk/jog, some roles only need action once everyone has set off so they will have time for you. I think funnel managers are great to start as you see everything, keep clapping and smile, plenty of 'well done’s' are greatly received too.

4. What are you doing when you're not at parkrun?
When away from work I am often found on 2 wheels, another, more recent New Year's resolution.

5. What song would be your parkrun anthem (either for volunteering or walk/jog/running)?
‘Moving on up’ by Mpeople; parkrun is such a positive event, inspiring everyone to go outdoors on a Saturday morning.


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