Wotton parkrun #172 – 24th July 2021- Welcome Back!!

Well, after 70 weeks off....we're back!! Such a brilliant morning. We were all expecting rain but thankfully none materialised though sadly the overnight showers hadn't re-filled the water-splash! There was a really great buzz around the start area with everyone politely distancing themselves or standing in family groups.

After a very quick run briefing, the field of 63 parkrunners were off. Lots of happy smiling faces greeted John who was back marshalling on his favourite corner along with lots of new flags. Wishes were also aimed at marshal Eileen who's birthday (somewhere between 78 and 80) was coming up on Sunday.

We welcomed three brand new parkrunners - Harry, Hugo and Kath plus 4 people who were visiting Wotton for the first time. You picked a great time of year to visit but we really recommend a winter trip as well - hope to see you all back again sometime in the future.

Congratulations to Mary Lennox and Emily R for completing parkrun number 50, and to Katie Pinnington for completing parkrun number 350. We had an astonishing 12 PBs which means some people have been keeping very fit during lockdown.

First finisher Stephen Biles was only 10 seconds off of his PB and First female finisher, Maddy Dawson took a staggering 2 minutes 16 secs off of her PB - well done to both of you.

It was fantastic to have a full compliment of volunteers which allowed us marshals on most corners - thanks very much to Peter CHAFFER • Rich WILSHER • Andy KIRKUP • Kate WOODROW • Eileen HIERON • John HIERON • Grace MORGAN • Garry STRICKLAND • Tracey STRICKLAND • Kerry MORGAN • Ann FITZJOHN • David FITZJOHN • Victoria JONES • Tim SMITH • Jeremy HULL • Julie JENNER • Stella LAING • Sue SMITH • Paul JONES • Philip KIRK • Jenny NAYLOR • Nigel VAUGHAN • Catherine KNOWLES • Luke NAYLOR

If you would like to volunteer this coming Saturday or anytime in the future please contact wotton@parkrun.com

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Wotton parkrun #171 – 14th March 2020 – School’s Out!

"Bonjour, la classe!

"OK, settle down, I know it's an unexpected end of term but there're still a few things to do. Firstly, let's do a quick head count and see how many are in parkrun school today - 1, 2, 3...47, 48 eager faces. Well, hello, any new faces, put yer hand up? Oh, hi, you're from Chippenham and Cirencester. Well, welcome to Wotton parkrun - Tim Smith, if you don't stop talking, I won't let you have a PB later!


"Right, sorry, welcome to Wotton, one and all. Let's move on to the superstar volunteers who're supporting you this week - I'll just run down the register - whoop enthusiastically if you're here: Naomi PRICE • Pip MARROW • Andrew PRICE • Linda COHEN • Andy KIRKUP • Tom MORGAN • Thomas MORGAN • Grace MORGAN • Kerry MORGAN • Sarah WATT • Pauline DRAISEY • Rebecca FLINT • Margaret BADGER • Sandy HOPES • Anne HARTLEY • Catherine KNOWLES • Ted PRICE • Samuel KING • Amy WATSON


"Now, as you know, with no thanks to coronavirus there won't be any parkruns for the foreseeable future. So, as you'd expect at parkrun school, I've got some homework for you. There are two subjects to do this week, French and PE, and more to follow over the coming weeks. Photographic evidence of the PE homework being undertaken (at a safe distance from others) would help inspire us all so make sure you post them on our Farcebook page.


Add the missing words into the run report below:

table 50e excitants médailles alors temps fantastiques althètes thé

Bonjour tous le monde. Nous avons eu du beau _____ pour la course samedi. Nicola Christopher a fait son ____ parkrun et c'était le 100e pour Louise Warren. Elle et ses amis dans leur déguisement étaient ____________.
Zut _____ - étonnamment, il y avait deux records personnels dans la boue pour Maddy Dawson et Ruby Heath. Le singe est dans l'arbre et la souris est sous la _____. Les _____ couraient superbement. Mon cyclomoteur est tombé en panne - Il a du persil dans le moteur.
Il y avait beaucoup de finitions rapides. Zosia Young et Alex Kirk étaient très _____.! Nous nous sommes tous amusés et sommes rentrés chez nous pour le _____ et les _____.



If safe to do so, get out and run! If you'd like, send us a photo to motivate the rest of us!



Stay safe. Wash your hands. Get out and run if you can!

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Wotton parkrun #170 – 7th March 2020

Saturday saw a dry run (whoop!) for a change and we finally had a bit of a break from the storms of late. The PARC looked great and has somehow managed to dry up a little..... the rivers and streams from the previous week had gone at least.


The hi-viz team welcomed and cheered 42 happy runners around the PARC, each achieving a muddy 5k. Whilst we had no brand new runners, we did welcome runners from Cheltenham, Stroud, Bristol and Quedgeley.


We also had some “this girl can” t shirts on offer in celebration of International Women’s Day, there are lots of inspirational stories behind our parkrunners and if you would like to share yours you still can using the hashtags #GlosGirlCan or #IWDparkrun.


If you would like to receive news and support to help women in Gloucestershire get active you can join Glos Girl Can, you just need to email hello@wecanmove.net to sign up.


A huge thank you to our team of volunteers this week, without them we wouldn’t be able to host such a great event...


If you’d like to sign up and help us in future, please get in touch! Email wottonhelpers@parkrun.com if you would like to help us.


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All photographs prior to January 2019 can be seen here

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Wotton parkrun #169 – 29th February 2020

First ever Leap Day parkrun

After a long night of yet more rain, storm Jorge calmed down a little for our 9am start. With another weeks worth of rain, the course was at it's wettest and muddiest ever. This didn't deter our 29 amazing finishers - and what a fantastic number on 29th Feb!!!



At the run briefing, we celebrated Helen Lennox's Leap Day Birthday - Helen has marshalled on her corner 78 times and her parents presented her with her very own 'Helen's Corner' sign. Thanks also to Mary for the delicious cookies and Granola bars.


We had 9 first time visitors to Wotton with local tourists from Cheltenham, Gloucester, Forest of Dean, Eastville and Pomphrey Hill.


First finishers were Andy Kirkup with an impressive time for the conditions of 21:37 - this was Andy's 29th run at Wotton, and Julia Edwards on her first visit to Wotton with a time of 28:05. Unsurprisingly there were no PBs today!!

One of our regular runners Thomas M completed his 100th run and has now earned himself his black milestone t-shirt - well done Thomas and thank you Kerry for the goodies at the finish :-)

Tom M

Thank you to all our volunteers especially those helping to marshal the car park this week - our hi-viz heroes were Naomi PRICE, Andrew PRICE, Tom MORGAN, Grace MORGAN, Heath GWILLIAM, Kerry MORGAN, Ann FITZJOHN, David FITZJOHN, Nigel DODD, Pauline DODD, Julie JENNER, Carl JENNER, Rebecca FLINT, Mary LENNOX, Helen LENNOX, Samuel KING and Amy WATSON


Next week parkrun will be celebrating international Women's Day and we would love you to bring along anyone who has been thinking about coming to parkrun, but hasn't quite made it yet - just remember to get them to register and print off a copy of their barcode.

We will also have our pop-up cafe in the Community Sports Centre after parkrun - the Ladies Circle will be selling hot drinks, squash, bacon rolls and cakes/cookies. Don't forget to bring a change of footwear as mud not allowed in sports centre!!!

All photographs from January 2019 to current can be seen here

All photographs prior to January 2019 can be seen here

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Wotton parkrun #168 – 22nd February 2020

After a rare week off thanks to Storm Dennis it was back to the Community PARC for Wotton parkrun #168.


The wind and the mud made it a challenging run for all, but the rain stayed away and the sun shone brightly as 43 parkrunners ran, jogged and walked the Wotton Butterfly in high spirits.


We welcomed 11 first timers to Wotton this week including first finishers Nicholas Dobson and Lindsay Veevers. We were delighted to host tourists all the way from Torquay and many from parkruns closer to home.


Congratulations to Louise Sydney who ran her very first parkrun - awesome work! And well done to Finn who ran his 10th parkrun - great effort Finn, and thanks to Kirsty for the cookies!


Huge thanks to our 16 amazing volunteers who made Wotton parkrun possible this week - they were Karen Payne, Kate Ball, Grace Morgan, Kerry Morgan, Ann Fitzjohn, David Fitzjohn, Alice Lewis, Kirsty Beasley, Pauline Draisey, Michael Brown, Sue Smith, Pete Wintle, Christine Gordon, Mary Lennox, Helen Lennox & Amy Watson.


Next week will be the very first leap day parkrun - we hope to see you there! Remember that parkrun parking on 29th will be at the top car park by the skate park entrance (New Road), to allow space for the primary school cross-country races around KLB school field.


** FINISH TOKEN #44 is still MISSING. Please check whether you accidentally took it home last month. We'd love to hear from you if you did, so please get in touch so that we can use it again this week**

All photographs from January 2019 to current can be seen here

All photographs prior to January 2019 can be seen here

Latest results can be seen here

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