Wotton parkrun #183 – The Real Reason We Volunteer

Volunteering at parkrun is ace! You might think it's for all the usual reasons like 'giving something back', supporting other runners or fancying trying summink new. Well, these are all excellent and very valid reasons but there is one other reason that caps them all!

It doesn't matter if the weather is set fair and the course is in sublime nick like last Saturday. It doesn't matter how many tourists we've got, be they from London, North Wales or even Tetbury like this week. It doesn't matter if we get six PBs, including Clare Dinnis, Jane Heryet and Mary Derrick. It doesn't matter that seven of the first ten finishers were all first timers at Wotton.

What matters is that you parkrunners turn up and set off. Because then, we volunteers get to the the best thing - we watch you all cut a dash across the PARC and up the hill on the other side of the hole in the hedge, each of us cogitating silently before one hi-vis hero pipes up and says, "Alright then, 'ow many do think there are this week?" And then, we're off. The best bit of parkrun has begun! So you lot all run your socks off while we suck air through teeth and try to guess how many of you there are.

It's brilliant!

This week, Emma said 50. I said 87 and suddenly she'd amended the rules, gone again and said 100.

James reckoned 80 or so (I can't remember exactly) and Sam, well, he was very controversial because he said 'around 90'. This caused much interesting discussion as to what the parameters of 'around' meant, especially once runners started finishing and it became quite clear that there would indeed be 'around 90' athletes finishing. The debate really hotted up as runner after runner sprinted up the gravel track and got tapped into the system on the timekeepers' phones. With just one runner and the tail walker to go, we were on 86. So (and does parkrun get any more exciting than this?), was I right with my 87 (there were 87 runners, plus the tail walker), or, with 88 finishers in total, was Sam's 'around 90' right? Or, if we're rounding, was the 88 closer to my 87 than 'around 90'? Who knows? Who cares? But what a brilliant way to spend a morning while helping you fellow parkrunners enjoy their Saturday morning 5K.

Only thing is, we need you all back next week so we can do this best bit of parkrun again. If you volunteer too, you get to join in with it AND it'll mean there's a different number of parkrunners too. Fun-tastic!


Wotton parkrun #182 – 2nd October 2021

Well done everyone this week. It was a wet morning and still we had 45 runners and 14 volunteers. It was also great to see the community PARC busy with games of football and hockey.

We celebrated Sue Smith completing her 100th parkrun, supported by several loyal Wotton Trotters.

David Coales, a new visitor from Bath, took the course head on and got the day's best age grade of 74%. Ahead of him was one of our keen juniors Freddie B, who was 1st male finisher for the 3rd time and only 7 seconds outside his PB.

The 3 runners who (despite the rain) did manage to beat their PBs were Joe Leonard, Blaise W and Abigail D. Blaise was also the 1st female finisher.

Huge thanks to our intrepid volunteers Amy Watson, Ann Fitzjohn, Colin Lennox, David Fitzjohn, Fiona Burchard, James Trott, Jeremy Hull, John Hieron, Kevin Brockway, Pauline Draisey, Pete Wintle, Rachel Brown, Rebecca Flint and Stephen Biles.

How to get involved

Finding out about Wotton parkrun volunteering opportunities couldn't be easier. Simply open a recent parkrun newsletter, results email or volunteer email, click on 'manage my profile', then 'email options', then select Wotton parkrun and click 'save opt-in events list'. You will then receive regular emails letting you know all about our volunteering opportunities. If you think you should be opted in but haven't received any emails recently, please follow the above instructions as we have been told of a few people who have been opted out without knowing!!

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Wotton parkrun #181 – 25th September 2021

On a fine but misty morning we gathered in the Community PARC for Wotton parkrun #181. This week we had a couple of special celebrations - a large party of both locals and tourists came especially to toast the wedding (in the afternoon) of Sam Dalgleish and Sophie Gilkes with a post-parkrun Bucks Fizz! Congratulations Sophie and Sam.

Our very own co-event Director Ann was celebrating her birthday (so there were cakes at the finish) and also finally completing her 100th parkrun after being stuck on 97 all through lockdown! Welcome to the 100 club and congratulations on finishing in 100th position - that is a truly remarkable feat (and a little bit spooky!)

This week we welcomed visitors from London, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Chipping Sodbury, Chippenham and Bristol. With 4 people doing their first ever parkrun and 25 people doing their first Wotton parkrun. Conditions were perfect and we had 21 Personal Best times recorded. We had 127 finishers - our highest attendance since Christmas Day 2019.

With the aforementioned perfect conditions came the second fastest male finisher since our course changed in October 2018 - at 17:39, Jack Pitcher was just 7 seconds off the fastest time on the new course. First female finisher, Tilly S recorded the fastest time since our course changed with an impressive 20:08. Well done to you both.


None of this could have happened without our cheerful band of volunteers - this week we are very grateful to  Chris ANTHONYJennifer ANTHONYStephen BILESPeter CHAFFERPatrick COMERPauline DRAISEYAnn FITZJOHNDavid FITZJOHNJulie GOWINGEileen HIERONJohn HIERONCarl JENNERJulie JENNERSamuel KINGAlexander KIRKEmma MEREDITHKerry MORGANKatie PINNINGTONSimon PINNINGTONSue SMITHSheila TURNER - you are all brilliant!


If you would like to volunteer this week or anytime in the future, please email us - wotton@parkrun.com

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Wotton parkrun #180 – parkrun Vs Pineapples

Two things of note have happened this week. One of them, I believe, the other I don't.

First up, as run director and being there for it, I am certain that a perfect, delicate Saturday dawned, ready for the 72 runners who came from near and far (well, as far as Gloucester) to enjoy a jaunt round our fabulous 5K course.

What I'm not so sure about is Ann Fitzjohn's pineapple plant. Now, I'd trust Ann with my life but I'm not sure the plant she had on her window sill this week was the pineapple she claimed it to be.

I know that we had 14 first timers at Wotton, including 2 complete first timers but I'm not convinced that you can just twist the leaves off of a pineapple, stick it in water and watch the roots grow, like Ann says you can.

Jane Heryet, Rosie K and Giles Gould were absolutely, definitely among the 13 PBs (see, I told you conditions were good) that went down at parkrun but I can't believe that planting the head of a pineapple in a pot will grow you the whole new pineapple of which Ann speaks.

I can't see that those pineapples grow above the ground as I've been told but it was fab to see the 16 volunteers that helped make parkrun a rip roaring success on Saturday - thanks to Peter CHAFFER, Ann FITZJOHN, Carl JENNER, Julie JENNER, Andy KIRKUP, Stella LAING, Colin LENNOX, Alice LEWIS, Emma MEREDITH, Grace MORGAN, Kerry MORGAN, Jenny NAYLOR, Amanda PEARSON, Laura ROYLE, Liam ROYLE and Amy WATSON.

So. while I haven't got a clue what I think about pineapples and whether I'm being led down the garden path, I'm certain that it was a pleasure to be part of a brilliant parkrun last weekend.


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Yes Andy, it's true




Wotton parkrun #179 – 11th September 2021

The Olympics and Paralympics are all finished, but the return of parkrun is going strong. This week we joined in with Pride in Gloucestershire day and celebrated diversity in the community.

We welcomed 12 new visitors from around Gloucestershire, Bristol and the Cotswolds. Congratulations also to 3 junior and 1 adult first timers on finishing our 5k course.


Biggest milestone of the day was Christine Gordon who completed her 100th event. Well done Christine.

We had a new first Female finisher in Isobel Medcroft. For the males, Freddie B repeated the feat from last month and again dipped under 20 minutes, despite the blustery wind.

Highest age grade was Tim Smith with 73% after beating his Wotton PB from June 2019. Eight others also improved their PBs this week.

This week's magnificent volunteers were Ann Fitzjohn, David Fitzjohn, Eileen Hieron, Graham Owens, James Trott, Jeremy Hull, John Hieron, Julie Jenner, Kerry Morgan, Laura Royle, Liam Royle, Mary Robinson, Nicola Derrick, Patrick Comer, Pete Wintle, Pip Marrow and Sheila Turner.

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