Wotton parkrun #171 – 14th March 2020 – School’s Out!

"Bonjour, la classe!

"OK, settle down, I know it's an unexpected end of term but there're still a few things to do. Firstly, let's do a quick head count and see how many are in parkrun school today - 1, 2, 3...47, 48 eager faces. Well, hello, any new faces, put yer hand up? Oh, hi, you're from Chippenham and Cirencester. Well, welcome to Wotton parkrun - Tim Smith, if you don't stop talking, I won't let you have a PB later!


"Right, sorry, welcome to Wotton, one and all. Let's move on to the superstar volunteers who're supporting you this week - I'll just run down the register - whoop enthusiastically if you're here: Naomi PRICE • Pip MARROW • Andrew PRICE • Linda COHEN • Andy KIRKUP • Tom MORGAN • Thomas MORGAN • Grace MORGAN • Kerry MORGAN • Sarah WATT • Pauline DRAISEY • Rebecca FLINT • Margaret BADGER • Sandy HOPES • Anne HARTLEY • Catherine KNOWLES • Ted PRICE • Samuel KING • Amy WATSON


"Now, as you know, with no thanks to coronavirus there won't be any parkruns for the foreseeable future. So, as you'd expect at parkrun school, I've got some homework for you. There are two subjects to do this week, French and PE, and more to follow over the coming weeks. Photographic evidence of the PE homework being undertaken (at a safe distance from others) would help inspire us all so make sure you post them on our Farcebook page.


Add the missing words into the run report below:

table 50e excitants médailles alors temps fantastiques althètes thé

Bonjour tous le monde. Nous avons eu du beau _____ pour la course samedi. Nicola Christopher a fait son ____ parkrun et c'était le 100e pour Louise Warren. Elle et ses amis dans leur déguisement étaient ____________.
Zut _____ - étonnamment, il y avait deux records personnels dans la boue pour Maddy Dawson et Ruby Heath. Le singe est dans l'arbre et la souris est sous la _____. Les _____ couraient superbement. Mon cyclomoteur est tombé en panne - Il a du persil dans le moteur.
Il y avait beaucoup de finitions rapides. Zosia Young et Alex Kirk étaient très _____.! Nous nous sommes tous amusés et sommes rentrés chez nous pour le _____ et les _____.



If safe to do so, get out and run! If you'd like, send us a photo to motivate the rest of us!



Stay safe. Wash your hands. Get out and run if you can!

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