Wotton parkrun #163 – 11th January 2020

It was a blustery affair at Wotton Community Parc this week, and I'm not just talking about RD Mike's run brief! Thankfully the rain stayed away and Wotton parkrun #163 saw 48 runners run, jog and walk through the mud to a triumphant finish.


This week Julie Jenner ran her 100th parkrun at Wotton and in parallel this was her 100th time volunteering at parkrun - congratulations Julie and thank you so much for your support!


We welcomed 4 new faces to the parkrun family this week, completing their first ever parkrun, and a further three parkrunners were visiting Wotton for the very first time. Welcome! A special mention for Maddy Dawson - her first run at Wotton but her fiftieth parkrun location - great work!


Congratulations must go to the three amazing parkrunners that recorded Personal Best times at this time of year... great effort and we can't wait to see what you can do when the ground dries out later in the year!


Our parkrun wouldn't happen if it wasn't for our amazing volunteers that turn out in all weathers to cheer on our runners and keep them safe, and this week's tremendous twenty were: Naomi Price, Grace Morgan, Kerry Morgan, Ann Fitzjohn, David Fitzjohn, Veronica Higgins, Julie Jenner, Becky Shaw, Pauline Draisey, Michael Brown, Sue Smith, Carl Jenner, Rebecca Flint, Dave Draisey, Helen Lennox, Lucy Shaw, Caroline Badrick, Samuel King & Tess Knowles! Thank you all.

If you would like to volunteer in the future please contact us - wottonhelpers@parkrun.com

Thank you to everyone who kept to the path this week - there isn't a 'dry line' at the moment and you will get muddy, so we would ask you to 'embrace the mud' and stick to the main route in the coming weeks!

Next week due to the fantastic number of pledges to #HealthySwaps by Wotton parkrunners, the Co-op, partners of parkrun UK, will be visiting us and will be handing out goodie boxes as part of their #HealthySwaps initiative - meaning all runners and volunteers will be able to cook themselves a meal after their morning out.

See you there!!

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Wotton parkrun #162 – 4th January 2020

Welcome to a new decade of parkrun! We had a good turnout this week of 83 runners embarking on a healthy January and catching up with their parkrun buddies.


We celebrated some major milestones:

- 100th Wotton parkrun for Jo Symanowski


- 100th parkrun for Event Director Dave Fitzjohn


- 50th parkrun for Claire Brown


- 10th parkrun for Jocelyn R


We also had 6 brand new parkrunners including 4 from the Spiers family. Well done for making it around. Also, 13 tourists including Tanya Hall visiting from Westville parkrun in Durban S.A.!

This week our course featured two ropes. For anyone who has run the annual Dursley Dozen race, or has heard of its famous "Precipice" (draped in rope to assist in near vertical ascent), do not be afraid. Our ropes are on a very flat section which is very boggy at this time of year. The ropes are to define a clear line for the course and prevent erosion of the surrounding soil. Thanks to Andy for donating them and to Pat for the loan of extra poles. Please try to stick to the main paths, even if they are muddy and try not to create new routes through the saplings around the edges of the course.


First finishers were John O'Dwyer and Jocelyn Reynard. We had 3 PBs despite the heavy going.

Thank you hugely to all this week's volunteers Alan Honey, Andrew Price, Ann Fitzjohn, Becky Shaw, Carl Jenner, Chris Anthony, Dave Draisey, David Fitzjohn, Grace Morgan, Harry Fitzjohn, Heather Cole, Helen Lennox, Jennifer Anthony, Jeremy Hull, Jude Rugman, Julie Jenner, Kerry Morgan, Kevin Brockway, Lucy Shaw, Mary Lennox, Naomi Price, Rachel Brown, Roland Brown, Rosie Brown, Samuel King and Terry Gralton.


Please do join us next week. Remember that parkrun parking on the 11th will be at the top car park by the skate park entrance (New Road), to allow space for the primary school cross-country races around KLB school field.

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Wotton parkrun #161 – Last parkrun of the decade

A run report by Jef, a Salisbury parkrun flood exile

Fast, Flat and a Firm Surface. All you want in a parkrun if you’re looking for that PB time. Seasons best or to keep your average low. If that IS what you’re looking for then Wotton parkrun is definitely NOT for you :-o but if anything, make it the reason to visit.

Two factors brought me to Wotton today. The first is that my home parkrun of Salisbury is flooded and cancelled. The second is I finished a night shift in Chippenham and its description on Facebook and the fact I’m a bit of a tourist and not done it meant it was a good candidate for last parkrun of this decade.


My route was somewhat winding but KLB school was easily found and had ample parking ... like, I was the only one there. Map checked and reassured I was at the right location I was happy to see volunteers arriving. At this point I noted from the website that the average run attendance wasn’t that large. All of a sudden I had visions of finishing within the top 100 :-D Not a common occurrence for me. Loos. We travellers always need them... ah, ok, a port-a-potty. Well, you can't have everything BUT at least there are toilets. Can’t say that about every parkrun.

A bit of a warm up jog of the location tells you straight away, Trail Shoes. Actually full blown cross country spikes might be more fitting.

corner 4

At the first timers/visitors brief we were briefed by Julie who made what seemed a bit complicated in course diagram fairly simple. To paraphrase, run the 4 wings of the butterfly shaped course twice. Stay on your feet and don’t drown in the mud. Easier said than done!

RD briefing

37 of us lined up to tackle the course and Kerry the RD gave us our final brief which was pretty much, try and come back in one piece!


There is very little else that brings you back to a primal joy other than running… joy, at least until your lungs start burning and legs start turning to jelly… and running a real muddy cross country is as raw as it gets. Wotton’s course asks a lot of you at the moment and gives very little back in return. It says “so you think you know what a 5k feels like?” “Did you chose the right shoes?” Did you fasten them up tight enough?” “When are you going to fall over?” I on the other hand was asking one of myself “Good lord, what have I let myself in for?"

Currently the course offers very little firm footing on any stretch. The best you can look for is landing somewhere where your feet don’t sink beyond sight. Quads and glutes get the best workout possible and your laundry will be testing your washing machine to the max. By the second lap I realised I’d developed a Wotton style of running which was something akin to breast stroke legs with tightrope arms … and I’d yet to fall over! Every marshal threw in a great encouragement boost and that final one of “Run through the puddle!" could not be ignored. What can beat plowing through a muddy puddle when you’re already soaked and the finish is in sight?


Unless you’re a regular at Wotton you clearly can’t compare your times to anywhere else but I was more than delighted being 2 minutes slower than usual BUT my highest ever finish at a parkrun in 8 years ! (yes, I know why, don’t spoil the moment )

Amazingly there were TWO PBs run! Emily RENNINSON took 1 minute 34 seconds off her previous best and Amy LONG took a fine 47 seconds off hers.

There were no first timer at this days event BUT I was joined by a further 7 tourists from Sheffield, Bristol, Reading, Glasgow! …and Wynnum parkrun, Brisbane, Australia!

Although there were no milestone runs for anyone, todays event marked 1st times for Both Linda COHEN and Tess KNOWLES as volunteers who joined a great team of 22 to put on this excellent event - thanks to Naomi PRICE • Andrew PRICE • Emily JENNER • Kerry WHITTON • Linda COHEN • Eileen HIERON • John HIERON • Alan HONEY • Ann FITZJOHN • David FITZJOHN • Tim SMITH • Julie JENNER • Sarah WATT • Becky SHAW • Pauline DRAISEY • Sue SMITH • Carl JENNER • Dave DRAISEY • Lucy SHAW • Anne HARTLEY • Catherine KNOWLES • Tess KNOWLES


Thanks very much for a great Saturday morning and I’m looking forward to coming back and giving it a go again. Preferably in the middle of a heat wave :-)

Jef. A204524. Salisbury parkrun Event Director


Next parkrun at Wotton 4th January 2020

All photographs from January 2019 to current can be seen here

All photographs prior to January 2019 can be seen here

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New Year

We are NOT holding a New Year’s Day parkrun. See you on 4th Jan! Happy New Year.


Wotton parkrun #160 – CHRISTMAS DAY 2019

We ordered a beautiful sunny day for our fantastic Christmas parkrun - and 153 parkrunners joined us in a great array of festive attire!


There were 9 people doing their first ever parkrun - wow, what a great day to start your parkrun experience, plus 15 new to Wotton. We were pleased to welcome tourists from Bushy, Australia, Ashton Court, South Africa, Letchworth, Kingsway, Cheltenham, Richmond, Inverness, Chippenham, Chipping Sodbury, Kent, Stonehouse, Thornbury, and it was great to see Ian Berry again from Bedfont Lakes running his 384th parkrun!!


First male finisher was Sam Dalgleish - his 5th time at Wotton and 5th time as first finisher. First female finisher was Sarah Hanley on her first visit to Wotton. Congratulations to you both. We hope you enjoyed a treat from the festive spread of cakes, chocolates and fruit.


This event could not have taken place without our brilliant volunteers this week - Naomi PRICE • Pip MARROW • Grace MORGAN • Kerry MORGAN • Ann FITZJOHN • David FITZJOHN • Harry FITZJOHN • Moira BUIST • Julie JENNER • Becky SHAW • Kirsty BEASLEY • Pauline DRAISEY • Simone SHEPHARD • Carl JENNER • Dave DRAISEY • Laura JENNER • Emily SHEPHARD • Mary LENNOX • Helen LENNOX • Lucy SHAW. If you would like to help us out and volunteer in the future, please email wotton@parkrun.com or just come and speak to one of the core team next time you are at parkrun. 


Our next parkrun is Saturday 28th December. We are not holding a New Years Day parkrun so why not go and 'tourist' at one or two of our other local parkruns on 1st Jan. See you at Wotton soon.

All photographs from January 2019 to current can be seen here

All photographs prior to January 2019 can be seen here

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