Wycombe Rye parkrun Run Report, 23rd October 2021 #406

Roll up, roll up, read all about it!!!

The first ever YPOM (Your Pace or Mine) Wycombe Rye parkrun takeover; and what a historic and iconic day this was! Remember this date friends, parkrunners and country folk, it all occurred today on Saturday 23rd of October 2021!

YPOM is a social running club (you can find them on Facebook) and with a number of regular runs throughout the week and plenty of informal spur-of-the-moment runs and some great socials too. Organisation and long-term planning may not be the natural modus operandi but somehow everything all seems to fall into place regardless.

So, with this in mind, YPOM offered their services to conduct a Wycombe Rye parkrun takeover, and we would like to think that it ended up being a success – enthusiasm is one of those attributes (along with a few others) that we can generally supply in spades. What is perhaps more remarkable, in terms of pulling off this take-over is that 9 of the volunteers had never volunteered before and a further 4 hadn’t done the role they were undertaking that day before – that’s a smidgen over 43% of the volunteers doing something new. I hope this shows that anyone can volunteer and that it is both easy and fun to do – after all, we do give full training for every role on the morning itself.


YPOMers come in all shapes and sizes, and apparently also have a penchant for exotic pets. Whilst we know the parkrun rule that it is “one dog per runner to be kept on a short lead”, we were less clear on the rules for dinosaurs, even if they are volunteering rather than running. We accepted that keeping Phil (yes, that’s the dinosaur’s name) on a short reign, was acceptable as he supported the role of Time Keeper. We are also delighted to report that timing wasn’t done to the nearest millenia, nor did any of our runners become extinct during the parkrun period. We suspect that Phil might be a Timeasurus Rex but please do let us know you are more expert than us.


On to the run itself: we were delighted to welcome 346 runners (including 18 unknowns) to Wycombe Rye parkrun. We were especially delighted to welcome 12 First Timers and 15 parkrunners who hadn’t visited Wycombe Rye before. There were a number of milestone runs completed, including Andy HEALEY (250), Colin JACKSON (100), Alison CROOK (50) and Oscar DAVIES, Edward FLOOD and Charlotte FLOOD (10s). We also got to celebrate another milestone with Bob Engle, our most experienced parkrunner, with now 427 parkruns completed, having just recently celebrated his 80th birthday!

On to the faster side of things, 43 of you managed to obtain New PBs! These ranged anywhere between Joel HORROCKS (19:23) and Daniel MCSHANE (44:38), however fast you may ultimately be, going faster than before is always worthy of celebration!


Our first three finishers were Richard HENDERSON (17:21), Lawrence BURTON (19:22) and Joel HORROCKS (19:23). We are even happier to note that our YPOM marshals managed to usher round our first two finishers successfully as they were both First Timers to Wycombe Rye – we usually tell first timers in the First Timers briefing that there will be someone else to follow (woops!). Our top three ladies were Christina O’CONNOER (22:04), Lyndsay MARKHAM (22:24) and Kathryn BAKER (22:47).


So, lastly, but certainly not least of all, please give a warm thank-you to all of Saturday’s volunteers from YPOM, who were: Siobhan ALLINSON, Katie ATHERTON, Andy BELLINGHAM, Warren BENNET (plus Phil the Timeasaurus), Karen BOYLE, Kris CHAPLIN, Katt CLARK, Harry COBLEY, Linda CURLEY, Marion DEANE, Matteo DONATI, Callum ELSEY, Lucia ENDRODYOVA, Douglas GORDON, Lynda GUNN, Jenny HEDGES, Agi JASCHOB, Peter JEMMETT, Alasdair KLYNE, Rachel LAKER, Susan MCHUGH, David MORLEY, Gregg QUIXLEY, Iain ROBERTSON, Zach SCHROEDER, Nick SENDALL, Ann SMITH, Esme STRINGER, Paul SZEFER, Imtiaz TURAB, Rebecca VALENTINE, Sandra VALTERA and Stuart G WHEELER (YPOMer-in-Chief).


Alistair & Lyndsay will be your RDs next week. There are still some gaps on the volunteer roster, so please do get in touch if you can help us out, and ensure that the run is able to proceed.

Douglas & Katt
Run Directors.


Wycombe Rye parkrun Run Report, 16th October 2021 #405

So parkrun 405 arrived, with near ideal conditions on Saturday morning
... if you were a fish ... despite the obviously false promises of the
BBC Weather forecast.
volunteersFortunately we had plenty of volunteers this week to help get the shed
unpacked (gazebo last in first out, got to try and keep the RD's
clipboard dry after all) and course setup.Our own course inspection confirmed that it was indeed wet and getting
wetter. Wet and slippy, the grass having been cut, conkers littering the
path and the steps obscured with leaves until cleared by the marshals.

As it got closer to 9am we were starting to wonder where everyone was,
sheltering in their cars as it turns out, and even though numbers were
down on last week of our 336 parkrunners we still had 31 first timers
including tourists from Daventry, Frimley, Osterley, and Aylesbury.


It is good to see that I am not the only one disappointed with my
current times, 1st Male 17:26 (unknown), but congratulations to Daniel
Ewing (18:39) and Louise Fry (20:55) our first place known finishers.
And also to the 35 new PBs and the following people who all achieved an
official milestone run, here's looking forward to when we can have cake

Juniors becoming members of the 10 Club - Carys Barnes and Yuna Davies
50th - Zoe Freeman
100th - Dan Smith, James Butterworth and Gemma Applegarth


Next weeks YPOM volunteers will be pleased to know that Nick took the
hi-viz home to wash, they would no doubt have still been damp and quite
unpleasant if left in the shed all week.

Yuck! ... Phew! ... Over-there ... Move.

Jo and Katt are your Run Directors.



Wycombe Rye parkrun Run Report, 9th October 2021 #404

A foggy morning greeted us for parkrun #404 however this soon dispersed in time to see 430 of you at the event.

This week we had 25 first timers at Wycombe Rye with 10 join us for their first ever parkrun, welcome and we hope you had a good time and look forward to seeing you again.

An incredible 61 achieved a new Personal best, well done to you all. Congratulations also to Michael MCPHILLIPS  and Carolyn HILLS on achieving 50 parkruns. Hannah LONGLEY 100 parkruns, and unofficially Anna HODSON-ALLEN 200 parkruns.

Many thanks to this weeks Hi-Viz heroes this week Nick BOOTH, Emma COX, Grant CURLEY, Linda CURLEY, Tomono DAVIES, Callum EASTON, Jan L EDWARDS, Callum ELSEY, Lucia ENDRODYOVA, Bob ENGEL, Douglas GORDON, Ronnie GUNNING, Rowena HARRISON, Mark James HEDGER, Penny HEDGER, Graham KEATING, Jason LAMONT, Nicholas MARTIN, Ian MATHEWS, Amie MCCARTHY, Steve METCALF, Richard RINTS, Samuel RINTS, Zach SCHROEDER, Helen SCOTT, Helen SHACKLETON, Penny THICKETT, Ami-Mia TILBURY, Ruth WALNE.

Thank you to those who have signed up to help out at future events. There are still many gaps in the roster for up coming weeks, we need at least 25 hi-Viz heroes to run each event so welcome anyone who would like to work towards earning one of the new volunteer milestone t shirts that now align with the milestone t shirts.

So this weeks results:


1st Ibrahim ACHCHI after coming 2nd for the last 3 weeks matching his PB.

2nd Nicholas WOODS

3rd unfortunately forgot his barcode.



1st Tamsin NEALE

2nd Sarah HAYWARD with a new PB

3rd Louise FRY


Next week your run directors are Nick Sendall and Guy Hylton.


Wycombe Rye parkrun Run Report, 25th September 2021 #402

It is the end of September and it's still so warm! Wow, it made for a really nice parkrun this morning. Something must be working because 397 people turned up to run or walk 5km around the Wycombe Rye. 24 people turned up to volunteer to make it all possible.

So, well over 400 people got out of bed and made a difference to their lives. That's a lot of happy people all on the Rye! I even got my best friend Sarah Fordham and son Lucas to come over from Reading for a taste of one of the best park runs in the country.

11 of those happy peeps completed their very first parkrun ever, I really hope you enjoyed it and come back for more! I think you will, parkrun is addictive! Not a bad vice really.
50 people gave it some welly today and recorded their PB times.

Well done to Harry Anderson-Chapman who tore up the course in a PB 16:12 minutes (54 seconds off the record time, keep chasing!)
Well done to Tasmin Neale who came in for the ladies first with a very respectable time of 20:06 (the new ladies record of 17:39 was only recently set on 11/09/21)

Today's date 25/09, I noted that Mohammad Mahboob thought it fitting to run a time of 25:09. Was that planned?
Some other very neat times: Simon Fossel 27:00 , Caitlin Purcell 32:00 , Lena Piece 34:00 & Ellen Curley 46:00.

Of note to myself, I saw my purple shirt icon pop up on my log in page today. 25 volunteers today, well done me!

On that note, parkrun simply cannot function without the heroes that volunteer: Marshals out on point, rear walkers, token scanning, photographer, report writing, token sorting, if you can help, please do. It only needs 1 volunteer day in 10 runs to make a huge difference. The Volunteer Roster and email is on the home page: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/wycomberye/futureroster/

Not sure what happened to the Lido Kitchen so we tried the cafe on the lake, very nice coffee and muffins and a catch up with fellow parkrunners.

Well that was fun, let's do it all again next Saturday for parkrun #403, see you there.
Clint Sturgess
parkrunner and purple volunteer

Post scriptum: Note to self, hand back your token at the end of the run! I got so excited having coffee and cake with my bestie I completely forgot: lucky the RD was still about and kindly took it off my hands.


Wycombe Rye parkrun Run Report, 18th September 2021 #401


A glorious early autumn morning greeted us for our 401st parkrun. Perfect running conditions proved by the fact that 80 of you achieved new PBs. Wow that is a whopping 17% of you. 7 of the top 10 finishers achieved PBs. Incredible.

We welcomed 467 runners to the event with 45 first timers with 21 completing their first ever parkrun. We hope you enjoyed your time and will be back. Unfortunately, 30 of you did not have your barcodes with you so no result. #DFYB.

We had an amazing group of volunteers helping this morning without whom we would not be able to put on the run. A huge thank you to:



Thank you as well to all those who signed up to volunteer for future weeks. There are still many gaps over the next few weeks and it would be great if runners could sign up to support the event well in advance. Pre covid we were always really fortunate to have full rosters several weeks in advance but not so now. In fact, next week (25 Sept) still has gaps. We need at least 25 volunteers each week to put on the event. So have a look at your diaries and the future rosters on the Wycombe Rye parkrun page and email in to wycomberye@parkrun.com


So, onto the results:


1st Evie BURTON (11-14) with a PB of 19:09

2nd Ellie FAULKNER (11-14) with a PB of 21:43

3rd Tina WHITE (40-44) with a PB of 22:05


1st Oliver MEADOWCROFT (15-17) with a PB of 16:54

2nd Adam QUARMBY (30-34) in 18:36

3rd Liam DREW (45-49) with a PB of 18:58

Age Gradings:

1st Evie BURTON (11-14) – 82.07%

2nd Linda Weedon (70-74) - 81.64%

3rd  Oliver Meadowcroft (15-17) – 79.88%


Luke PULKINGTON (15-17) achieved his 10th

Kate DAY and Mark CLEMENTS achieved their 50ths

Doug CHAPMAN and Luke RICKETT achieved their 100ths

Mark HEDGER reached 200 (an unofficial milestone)

As one of your Run Directors today, I was blown away by the amazing achievements of all runners – the young through to our older attendees; slow to fast and everything in between; 2-legged or 4-legged and those catching a lift in buggies. The smiles at the finish make it all worthwhile. Well done everyone and see you all next week when Guy and Barry are your Run Directors.


Best wishes

Run Director

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