Wycombe Rye parkrun Run Report, 18th May 2019 #350

Wycombe Rye parkrun Run Report, 18th May 2019 #350 350

After almost 7 years of parkrun on the Rye we reached our 350th event and what a bumper sized extravaganza of an event it was! So many brilliant things to talk about, so where to start? Well, let’s start with the volunteers, as without them, the run couldn’t happen. This week’s volunteers were nearly all from one of our local running clubs, Hazlemere Runners. Our High-Viz Heroes, without whom a run could not take place were: Asif ANWAR, Sally BAKKES, Nick BREWER, Rae BREWER, Penny BURT, Lee COLLINS, Gavin COUSINS, Rajith DE SILVA, Giles DEVLIN, Hayley ELLERBY, Douglas GORDON, John GULLIVER, Sarah HAYWARD, Andrew KING, Chris MILSOM, John NEWELL, Dave PASCOE, Ruby PERKS, Ade PHILLIPS, Kate PHILLIPS, Lynne PLUMRIDGE, Ricky PLUMRIDGE, Katrina RINTS, Richard RINTS, Emily RINTS, Imelda ROBINSON, Jeff TAYLOR, Jo WARNOCK-HORN, Nick WARNOCK-HORN, Linda WHALLEY, Lucy WORSLEY and Simon WORSLEY. Thank you also to everyone that signed-up as volunteers for future weeks, please do continue to do so and keep that roster full. Every roll is easy to do, great fun and ensures that there is another week of runners enjoying a safe, timed and inclusive parkrun at Wycombe Rye.


Jo WARNOCK-HORN, as RD, with the rest of the team marshalled, timed, scanned, and put out more pacers than I can recall us having previously – we had nine pacers covering a variety of times from 22 minutes up to 33 minutes. The combination of weather and pacers was undoubtedly a success as 104 of you racked up PBs! New PBs ranged from our second finisher (17:29) up to Mick PIEKIELNIAK who on his second parkrun took off a 2 minutes and 33 seconds to complete the course in 49:48. We were able to welcome 38 first timers to their first ever parkrun, we hope you enjoyed the festivities and we hope to welcome you back again very soon. With Henley and Marlow parkruns cancelled, as well as the publicity surrounding our 350th run, we welcomed 38 tourists, who hadn’t previously enjoyed our course and our steps of “delight”. 617 runners, a new course attendance record, completed our 350th run – a massive 55 more than our previous attendance record, only just set back in March of this year; and 115 more runners than the previous week. In fact, 7 out of our top 10 attendances have been set this year. Your RDs had been wondering when, not if, we would reach 600 runners; we now know the answer. I guess pushing out the remaining finish tokens above 600 was a worthwhile thing to have done on a Friday night. three

To further the celebrations, as well as the usual collection of cake, Hazlemere Runners had provided us with some spot prizes to those who finished in a position ending in a “50” as well as the person, assuming we had the numbers, to be the 100,000th runner to complete our course. 50 – Andrew WATSON (22:04) 150 – Niomi COLLINS (24:58) not a bad way to complete your first ever parkrun! 250 – Hannah WHITE (27:14) 350 – F FRUMP (29:37) – technically 351st, generously handed on as a Hazlemere Runner came 350th. 450 – Kai DEVLIN (33:08) 550 – Ani DAVIS (39:11) – a great reward for completing her 50th parkrun!


575 – Pranita (41:20) – she was our 100,000th runner to complete our course and was also celebrating her 10th parkrun milestone! There were also some individual running milestones to celebrate too – if you do want a shout-out at the main briefing (or if your friends want you to get a shout-out) please do let the RDs know. This week we had: 10 parkruns: Pranita and Nixon 50 parkruns: Ani DAVIS, Sai Satya Prakkash GALLA, Roz WOOLVEN, Natalie DRAKE, Margaret CROTTY and Livvy DOLAN. 100 parkruns: Linda MARSH, Kath DUNN and Richard COUGHLIN Oh, and Grant CURLEY merely completed his 300th Wycombe Rye parkrun – including being present at our first 21 runs! As is our tradition, we combined our celebration with our annual collection for our local foodbank, the One Can Trust.  Thank you to all those who donated soo grenerously.


In conclusion: 1) Thank you to all our runners – 617 people on the course and such a great atmosphere, thank you to keeping to the simple rules of #DFYB, Under 11’s within arm’s reach and dogs on leads at all times. 2) Thank you to all our volunteers – we regularly get emails / Facebook messages to say how cheerful and supportive you all are 3) Let’s do it all again next Saturday – here’s to another 350 (and more) Wycombe Rye parkruns, starting off with Lyndsay and Carolyn welcoming everyone as next week’s RDs.


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