Wycombe Rye parkrun Run Report, 22nd February 2020 #389

I'm going to start this Run Report with a plea from Nick Sendall, one of our Event Directors: if you must travel by car to Wycombe Rye parkrun, please leave yourself plenty of time, please use one of the car parks listed on this website (visit the "Course" page https://www.parkrun.org.uk/wycomberye/course/ for more details) and if you must park on the road, please park considerately.  Do not park in Lime Avenue (it is a Private Road) do not park across driveways, double park, or leave your car anywhere that it might cause an obstruction.  We had another complaint from a local resident on Saturday - and although there have been some innovative ideas suggested, there really is only one solution: take responsibility and park your car legally and considerately.

Now, as everyone knows, 22nd February 2020 is the 23rd anniversary of the announcement of the cloning of Dolly the Sheep by British Scientists in Roslin, Scotland.  In the spirit of cloning, this run report will look very similar to one from 2 weeks ago!

The morning of 22/2 was when 548 parkrunners made their way to Wycombe Rye to run, jog or walk around a course that was muddy and slippy in places.  The weather although dry initially treated us all to a heavy shower as most parkrunners were finishing.

With no storm this weekend, or weather warnings not to travel, numbers were up again this week and included 17 people taking part in their first ever parkrun.  We hope to see them back again with us next week.

We also had 34 parkrunners who were visiting Wycombe Rye for the first time.  Among the tourists we had visitors from Blackburn, Worthing, Beckingham, Crawley and Leicester.  We hope they enjoyed their visit and their encounter with the Wycombe Rye parkrun steps of doom.

We also had 33 unknown runners this week.  Hopefully next week you will remember your barcode!

This week was brought to you by Ronnie MUBAYIWA and Lyndsay MARKHAM as your run directors and 25 other volunteers without whom parkrun couldn't happen.  Please consider signing up as a volunteer to support future events.

Some interesting numbers around the times this week:

The first male finisher was Stephen CROTTY with a time of 18:05 in the SM30-34 category.  This gave him an age graded score of 72.53%.  The first female finisher was Samantha AMEND with a time of 19:19 in the VW40-44 category.  This gave her an age graded score of 79.21%.  This was the first time Sam has run at Wycombe Rye parkrun  - despite the fact that she set it up almost 8 years ago.  Indeed, she has run just 15 times at any parkrun - but has volunteered 143 times (that's not a bad ratio, is it?) and inspired many of us to take part, volunteer and take on responsibility.

The first (female) finisher by age grading was Linda WEEDON with a score of 79.60% in the VW70-74 category with a time of 28:55.  The first male finisher by age grading was Michael THOMPSON with a score of 73.22% in the VM60-64 category with a time of 22:17.

The mean time of all the runners was 30:13, the nearest to this was run by Raj KIRAN with 30:14 in the VM35-39 giving him an age graded score of 43.61%.  The median time of 29:13 was run by Katie RENNIE in the SW20-24 category fiving her an age graded score of 50.66% on her first visit to Wycombe Rye.

62 runners celebrated PBs this week.

On 22/2 the runner in position 222 was Elizabeth GINNIFER with a time of 27:54 in the VW45-49 category giving her an age graded score of 59.38%.  The runner in position 389 on this 389th event at Wycombe Rye was Maddey WATSON with a time of 33:07 in the SW20-24 category giving her an age graded score of 44.69% on her first visit to this event.

We celebrated 2 milestones this week.  Jane BYRON from Handy Cross Runners ran her 100th parkrun with a time of 35:02 in the WV50-54 category giving her an age graded score of 48.43%.  Peter TATE ran his 50th parkrun with a time of 33:57 in the VM50-54 category giving him an age graded score of 44.87%.

Congratulations to all that ran and thank you to the volunteers.  We look forward to seeing you again next week for our leap day parkrun when Jo WARNOCK-HORN and Guy HYLTON will be your Run Directors for event number 390.

Debbie Evans