parkrun profile: Mohammad Khurram Mahboob


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Name: Mohammad Khurram Mahboob

Number of parkruns: 213 not out

Favourite parkrun (other than Wycombe Rye, obviously!) and why:

It has to be Oxford. It is a 2 lap course, very fast course and there is plenty of overtaking places.

Why did you start parkrunning:

I have always been a runner. I was running down London Road and saw a lot of people. I investigated and someone told me to go online and download the bar code and join. I remember it being a wet windy day with about 130 runners and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Number of volunteers: 25

Favourite volunteering role, and why:

Where cross over point is by the 2 / 3-mile point. You get to see the runners as they have spread out. You also can shout out a lot of encouragement.

Favourite/funniest parkrun memory:

I have too many. But one that comes to my mind is at one of the Jnr ParkRuns. I saw a group of children (between 10 -15) all charging to the finish line. Then they all suddenly stop and tell one another to go first. You would not see that at an adult parkrun. I found that moment very touching and the kids got the message. It is a run, not a race.

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What does Wycombe Rye parkrun mean to you:

It means I get out of bed and out of the house. Get mileage in my legs and meet all you wonderful people.

What do you miss about parkrun:

In Wycombe, I certainly don’t miss those 21 steps. I miss my Saturday morning cake. I also miss the banter I have with my friend Iain who is a forced Man Utd fan (YNWA).

What running are you doing now:

Currently I am still running minimum 25 miles a week (100 a month).

What is the best bit of running advice you have been given:

Simple – Enjoy. Not many people can run 3 miles, so you are doing well. If you ask me, not many of my (non parkrun) friends can run 3miles.

What is your favourite run other than parkrun:

I ran London Marathon back in 2014 and I really enjoyed it. But my favourite has always been the Great North Run, I go every year.  The amount of people running it and cheering you on is really good. It is also a good way of having a mini break up north.

What run would you most like to do in the future, and why:

I would like to put my little one in a buggy and run a 10km or even a parkrun. But I need to get a buggy first. I also want to run all the ‘Great Run Series’ in the same year.

What is your most essential/favourite piece of running kit, and why:

It has to be my Garmin Watch. I bought it 5 years ago and I still have it. I would not run without it. Even though it is an old model, I still love it.