Wycombe Rye parkrun non-Run Report 26th September 2020 #28

Creative juices have indeed temporarily dried up. So this is your chance to help out by submitting a couple of paragraphs on what you are currently doing on Saturday mornings instead of parkrun! It would be lovely to hear your stories. It doesn't have to be witty (though we've had some fabulous contributions from everyone over the last few weeks) just email in to wycomberye@parkrun.com - preferably add a couple of photos - and we'll do the rest :)

Reasons to be cheerful:

In the absence of parkrun events (not)parkrun is an opportunity for parkrunners to submit a 5k walk, jog, or run, on a route of your choosing, on a day and time of your choice, wherever you are in the world and following appropriate guidelines for physical activity wherever you’re based. You can record up to one activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in a weekly results table.

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(not)parkruns representing Wycombe Rye parkrun: 14/09/2020 – 20/09/2020

33 parkrunners completed 49 (not)parkruns

There were four 'first timers' to (not)parkrun:
Bob Healy (4th, 24:45)
Nicola McCarthy (7th, 26:37)
Peter Burt (21st, 33:04)
Rachel Bond - Hughenden Ladies Running Club (38th, 37:40)

Three (not)parkrun Personal Bests:
Nicola Walker - High Wycombe Hash House Harriers (HWH3) (5th, 25:27)
Rachel Marsh - High Wycombe Hash House Harriers (HWH3) (10th, 27:45)
Patrick Crotty (30th, 37:45)

First three men:
Dominic Reed - Handy Cross Runners (1st, 18:20)
Chris Knight - Hazlemere Runners (2nd, 21:52)
Pete Catterson (3rd, 22:46)

First three women:
Nicola Walker - High Wycombe Hash House Harriers (HWH3) (5th, 25:27)
Nicola McCarthy (7th, 26:37)
Caroline Bishop (8th, 27:13)

Nick Sendall
Co-Event Director