Please be mindful of our fellow forest users

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It is with sadness that we received a complaint from a member of the public last week regarding one of our parkrunners. The complaint regards a runner 'swearing' at a dog walker whose dog ran in front of him during the run.

Whilst we only have one account of this incident we have to take it seriously and without making any further assumptions about what did or did not happen, we would just like to remind all parkrunners that we do not have exclusive rights to run in the forest and must share it with other users.

Please exercise the same courtesy you would expect from others and remember that parkrun is just that - a run - not a race. Anything you do will reflect on us all as a group and as an organisation so please try and remain calm and civil at all times and remember that other forestry users (and their excitable dogs) may not necessarily be aware of our presence until they see us running towards them.

Thank you.