Wythenshawe parkrun no.412 – 12th October 2019 Pirates But No pieces of Cake!

I don’t know about you, but I can sometimes be quite superstitious and when I checked on the future roster & saw that Dan Martell was going to be the Run Director again, whilst I knew the event would run smoothly as ever I also wondered if there would be cake or would he draw a blank again?

Whilst we had Nick Whyatt wonderfully attired in a splendid Pirates Outfit to celebrate his 50th parkrun , unfortunately there was no pieces of cake, so let us hope for better luck on the 16th November when Dan is next scheduled to be the Run Director again.

Although the weather on Saturday was fine, the rain during the week had taken its toll on our course, however 272 of us ran/jogged/walked and splashed our way through the puddles and mud.

Dan was quick to point out though that the underfoot conditions can be treacherous especially with a dog, as it is possible to get very muddy very quickly as in the below pic.


It will be useful to remember that when it is this wet and muddy, trail shoes may be advised or failing that, please do not bring your brand new white trainers, unless you want to spend the rest of Saturday morning cleaning them!!!

In terms of new starters we welcomed 30 who were first timers to our event with 17 making their parkrun debut. Welcome to you all and we look forwards to seeing you again soon, hopefully in drier conditions,

We also welcomed a number of tourists this week, Pennington Flash, Preston, Cuerden Valley, Markeaton and I believe Columbia.

With the wet conditions and heavy underfoot conditions, it meant that the Personal Bests were a lot more difficult to attain this week. However 16 of you managed PB’s, so well done to you all and my highlight must go to Olivia Roy (JW10) who yet again managed to achieve another PB this week.

When it is this wet, we must say a special thanks to our high viz heroes who are there to ensure our safety and that the event goes ahead. This week led by Dan Martell, they included Libby Day, Zeyeem Mohammad, Bernard Tunney, Emma Tanner, Tristan Pocock, Kane Simons, Norma Burgess, Astrid Lavin, Anthony Harrison, Ian Mcgeough, Gemma Hewett, Richard Travena, Bev Jackson, Sam Mcgrath, Linda Roy, Ken Burgess, Carole Partington, Simon Emery, Kane Simons and Amanda Navin.

For those of you who arrived after 8.45ish, you will not have been able to use the main car park as this was full, & we had no access to the overflow car park due to the wet conditions. If you do have to park on neighbouring roads, then please use your common sense &  ensure that drives or access points are kept clear, or better still run/cycle, car share or use Public Transport to get to the event.

Whilst we were running around Wythenshawe Park, you may have heard of Eliud Kipchoge running around a park in Vienna and breaking the 2hour mark for the marathon distance. For various reasons it not classified as a world record, but without doubt it is an amazing achievement. His Target Time for the 5km parkrun distance was 14 min 10 seconds and apparently only 5 of the 51,363,611 parkruns completed have been below this pace.

Whilst his achievements are way beyond us, his quote after the event speaks to us all as he says "This shows the positivity of sport. I want to make it a clean and interesting sport. Together when we run, we can make it a beautiful world."

When we run and share time with children, siblings, parents, friends or strangers that for 30 minutes on a Saturday morning become friends, we are all making our little piece of the world a more beautiful place.

See you on Saturday


PS I am writing this on Saturday afternoon so not sure when it will be uploaded, but good luck to everyone (including myself) who is running the Manchester Half Marathon on Sunday. Let’s hope for decent weather and wear the finishing T Shirts with pride and a big smile next week


Wythenshawe parkrun no. 411 - 5th October 2019 A parkrun Celebration

On the day that parkrun was creating headlines on its 15th birthday, 315 runners, joggers and walkers came to Wythenshawe Park and celebrated in our own way.

Celebrations even included a special helicopter fly past at just after 9 when Charley was doing her run briefing, how many other parkruns managed that? 

And immediately talking of celebrations, we were lucky enough to have a multitude of cake and chocolates, these came courtesy of John Halliwell (100), Susan Benbow (100), Bernard Tunney (50) & Elizabeth Dockry (50). On behalf of all the other parkrunners, congratulations and many thanks for the generous treats.

Continuing the theme of celebrations, 35 of you achieved Personal Bests at Wythenshawe. Checking the results I wish to highlight Gemma Hewett on running under 28 minutes on her 33rd Wythenshawe parkrun and Mia Cordingley (JW10) on running under 33 minutes for the first time.

In terms of new starters we welcomed 34 who were first timers to our event with 8 making their parkrun debut. Welcome to you all and we look forwards to seeing you again soon.

We also welcomed a number of tourists this week, from Witton (Blackburn), Huddersfield, Marple & Bakewell, but by my reckoning the prize for the furthest distance travelled goes to Jane Freeman from Colney Lane in Norwich.

A malfunctioning microphone did not diminish Charley Dean and her volunteers from being as awesome as ever. This week Richard Evans, Lindsey Farrelly, Hayley Gavin, Jane Gavin, John Gavin, Andy Holloway, Richard Kennaugh, Sam McGrath, Zeyeem Mohammed, Bruce Partington, Katie Reece & Michael Wymer were Charley’s helpers and our heroes.

Last Week in my run report I asked would it be too much to hope for some sunny weather and a dry Cromwell Loop? Obviously it was too much to hope for as the heavy rain during the week made the loop extremely wet and slippy. A couple of weeks ago I heard someone asked why we called the passage before the football fields muddy passage, the mud and puddles we encountered this week well and truly answered that question.

A couple of points to remember when the ground gets waterlogged is that we may not get access to the overflow car park, so please be aware of this and car share, use public transport or run/cycle to the park if possible.

Another point to remember is to be careful of your footing and your proximity to other runners as we do not want any injuries and slipping on the far bridge or in muddy passage is not good for anybody’s health!

Anyway, no weather requests this week, the only thing I will ask for is to make a special effort to remember your barcodes, this week 22 of you ran around however were classified as unknown.

See you on Saturday





Wythenshawe parkrun no.410 – 28th September 2019 – The parkrun community

On a morning when it looked like it was about to rain at any time 307 of us came to Wythenshawe Park and ran/walked/jogged our way around the park without getting too wet.

First of all a special thanks to our high viz heroes who this week were led by Tristan Pocock and included Andy Holloway, David Lorford, Emma Tanner, Hayley Gavin, Hilary Parker, Jane Gavin, Jennifer Lutton, John Gavin, Jonathan Hayes, Kate Holloway, Ken Burgess, Norma Burgess, Pauline Lorford, Sam Mcgrath, Scarlett Pocock, Steve Burgess & Zeyeem Mohammed.

Cakes were in abundance at the end and this was due to three celebrations this week. We had Richard Evans, who is one of our speedier runners and was introduced by Tristan this week as Richard Evans 4th place due to the number of times he has finished 4th. (This week however he broke form by finishing 2nd). Then we had Sarah Hawkins who has taken part in over 25 different events, and is thanked by her friends as she regularly drives others to and from parkrun in her people carrier. And we also had Amara Moore who aged 11 ran her 50th parkrun. Amara along with the rest of the Moore family has run in many different parkuns all over the country, and well done to you all. And a special thank you whoever baked the home made cakes, they were absolutely delicious.

In terms of new starters we welcomed 32 who were first timers to our event with 8 of those making their parkrun debut. Welcome to you all and we hope to see you again soon.

We also welcomed a number of tourists this week, from local events such as Bramhall, Delamere, South Manchester, plus some from further afield in London.

Regarding PB’s, we had 33 of you celebrating their Personal Bests, so well done to you all. A quick check of the results and my highlight goes to Olivia Roy on her 28th Wythenshawe parkrun, well done Olivia

I often mention about the parkrun community and a couple of points have really reinforced this community feel for me over the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately I missed on Owen Allwright 100th parkrun on the 14th September so belated congratulations to Owen. You may have seen his story being picked up on the parkrun website and blog with his mother indicating how parkrun has been such a positive force for him. I have also seen a number of comments about Owen, saying how popular and inspiring he is and I agree, he is such a welcome and important part of our parkrun community, especially when volunteering and cheering us on.

I missed Owen’s 100th run as I took part in a 5 mile run in Menorca on that date. I was proudly wearing my Wythenshawe parkrun running vest and the number of fellow parkrunners who came up to me talking about our different parkrun experiences made me realise that our parkrun community extends far and wide.

In terms of parkrun extending far and wide, it was 15 years ago that the first Bushy park trial took place so we are celebrating 15 years of global parkrun this week-end, with a total of 53,870,589 different parkruns done, with Wythenshawe providing 82,259 of them.

Wythenshawe parkrun  was made possible by Paul Muldoon organising and becoming our first run director, and a big well done to Paul as this week he became the Coach of the Year for the North West region in the England Athletics Volunteer Awards this week.

So onto next Saturday, is it too much to hope for a last bit of sun & a dryish Cromwell Loop?


See you on Saturday



Wythenshawe parkrun no.407 – 7th September 2019

In a week when many of us will have struggled to get back into a work or school routine after a long and disappointingly wet summer, one thing that has remained constant is parkrun on a Saturday morning at 9am.

And so 357 of us came to Wythenshawe Park and ran/walked/jogged our way in some sunny weather for a change this summer.

The event was made possible though by our high viz heroes who this week were led by Tristan Pocock and included Norma Burgess, Gary Clucas, Sarah Collinge, Eleanor Cordingley, Mia Cordingley, Jackie Cordingley, Victoria Cordingley, Suzanne Cundick, Hayley Gavin, Jane Gavin, Joanna Greaves, Andy Holloway, Kate Holloway, Pauline Lorford, Ian Mcgeough, Sam Mcgrath, Zeyeem Mohammed, Margaret Morris, Sally Passey, Richard Pavey, Scarlett Pocock, Kylie Spark, Suzanne Sutherland, Graham Sutherland, Jenny Sykes, Harrison Sykes & David Wathey.

Chocolates were in abundance at the end and this was due to the fantastic achievement of Paul Battersby running his 250 parkrun. Paul has run 181 of his 250 parkruns at Wythenshawe and has also travelled from Fort William to Hafan Pwllheli over the course of his parkrunning experience. From a quick perusal of the results, I also want to say congratulations to Joshua Horsman and Dave Coggins who both ran their 50th parkrun on Saturday as well.

In terms of new starters we welcomed 45 who were first timers to our event with 21 of those making their parkrun debut. Welcome to you all and we hope to see you again soon.

We also welcomed a number of tourists this week, from Southampton, Sheffield and one from our original parkrun at Bushy. Tristan enquired but there seemed to be no Australian parkrun tourists who had ventured up here for the Ashes. I usually write this report on a Sunday afternoon, however I have a ticket for the Ashes on Sunday, so I am writing this report hoping for a couple of our batsman to either have a cricketing PB or more likely hoping for the parkrun weather fairy to intervene.

But speaking of PB’s, we had 52 of you celebrating their Personal Bests, so well done to you all. A quick check of the results and my highlights go to William Lord (149) Richard Traverna (32 – 2nd time in 4 weeks) and Phil Green (22 – Taking off over a minute and a half).

Anyway, before I go onto next week, I have noticed that we have now covered a total distance of 404,460km, which means that we have now covered the circumference of the earth at the equator 10 times.

So that is my random statistic of the week and now onto next Saturday when let’s hope for more fine weather, a full volunteering roster and some great funnel/token discipline.


See you on Saturday J



Wythenshawe parkrun no.405 24th August 2019 – Another Amazing Event

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been having to ask for volunteers at the run briefing as due to Holidays, we can run short, however this week, we were fully marshalled up so I think it is right to  start this week’s run report by saying a big thanks to this week’s run director Dan Martell and his volunteer team who comprised of Owen Allwright, Norma Burgess, Jonathan Butcher, Ron Carter, Ben Crouch, Simon Cushworth, Diane Frost, Jane Gavin, John Gavin, Hayley Gavin, Joanna Greaves, Andy Holloway, Graham Horsman, Mark Jones, Jana Julinkova, Pauline Lorford, Zeyeem Mohammed, Amanda Navin, Cary O'Donnell, Sheila Parker, Kylie Spark & Annie Helen Woolley.

I have mentioned previously about the existence of the parkrun weather fairy, and it is fair to say that on Saturday she was well and truly smiling down on us as 324 of us ran/jogged/walked and smiled our way around Wythenshawe Park.

The weather was glorious and we had a treats table positively groaning under the weight of Cakes and Fruit, so let us all say a big thank you and congratulations to Jaya Limbachia 100 runs (Bananas), Sue Strickland 100 runs (Watermelon),Jenny Raffle 50 runs (Home made cake) & Chloe Bradbury 10 runs (cake)

Dan also put up an interesting poll on the facebook page asking which was the favourite snack, Cake or Watermelon? The result was a bit of a landslide as the watermelon won with 70% of the vote. I will be honest that surprised me as I always thought that after running 5k, we deserved the cakes, however maybe fruit will become the new cake?

Another sign of the fabulous weather was that the number of PB’s increased to 43. Highlights for me include Orla Godfrey (63 runs), Gemma Hewitt taking 48 seconds  off her PB (30 runs) plus 4 PB’s for the Hall family as Isobel, Carol, Jonty & James Hall all recorded PB’s. Congratulations to you all.

We also welcomed 30 first timers to our event on Saturday with 12 making their parkrun debut. We hope you all enjoyed the parkrun experience and hope to see you again soon. I missed out this week on hearing where our tourists came from, however looking through the results, I can see regulars at Woodhouse Moor, Braunstone & Rother Valley all visited us this week.

I have previously mentioned that I do love a good statistic and this week I thought I would look at the average number of runners. This year we have seen our average number of parkrunners increase to 316 from 256 last year so a massive thank you for helping to spread our community event and message to a wider audience and increased number of participants.

So onto next Saturday and the final day of August, let us hope that we will have some glorious weather, plenty of fruit and cake and a full volunteering roster.




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