Wythenshawe parkrun is cancelled on 22 February 2020: Waterlogged/ damaged course

parkrun day from a tourist perspective

Event number 429

From David Webb A717446. Shropshire shufflers . Shrewsbury .

It’s Friday evening and a decision needs to be made as I am being asked by my little group ( which parkrun are we going to ) . I have a look on the cancellation page due to there being yet another storm on its way. (Dennis ) and make the decision that we are off to wythenshawe parkrun .

Arriving in the car park at 8:15 am with time in hand we double check the cancellation page and multimedia as well to find it’s going ahead. Then we noticed one of the volunteers walking across the car park carrying some equipment. With that we decided to get out of the car even though we’ve got light rain and get our selves ready with hat and gloves on and make our way over to the start area where we introduce ourselves to various volunteers and Jenn the run director and we was duly greeted .

We attend the first timers briefing by the Oliver Cromwell statue paying attention to the route being a 2 lap course on a mixture of tarmac, trail and grass.


We then make our way over to the start line where Jenn the run director gives a quick briefing explaining the route again and also asking us all to please bear in mind that parkrun does not have sole use of the park and please be polite to other users in the park and give them the right of way. She says there’s always next week with better weather to get a p b , then she says “timers ready “ followed by 3 2 1 and where off completing 2 laps of the lovely park passing the the gardens and the community farms being encouraged by the wonderful volunteers in the wind and rain and before we knew it and bar codes scanned we had completed our Saturday morning parkrun buzz.

We went and said thanks to the wonderful volunteers and started our way back to Shropshire but fear not we shall return to you wonderful park hopefully next time with better weather .

So now we praise the wonderful people who made this event happen today .
This week there was a total of 305 people who ran ,jogged or walked the course . Today’s first finisher was nick Hamlin (male ) in a time of 18.13 and the first (female )finisher was Charlotte Edmondson in a time of 20.50 .

There was runners, joggers and walkers From 25 different clubs 57 of them where new to Wythenshawe’s event. 9 off them completely new to parkrun! 16 recorded new p b’s . I can only assume that the wind was behind them.

Also there was milestones reached by Sean jesson and Sarah loughrey reaching there 100 th parkrun’s . And finally a massive thank you to the 20 volunteers who made this event happen.

Nick HAMLIN • Alan LAMB • Jennifer LUTTON • Katharine LAY • Andy HOLLOWAY • Kate HOLLOWAY • Martha WHITEHEAD • Daniel TANNER • David WEBB • Jaya LIMBACHIA • Bruce PARTINGTON • Jennifer SIMPSON • William PARKER • Stuart WHITTLE • Mark DAY • Claire HAMLIN • Libby DAY • Angela POLLITT • Robert GILLOTT • Zeyeem MOHAMMED








The calm before the storm

 Wythenshawe parkrun no.428 – 8th February 2020 – Avoiding Storm Ciara

What a difference a day makes? 24 Little Hours... Don’t worry I am not going to sing that to you but that thought went through my head as I looked out of the window at 9am on Sunday and saw storm ciara causing havoc. It made me doubly thankful that not only did I do my long run on Saturday but that our parkrun took place in far calmer conditions.

We do sometimes complain about the weather, but compared to the -20C plus windchill that one of regulars Martin Banfield encountered in Canada, we can feel very lucky.

And it was in calmer, drier and significantly warmer weather than Martin encountered that 330 of us ran/jogged/walked our way past the circus and around Wythenshawe Park.

After last week’s plea for volunteers, we were in the fortunate position of not requiring a last minute shout out for volunteers so thank you to the team led by Alan Lamb and included  Andy Holloway, Kate Holloway, Martha Whitehead, Daniel Tanner, Chris Snow, Anthony Harrison, Ian Mcgeough, Jonathan Butcher, Ron Carter, Sam Mcgrath,  Gary Clucas, Bruce Partington, Holly Hill, Anna Grigson, Jessica Hill, William Parker, Stuart Whittle, Emma Marsh, Alex Hirst, Libby Day, Sarah Whitehouse, Sue Cole, Zeyeem Mohammed,  Zach Cole & Glen Davad.

The number of first timers to our event continues to surprise me as we welcomed 37 first timers to our event this week, with 15 making this their first ever parkrun. Welcome to you all, I hope you all enjoyed our friendly community event and we look forwards to seeing you again soon.

In terms of tourists, I was near the back of the field this week, and could not hear too clearly but I believe that we welcomed a tourist from Kent. We also welcomed a number of tourists from local events and from a quick perusal of the results shows tourists from Poole and Chester.

It may be that quite a few of you like myself decided to take it easy this week as the number of Personal Bests dropped down to a still impressive figure of 49.

So well done to Claire Gwyer (85 Wythenshawe parkruns),  Charlotte Lord (83) and to Adele Spibey on her 2nd PB in 2 weeks taking 56 seconds last week’s time on her 30th Wythenshawe parkrun.

I don’t normally mention the first past the post finishers, as parkrun is a run and not a race, however it is right to congratulate Freddie Meredith JM11-14 on his achievement this week with a PB as well.

In terms of celebrations, we only had the one this week, however what we lacked in quantity, we made up for it in quality as Sarah Whitehouse not only combined her Birthday with her 50th parkrun, she also volunteered and tail walked so thank you Sarah and many congratulations.

And so onto next week, I know that everybody will be parking their cars responsibly and being as courteous as ever to our fellow users of the park, but can we have a bit of silence when the run director does their briefing.

Although you may have heard most of the briefing before, there may be new and important safety updates this week & we don’t want for yourself or others to miss out on this information & get hurt.

See you on Saturday #dfyb



Celebrating International Women’s Day on 7th March

We will be one of the many parkruns celebrating International Women's Day with a special themed run on 7th March.

More to follow in the coming weeks but if you know a female who hasn't yet discovered the joys of parkrun then encourage her to come down on 7th March.


Wythenshawe parkrun no.426 – 1st February 2020 – A lot of Smiles

I sometimes wonder how to start these reports and that thought was in my mind as I got into my car and started to drive home however seeing other parkrunners walking back to the car park, the one thing I noticed was that everybody had a big smile on  their face after competing another parkrun, and this thought not only made me smile but made me realise how important this event is to everybody who participates.

However this week, we were close to calling off the event due to a lack of volunteers. I know that the Sandcastle and Flag Course is very popular with parkrunners however it also requires more marshals than our usual courses and it needed a Thursday night appeal from Dan for enough marshals to ensure the event could go ahead.

We are lucky in that we have a core of regular volunteers  including those on Duke of Edinburgh schemes, however we do require additional volunteers every week and so we ask for those who have not volunteered for a while please can you volunteer again and ensure that we keep everybody smiling :)

This week the team who ensured we were all smiling were led by Dan Martell and included Alan Lamb,  Amanda Navin, Carole Partington. Heather Keeley,  Jennifer Simpson,  Julie Johnson, Katie Reece, Kieron Walsh, Libby Day, Margaret Morris, Michael Wymer, Nick Hamlin, Norma Burgess, Pauline Lorford, Philip Keeley, Sam Mcgrath,  Stuart Whittle &  Zeyeem Mohammed.

We welcomed another healthy number of first timers to our event this week, 41 in total with 19 making their parkrun debut, welcome to you all and we hope to see you again soon.

In terms of tourists, as well as welcoming a number of tourists from local events a quick perusal of the results shows tourists from Gladstone Park (London), Cross Flats (Leeds) & Edinburgh.

Yet again I was amazed at the number of parkrunners who managed to achieve Personal Bests (on what appears to have been a rather fast course...). A total of 92 recorded Personal Bests out of the 358 parkrunners which equates to 26% of you. I cannot name all 92 of you but the below have all ran more than 25 times at Wythenshawe and recorded Personal Bests.

So well done Ian Mcgeough (111 times at Wythenshawe), Fiona Cosgrove (86), Phil Richardson (51 4th time in 5 events), Nick Hamlin (52), Nayana Moore (42 and 3rd time on the run), Emma Phelps (58), Sarah Goulden (36), Linda Roy (48), Glen Candy (38), Carole Green (33), Olivia Roy (34), Phil Green (33), Ruth Walker (32), John Allen (30 and 4th time in 5 events), Adele Spibey (29), Daniel Littler (26), Alan Phelps (26) &  David Lorford (25).

We also had a couple of celebrations this week as well as Jai Matharu (10 parkruns), Grace Lenihan (10 parkruns) and Rosie Sullivan (50 parkruns) all celebrated their milestones whilst biscuits we're provided by Barbara Wright who was doing her 200th run at Wythenshawe (and 282nd in total).

And so onto next week, hopefully we will have enough volunteers (and everybody will have parked responsibly)  and let’s hope to get over 100 Personal Bests.

See you on Saturday #dfyb



 Wythenshawe parkrun no.426 – 25th January 2020 

After last week’s icy spell it was back to normal at Wythenshawe on Saturday morning, as 345 of us ran/walked/jogged our way around the reverse Sandcastle & Flag course on a slightly wet & cold morning.

We welcomed another healthy number of first timers to our event this week, 40 in total with 16 making their parkrun debut. It was five years ago this week that I made my parkrun debut and I remember the slightly nervous feeling about what would parkrun be like, was it going to be an event full of fast runners? I very quickly realised that parkrun is a friendly community event that welcomes all and we hope to see you again soon.

In terms of tourists, as well as welcoming a number of tourists from local events I am sure that I also heard Blackpool and Milton Keynes being shouted out. I hope that our Blackpool tourist enjoyed the sandcastle element of our course, and we look forwards to welcoming you again.

Seeing the wet conditions, I was not expecting a large number of Personal Bests, but I was wrong as 59 of you managed your best ever time here at Wythenshawe. Unfortunately I cannot name check you all, however as Personal Bests become more difficult the more times you run I wish to highlight the following who have all run more than 25 times at Wythenshawe.

 Phil Richardson (50 and 3rd time in 4 events), Nayana Moore (41 and 2nd time on the run, can you make it a hat trick?), Allison Reynolds (48), Angela Pollitt (25) Carole Green  (32), John Allen (29 and 3rd time in 4 events as well) and Shaun Thomas (26 and on a hat trick as well after 2 PB’s in last 2 weeks).  Well done on your PB’s in the mud and just think what you can do when the course dries out and it gets faster!

We also had a couple of celebrations this week as well as David Hudson ran his 100th event and Erin Morgan ran her 150th event. Thank you very much for the appropriately named Celebrations and also the Viscount Biscuits that I missed out on in my haste for a chocolate fix.

On a wet and cold day, running can be the easy part as it warms you up, however please can you say thank you to our amazing volunteers standing in the cold, ensuring that our event goes ahead smoothly. This week led by Andy Holloway, they included Jennifer Lutton, Libby Day, Mark Royall, Sarah Whitehouse, Lesley Jordan, Kate Holloway, Richard Pavey, Daniel Tanner, Margaret Morris, Teresa Sinclair, Jonathan Butcher, Ron Carter, Thomas Pavey, Sam Mcgrath, Carole Partington, Bruce Partington, Norma Burgess, Stuart Whittle, Lindsay Haston, Pauline Lorford & Zeyeem Mohammed.

In terms of the next couple of weeks, it looks like we will be running the same course as the Football Fields are not drying out. This means that we will not have access to the Field for car parking so please can you look to car share, run/cycle or use public transport to our event.

Apologies for repeating the same message however if you cannot park in the car park, please do not use the verge on Wythenshawe Road, and please ensure that  you do not block anyone’s drive or access points if you are on a side road.

If we are using the same course, please can you look at your starting position in the main group. If you think that you will be a slower runner or walker, can you make sure you do not start at the front of the field. Likewise  If you are a faster runner who realises they are further down the field, then please can I ask you to take time and care overtaking other parkrunners. It may be their first event and we do not want their first memory of parkrun to be a negative one as someone pushes past them. parkrun is a run not a race you do not have to overtake 100 parkrunners in the first 100 yards!

Anyway onto next Saturday, which will be the 1st February and what seems like the longest month will be over. Weather permitting we will welcome you all at 9am for another fantastic event, but please keep your eye on social media for any cancellations and please don’t forget your barcode.



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