Happy New Year – think it’s gonna be a record one!

Happy New Year! Yeovil Montacute was putting the "Yeovil" bit back in as we returned to Goldenstones and Yeovil Country Park.. now, I can let you into a secret; we had rather expected a record number to turn out, with last year's New Year's Day run having been the previous record and plans were in place for something like 550-600 runners.

What actually happened is that we had 661 of you turn up!

Many thanks to all of the Volunteers who helped on Saturday but especially those at the finish funnel - the timekeepers, funnel managers, number checkers and token hander-outers - who had to cope with all sorts on Saturday. It was interesting to see the stopwatch recording up to 661st place on 500 memory (even if only 500 actually transferred to the computer afterwards...) and we'll make the funnel longer next time so you all fit in!

A couple of things..


Remember the old adage of "go before you leave home" as there are limited toilet facilities for our use! Thanks to Jack Clotworthy for leading the "Jack's Toilet Tours" back over to Petters Way car park to reduce the queue ...


The leisure centre will be open on Saturday and will have a full swimming school programme running so please try to avoid parking in the car park in front of the Leisure Centre  so that their "paying guests" can park.

Running with children

Unfortunately there were reports of a small lad being reduced to tears by an over competitive parent trying to get him to run faster. Please remember that parkrun is non competitive and " a run in the park with your friends" - there's always next week and we'd rather your children enjoy the run and want to come back next week..

Under 11s need to be kept within arm's reach of a responsible adult. We are lucky in that we now have a Junior parkrun in Yeovil that takes place at Yeovil Recreation Field every Sunday at 9am, where they can run 2km without needing an adult to run with them - https://www.parkrun.org.uk/yeovilrec-juniors/ - if you find that it's tricky running with your youngsters (or if they found running in such large numbers a bit intimidating...) then go and see our friends on a Sunday!


We need lots of Volunteers each week at the B Course (more than at Montacute - and even more if we continue having large numbers and needing to extend the finish funnel


We have had a nice report from parkrun tourist Karl Johnson who ran the parkrun double by travelling to our friends at Henstridge Airfield parkrun (and his report for that is here https://www.parkrun.org.uk/henstridgeairfield/news/ ) and this is below.

Yeovil Ninesprings pretends to be Montacute

Happy new year one and all...

So 2020 started off with a 100 mile car ride to the South West for a parkrun starting with the letter Y... but I bet you have heard this all before.

A quick hop skip and a jump I was able to find my way from Henstridge Airfield parkrun, kicking off the new year with a parkrun double.... in fact I think most of the 200 runners turned up at Yeovil this morning for their double too...

Big numbers attending Yeovil Montacute today being held for the time being on the Winter B course at Ninesprings.
New runners brief highlights over 15 new parkrunners - well done on taking the step into the parkrun community you will not regret it....
RD for the day gives a quirky brief and warns about the new “quiet please” paddles - used to punish those not being quiet, haha...
Then for the off - out and back course through the park to the ring road gate turn point - encountering along the way a few gates and a wooden bridge... back to the start line then another little out and back finishing with a little uphill lung puncher to finish..
Big numbers meant the first 2.5k were very crowded from where I started about a 1/3 of the way into the field of 600 timers! But don’t let that put you off - bigger numbers because if limited parkruns operating on New Year’s Day - normality will resume next week, but hopefully with a load of new starters!

This week 664 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 178 were first timers and 106 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 66 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 42 volunteers:

Adam D. HAWKINS • Howard BAILEY • Diana MONKS • Lesley NESBITT • Taryn MONKS • Mark BUNGAY • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Emma FRY • Jon CRANE • Tony NESBITT • Robert EAGLE • Mike COLLINS • Karen EAGLE • Pete MONKS • Kim CAMPBELL • Rosemary SHEPHERD • Rolf HAWKINS • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Sandra STOCKFORD • Mark STOCKFORD • David LOXTON • Ellen CHAFFEY • William CHAFFEY • Karl JOHNSON • Carol KNIGHT • Rob BULLOCK • Christine GUNDRY • Nick KNIGHT • Debora WALKER • Hannah KNIGHT • Emma MULLIS • Sarah BEERE • John LEWIS • Gail MITCHELL • Kelly MILLETT • Alice WINES • Christopher CLARKE • Colin BANFIELD • Christine BANFIELD

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

Thanks to all the volunteers giving up their New Years Day morning for us to enjoy our 5k run

May I wish you all a happy 2020 and happy parkrunning