Here we go again!

Any other day, we’d be celebrating a new record number of runners at Yeovil Montacute parkrun, as 514 of you walked, jogged and ran the new B course.. but following just days after the 661 runners on New Year’s Day it all felt a bit.. well.. quiet!!

(Apologies if some of the photos were a bit blurry - forgot the camera was still set for low-light starling murmurations!)


We have another guest reporter this week, but first some teething issues now we’re back at Ninesprings that need to be highlighted:
Finish Line etiquette!

With the B course and the numbers that we have had turn up at our first couple of runs, we need to just remind you all of a couple of things:


- The finish is between the cones - not running straight at the timekeepers! (having to avoid sprinting runners might make them drop the stopwatch!)


- Once you have finished, please do not run up the final finish straight again with your friends and family as this is confusing for the timekeepers – can you please stop at the cones and shout your encouragement of the final sprint from there?!

Like a hot knife through butter! We like seeing sprints like this!

- If you are running with Under 11s and let them sprint for the line, can you please keep them in sight/arm’s reach until the final corner – we had a couple of small children leaving their responsible adults to “eat their dust” from round the corner and appear to be running unaccompanied.

Keeping in arm's reach is good - if you can keep up!

- If you have run the full course and crossed the finish line, please take a token even if you haven’t registered with parkrun ( – register for free) or brought your barcode with you – the results are produced by matching the clicks on the stopwatches with the numbered tokens given out at the other end of the funnel, so if you don’t take a token that can mess things up!

- For the same reason don’t duck out of the finish funnel before taking a token – we will be having a second Funnel Manager each week to help you get through (in busy times the finish funnel will be extended up the hill and we ask that you stay in order until you’ve collected your token)

Good finish funnel etiquette!

- Please don’t take your tokens home with you.. the official term for this is a parkrun magpie!! We lost a couple of tokens on Saturday .. but got one returned that presumably was taken home last year!

Remember to keep right!

We ask that you keep to the right hand side of the path throughout the run, so that in the places where runners are going in both directions, you ought to pass without problem.

Follow the signs!

Unfortunately we had a couple of incidences of some of the later runners finding the path blocked (and even being bumped) where runners in the opposite direction were right across the path. If we can all keep right, we can avoid this. Thanks!


Many thanks to parkrun tourist (but possible future regular!) Jordi Hooper who joined us yesterday:

After a record-breaking New Year’s Day run, the first Saturday parkrun of 2020 saw an amazing 515 of you walk, run or jog around Yeovil Montacute’s B Course at Ninesprings Country Park. My boyfriend and I have been parkrunning since September, but bar a couple of tourist jaunts, our home parkrun has been St Mary’s in Bridport. Admittedly, this had a fair bit to do with being daunted by the more challenging Montacute course when we were beginners, but we may be swayed there in the summer after the warm welcome we received today at Ninesprings – it was much larger than we are used to, but we both enjoyed every second of the flat, fast and friendly course. We will be back!

Today’s run saw an amazing 72 first timers – perhaps some New Year’s resolutions being enacted? – with 112 recording a new Personal Best. After the no doubt calorie heavy and potentially inactive festivities over Christmas and New Year, that is no mean feat; well done all.

The requisite First Timers photo!

First across the line was Duncan WARD, who also held the top age grading today, with a staggering time of 17.37 (83.73%). He was swiftly followed by Owen ASTINGTON in 18.25 and Lee CUNNINGHAM in 18.35. First lady today was JW11-14 category Sophie NICHOLLS in an incredible 19.25. Some amazing times there, well done!


Of course, this event could not exist without the amazing hi-vis heroes. I am always grateful for the work of the core team, but with this being larger than other parkruns we have attended, I had increased admiration for the organisation required for an event like this to run every week. From the marshals, to barcode scanners and timers, and even the lead cyclist (a very helpful and impressive addition!), all were friendly and played a vital role. I even got a high five off a fabulous young marshal today!


Don’t forget to lend a hand if you can. A big thanks to:

Adam D. HAWKINS • Alice WINES • Ben STRADLING • Benjamin MAHONEY • Bob SHEPHERD • Carol KNIGHT • Catherine THOMPSON • Christine GUNDRY • Christopher CLARKE • Claire OBERTHUR • Corinne HAWKINS • Emma MULLIS • Emma TURNBULL-KIRK • Finlay CHILDS • Georgina WILLIAMS • Gill WETHERALL • Howard BAILEY • Jen SNAITH • John LEWIS • Jon CRANE • Jordi HOOPER • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Karen EAGLE • Kelly MILLETT • Kevin Arthur STENNER • Kevin DOHERTY • Kim CAMPBELL • Lesley NESBITT • Lisa HALLETT • Margaret HILL • Mark HILL • Natalie ROBINS • Niki CLARKE • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Riley HANSFORD • Robert EAGLE • Taryn MONKS • Thomas LEDLIE • Tony NESBITT

Here's the view of runners from the Ninesprings Café .. should you bring spectators with you!

Hope to see just as many of you continuing the New Year’s resolutions next week – I know we’ll be back. If you haven’t come along yet, get registered – it takes minutes and will be the best thing you ever do!

Thanks Jordi!

Well done to our new Milestone runners – Rebecca Sturgess and George Lewis both joined the 10 Club whilst Lilly Hawkins and Sam Stokes were running their 50th parkruns (hint; we like Milestone cakes at Ninesprings just as much as at Montacute!) and to those of you who ran new Personal Bests – special mention goes to Rob Gundry who broke the 20 minute mark for the first time on his 251st parkrun attempt!

Well done Rob!

Those of you who have run 30+ parkruns and recorded new Personal Bests include Harvey Walsh (18m38), Mark Thomas (20m03), James Bell (20m15), Holly Bigger (20m17), Sally Clarke (20m18), Edward Gould (21m46), Eleanor Mallinson (21m47), Andrew Gould (21m49), Nolan Lewis (22m29), Paul Sparks (23m20), Bradley Jones (23m21), Andy Harris (23m26), Fran Frost (24m25), Alexis Brooker (25m23), Stephanie Gale (34m02), Clare Allen (32m57), Kay Parmiter (32m49), Rachel Moores (32m27), Rebecca Gould (32m27), Jason Ball (26m31), Stephanie Larcombe (26m39), Jeanette Vincent (26m41), Richard Hooper (27m06), Samantha Lloyd (27m18), Amanda Willis (27m33), Ger Paul (27m38), Jo Hill (29m18), Nick Foulsham (30m38), Isabella Frost (31m16), Susan Paul (31m16) and Donna Reeves (31m29) – well done all!

We were also joined by one of the Leeds Building Society “Golden Batons” that were released at parkrun and get passed from runner to runner- Lousie Brown from Northala parkrun ran at Hanworth parkrun last week and received the Golden Baton from a chap called Steve and brought it to us as she is doing her parkrun alphabet… and has handed it on to Felicity who is heading back home to Brisbane and her home parkrun there!


See you all again next Saturday!