Happy February!

OK, so the Transfer window has closed (why no striker, Jose?!), Brexit has happened and whatever you think about that, parkrun is definitely something to be “In”!

This week we had 443 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 44 were first timers and 96 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

Thanks to the few of you who humoured me by turning up in your rugby kit to celebrate the start of the Six Nations!

Watch this space for news of plans for International Women's Day!


We are dependent on getting enough volunteers each week to allow the event to run safely – this week our Volunteer Co-ordinators had a bit of a struggle to fill the Marshal positions (to the extent we were contemplating invoking the 59:59 time for all which is the penultimate sanction where we don’t have enough help (ultimate sanction obviously to cancel the run) – we really don’t want to ever have to do this!)

Please do offer your help by e-mailing yeovilmontacute@parkrun.com (you can also Opt In on your parkrun profile to receive the weekly volunteer reminders so you’ll know if we’re short any week) - the more the merrier, and if you’ve not helped before, we’re more than happy to talk you through it!

The event was made possible by 41 lovely volunteers*:

Adam D. HAWKINS • Howard BAILEY • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Nick SALE • Karen TAYLOR • Jon CRANE • Richard SALE • Rachel HOLMES • Kevin Arthur STENNER • Lucy QUARTERMAN • Bradley JONES • Jemma REDDAWAY • David PITTARD • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Finlay CHILDS • Pete WESCOTT • Jo PITTARD • Lisa HALLETT • Riley HANSFORD • Carol KNIGHT • Sarah QUARTERMAN • Sharron HUTCHINGS • Sarah BEERE • Nichola HARRISS • Ian STEVENSON • Adam HARRISS • Claire OBERTHUR • John LEWIS • Emma TURNBULL-KIRK • Gail MITCHELL • Patrick LANGWORTHY • Gill WETHERALL • Abigail FARMER • Alice WINES • Richard TAYLOR • Thomas LEDLIE • Isobel SHERRY • Ben ADAMS

*only one of these volunteers gets their credit for typing whilst watching Detective Picachu at7am on Sunday morning!

Remember we have jobs you can do and still run!


Congratulations to Howard, who has volunteered on a weekly basis but completed his first parkrun (and first event for 5 years) on Saturday – me last week, Howard this, must be something in the air!

The month of love

We’re now into February (I know, where did January go?!) which means that we have Valentine’s Day coming up – this is on a Friday, so you’ll all be loved up on the Saturday still (or not talking to one another …!) – feel free to come on the Saturday dressed in hearts & what have you!

The coquettish look over his shoulder - our leading man loves leading out!

We also have a special day as February 29th falls on a Saturday – I mean, it goes without saying that I will be getting you all leaping about that day but it’s also tradition that ladies can propose to their partners that day.. if you are planning this and fancy doing so in front of 450 strangers, that would be excellent!! (You can e-mail us to the same yeovilmontacute@parkrun.com address on the quiet and we’ll see what we can arrange!)

Keep Right

The weekly reminder please that all runners need to keep to the right hand side of the course throughout the run – unfortunately we had reports of runners still on their way out to Pen Mill being bumped off the course by runners who were right across the path on their way back in.

The paths are narrow in much of the course and if you keep right at all times, we should all be OK!


Barcode magpies

We had a couple of barcodes go home with runners this week – if you have one, can you bring it back next week please (like Lisa did with the missing 90 token last week!!)


If you hear reports of strange lights being seen in and around in and around East Coker in the early hours of Saturday morning, don’t worry Fox Chaffey has solved the case..


..it was just Kevin on a midnight long training run for 100 miles along the Thames (and looking remarkably fresh!)

Tom Australia

Elsewhere our very own Tom Alsop has started an Antipodean adventure with a parkrun – Lalor parkrun in Melbourne is apparently the closest one to Thomastown!

The Run

Yeovil Montacute parkrun started on 7th September 2013. Since then 11,383 participants have completed 78,287 parkruns covering a total distance of 391,435 km, including 12,860 new Personal Bests. A total of 837 individuals have volunteered 8,357 times.

Well done to all of you who completed the run this week – in particular the 20 of you who were taking part in parkrun for the first time!
There were 26 unknown runners – if you bring your barcode next time, guys, you’ll get a time!

Harrison was literally flying!

Harrison Brown was the first across the line in a time of 16m35, with Duncan Ward (18m27) and Mike Parrott (18m38) second and third.



First lady to finish this week was Rachel Astington in 19m40 (husband Owen finishing in 19m41 – didn’t get the photo of the race for the line, sorry!), with Lizzy Ingram (19m45) and Harriet Quast (22m49)

Bloomin' ducks, creating ripples and spoiling the reflection - anyone would think they lived here!

Only one Milestone runner this week, with Matilda Know Cartwright bringing up her 50th parkrun – congratulations!



Lots of PBs this week, amongst them (of parkrunners who’ve run 20+ parkruns) Andrew Farrant (20m40) Aaron Mizen (24m21) Julia Farmer (28m43) Mark Burton (28m53) Amanda Wills (26m43) Rachel Moores (31m27) Stephanie Gale (33m555) Kelly Millett (36m09) Hilary Knight (28m31) Rebecca Gould (31m33) Julia Summerhayes (36m02) Cas K (26m49) and Aidan K (29m31) (Good week for the K family!)


Also running new personal bests were Paul Quantock (33m05) Harriet Quast (22m49) William Foster (23m10) Alan Foster (28m13) Jeanette Vincent (26m20) Jason Ball (25m58) Sarah Burden (30m10) Christopher Melley (23m006) Neal Barton (31m09) Helen Lucas (28m01) David Keogh (21m20) Terry Docherty (25m21) and Mike Youngman (24m52) – well done all!!

Swinging time had by all!

Late start but fortunately not early..!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

See you next week!

PS the garden birdwatch round Ninesprings didn't really happen - but they'll be doing a bird trail from the Café between 15th - 29th February & we'll have another go!. Here's a nice Robin..
..and Kingfisher was seen, but when snuck up for a photo, it transpires Hi-Viz isn't a good luck; who'd have thought it?!