Saturday 22nd February – we’re back!

The good news is that the weather has improved this week so we're running again - we have a full Volunteer Roster so are ready to go (thanks to the late offers of help to make sure we're safe to run!)

Wet course running


Remember that we ask that you keep to the right hand side of the course throughout the run - now there may be puddles on the course.. please do not run around them (and potentially into the path of oncoming runners) but take the "Colin McRae" approach - bang straight through the middle!



As requested previously, please do not park in the Cooper's Mill pub car park - there's plenty of public car parks around and about. Still waiting for photos involving the Head near the Octogan…

No buggies or dogs

Please remember that there is no running with dogs or buggies on the Ninesprings course due to the narrow sections

Watch out...

..for special guests joining us this weekend!