Saturday 14 March – run report


The rain stayed off for a rare dry Yeovil Montacute, but at least we were running – obviously with the coronavirus situation, you will please need to keep an eye on our webpage and social media outlets (if there is any announcement about the banning of mass events and this stops parkrun, you’ll hear it here first..)


Even the England rugby shirt has been cancelled for the time being.. to be replaced by Sport Relief; did any of you try to "Beat Beethoven" in the run?

DSC_9551Nice puddles for reflective photos this week - though it's a worry when your reflection is in better focus than you are!


Thanks for adhering to the requests to give the other park users a wide berth – it was said that the definition of “right” in the bit “keep to the right” did seem to have a rather loose interpretation at various parts of the course! (as a hint – it’s the hand you write with, unless you’re left handed of course..)

However we have again received complaints from park users – in particular from two ladies who were completing their run and had the misfortune of just finishing as our runners started, and who were barged off the path – as indicated last week, reminded in the run brief and then seemingly disregarded immediately, this must not happen!

We will try to have extra marshals at the pinch points along the course (as we did this week) and if you see pedestrians / other runners coming, do please shout to your fellow parkrunners to move out of the way.

parkrun is a run, not a race, and should be fun for everyone – if this means that you slow down to avoid other parkusers, then do so – it would be much nicer if we weren’t needing to reply to the weekly complaints!

(we will need to meet with the Ranger at Ninesprings to discuss allowing us to come back again next year, so if complaints continue this may affect that – so please listen to warnings next week…)

Well done to our Milestone runners this week – lots joining the junior 10 Club, including Isaac and Jacob Slight, Matilda Baker and Cleo Randino and William Foster bringing up his 50th parkrun. Another notable, but non-T-shirt, milestone was brought up by Tim Carruthers who completed his 300th parkrun.

DSC_9574Awaiting the scores from the (other) Judges..!

This week 349 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 62 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

No sign of kingfishers - just the one unicorn!


The event was made possible by 43 volunteers: Mike YOUNGMAN • Adam D. HAWKINS • Howard BAILEY • Mark SHOTTON • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Paul DAVY • Richard DODGE • Nick SALE • Karen TAYLOR • Hilary ASKEW • Richard SALE • Kevin Arthur STENNER • Robert EAGLE • Jen SNAITH • Karen EAGLE • Samantha LLOYD • Rosemary SHEPHERD • James BRATT • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Finlay CHILDS • Lisa HALLETT • Elisabeth BLACK • Carol KNIGHT • Christine GUNDRY • Paul ANGULO • Emma MULLIS • Niki CLARKE • Ian STEVENSON • Claire OBERTHUR • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Kevin CHURCH • Paul SCRIVENS • Gill WETHERALL • Abigail FARMER • Kelly MILLETT • Alice WINES • Thomas LEDLIE • Alan PERKINS • Colin BANFIELD • Ben ADAMS

First across the line this week was Zak Hurrell in an excellent time of 16m45, ahead of Paul Thomas (19m00) and Robin Phillips (19m14)


First lady was Alexandra Bettley of Newbury AC, who finished in 21m34, ahead of Isabelle Whittle (22m40) and Elizabeth Chapman (22m45)


Amongst the Personal Bests recorded this week were Amanda Cox’s (30m07), Lynne Gready (31m23) Elliott Perrin (22m16) Michael Logan (22m08) Jo Hill (27m31) Mark Burton (27m40) Jackie Howe (29m33) Yau Chiu (25m20) Emma Hogbin (29m41) Amy Warman (29m36) Carl Bason (19m51) Ben Stradling (21m52) Leon Fox (22m48) Alan Forster (28m07) Nicholas Harriss (27m30) Natalie Robins (34m49) Jayne Hutton (45m30) Ben Park (21m57) Paul Parmenter (23m38) and Andrew Holt (25m05) – well done all! DSC_9536
Mark Burton ran a PB - this despite the disappointment of no-one wanting to play leap frog with him!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page. DSC_9642

PS The swans were synchronising nicely..
..think we'll have cygnets in Ninesprings again soon!