Anything to do?

Whilst we are in our current period of enforced hibernation (and you and the kids are looking for things to do), feel free to send us something together for the website - if could be your favourite parkrun memories, photos, even a simple shout out to your parkrun friends that you are missing in these self-isolating times!

Send them to - anything and everything considered!

At least the weather has turned and it's looking nice outside - you can still go for a walk, jog or run, but please don't all go for a freedom run of the parkrun course at 9am on a Saturday!

Look forward to seeing you all!


Saturday 14 March – run report


The rain stayed off for a rare dry Yeovil Montacute, but at least we were running – obviously with the coronavirus situation, you will please need to keep an eye on our webpage and social media outlets (if there is any announcement about the banning of mass events and this stops parkrun, you’ll hear it here first..)


Even the England rugby shirt has been cancelled for the time being.. to be replaced by Sport Relief; did any of you try to "Beat Beethoven" in the run?

DSC_9551Nice puddles for reflective photos this week - though it's a worry when your reflection is in better focus than you are!


Thanks for adhering to the requests to give the other park users a wide berth – it was said that the definition of “right” in the bit “keep to the right” did seem to have a rather loose interpretation at various parts of the course! (as a hint – it’s the hand you write with, unless you’re left handed of course..)

However we have again received complaints from park users – in particular from two ladies who were completing their run and had the misfortune of just finishing as our runners started, and who were barged off the path – as indicated last week, reminded in the run brief and then seemingly disregarded immediately, this must not happen!

We will try to have extra marshals at the pinch points along the course (as we did this week) and if you see pedestrians / other runners coming, do please shout to your fellow parkrunners to move out of the way.

parkrun is a run, not a race, and should be fun for everyone – if this means that you slow down to avoid other parkusers, then do so – it would be much nicer if we weren’t needing to reply to the weekly complaints!

(we will need to meet with the Ranger at Ninesprings to discuss allowing us to come back again next year, so if complaints continue this may affect that – so please listen to warnings next week…)

Well done to our Milestone runners this week – lots joining the junior 10 Club, including Isaac and Jacob Slight, Matilda Baker and Cleo Randino and William Foster bringing up his 50th parkrun. Another notable, but non-T-shirt, milestone was brought up by Tim Carruthers who completed his 300th parkrun.

DSC_9574Awaiting the scores from the (other) Judges..!

This week 349 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 62 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

No sign of kingfishers - just the one unicorn!


The event was made possible by 43 volunteers: Mike YOUNGMAN • Adam D. HAWKINS • Howard BAILEY • Mark SHOTTON • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Paul DAVY • Richard DODGE • Nick SALE • Karen TAYLOR • Hilary ASKEW • Richard SALE • Kevin Arthur STENNER • Robert EAGLE • Jen SNAITH • Karen EAGLE • Samantha LLOYD • Rosemary SHEPHERD • James BRATT • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Finlay CHILDS • Lisa HALLETT • Elisabeth BLACK • Carol KNIGHT • Christine GUNDRY • Paul ANGULO • Emma MULLIS • Niki CLARKE • Ian STEVENSON • Claire OBERTHUR • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Kevin CHURCH • Paul SCRIVENS • Gill WETHERALL • Abigail FARMER • Kelly MILLETT • Alice WINES • Thomas LEDLIE • Alan PERKINS • Colin BANFIELD • Ben ADAMS

First across the line this week was Zak Hurrell in an excellent time of 16m45, ahead of Paul Thomas (19m00) and Robin Phillips (19m14)


First lady was Alexandra Bettley of Newbury AC, who finished in 21m34, ahead of Isabelle Whittle (22m40) and Elizabeth Chapman (22m45)


Amongst the Personal Bests recorded this week were Amanda Cox’s (30m07), Lynne Gready (31m23) Elliott Perrin (22m16) Michael Logan (22m08) Jo Hill (27m31) Mark Burton (27m40) Jackie Howe (29m33) Yau Chiu (25m20) Emma Hogbin (29m41) Amy Warman (29m36) Carl Bason (19m51) Ben Stradling (21m52) Leon Fox (22m48) Alan Forster (28m07) Nicholas Harriss (27m30) Natalie Robins (34m49) Jayne Hutton (45m30) Ben Park (21m57) Paul Parmenter (23m38) and Andrew Holt (25m05) – well done all! DSC_9536
Mark Burton ran a PB - this despite the disappointment of no-one wanting to play leap frog with him!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page. DSC_9642

PS The swans were synchronising nicely..
..think we'll have cygnets in Ninesprings again soon!


Turn it on again…

After a week of Storm Dennis cancellation, just like the new Genesis revival, Yeovil Montacute parkrun is back! (we were even joined by our own "Peter Gabriel" as former ED Matt Warr came back to join us!). (Some of the photo captions might be Genesis song titles (and might be a work in progress!))

We were celebrating International Women’s Day this week – with many of the runners and volunteers wearing purple for the occasion and our nice new whizzy Welcome flag (did you notice it?!) and selfie-frame out in action!

Use of the Park

DSC_0017Aisle Of Plenty - but leave room for other users

Unfortunately we have received complaints, both on social media and in person, of other park users being jostled and bumped by runners as they pass by. This must not happen - if it happens again we are likely to have complaints to our SSDC hosts and we run the risk of losing what has been an excellent B Course to keep us running over the Winter months.

We also had again reports of runners at the back of the field having issues with runners not keeping right and bumping them off the course – which is again something that we want to avoid happening.

As it says on our Course webpage, “Please remember that the parkrun uses shared paths. For the continued success of the event, please give way to other park users. This won't hurt your time, it won't stop you from getting a PB and it will make sure everyone continues to enjoy the event.”


The advice from parkrun HQ is that parkrun events will continue to take place but that the coronavirus advice will be monitored. One thing that has been mentioned is that several runners were spitting as they ran on Saturday and in these days of heightened awareness perhaps this can be avoided.


We have 4 more runs at Ninesprings – 14th March, 21st March, 28th March and 4th April – and it would be good to see a few new faces taking on the volunteering roles – there are plenty of marshal spots left!

Do please e-mail us on

Easter and the Return to Montacute!

There will be no parkrun on Easter Saturday (11th April) – instead watch out for details of a (non-parkrun) event that day (will be on the Facebook page nearer the time…) We aim then to return to Montacute House on Saturday 18th April .. to coincide with Run Number 300!!

The Run


Visions of Angels!

This week 427 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 74 recorded new Personal Bests. 395 of the runners had barcodes and of these, on International Women’s Day, 204 women and 191 men took part. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.


Say it's alright Jo(e)!

Yeovil Montacute parkrun started on 7th September 2013. Since then 11,526 participants have completed 79,600 parkruns covering a total distance of 398,000 km, including 13,124 new Personal Bests. A total of 851 individuals have volunteered 8,476 times.


Driving the last spike - Samantha helps set up then runs a PB!

The event was made possible by 40 volunteers:

Adam D. HAWKINS • Howard BAILEY • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Amanda TRAVERS • Paul DAVY • Kevin Arthur STENNER • Rebecca BURTON • Kevin BURTON • Robert EAGLE • Jen SNAITH • Karen EAGLE • Tom ROWE • Samantha LLOYD • Rosemary SHEPHERD • Charlie ADKIN • Finlay CHILDS • Lisa HALLETT • Ellen CHAFFEY • Carol KNIGHT • Mark BURTON • Christine GUNDRY • Jemma WELLSTEAD • Debora WALKER • Emma MULLIS • Sarah BEERE • Tony BEERE • Ian STEVENSON • Joshua FEDDON • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Kevin CHURCH • Sharon CHURCH • Gill WETHERALL • Kelly MILLETT • Alice WINES • Thomas LEDLIE • Alan PERKINS • Colin BANFIELD • Ben ADAMS


The Arrival - ready to go!

There were 32 runners without barcodes this week – including our first placed runner (and it looks like one of the top 2 ladies!) – if rule number 2 if “Keep Right on the course” then rule number 1 is always “don’t forget your barcode”!

DSC_94043 people in this photo have their barcodes...


First barcode across the line this week was Stu Cobb, who finished in a PB of 18m08, with Craig Hardwick finishing in 18m25.

DSC_0024Anything She Does - the leading ladies

First lady was Lizzy Ingram in an excellent 8th place overall and a time of 19m48, with Isabelle Whittle (22m29) and Isabel Thomas (22m50) making up the top three. DSC_9378


Congratulations to our Milestone runners this week – Roger Dewane running his 100th parkrun and Alison Williams bringing up her half century!

A Trick Of The Tail


Well done also to the runners recording new Personal Bests, amongst them (having run more than 20 parkruns) Samantha Lloyd (27m11) Paul Parmenter (23m40) Cathy Parmenter (27m58) Ben Park (22m39) Richard Clayton (23m15) Ben Stradling (22m22) Rebecca Gould (29m59) Lai-Yin Wong (38m12) Stephanie Gale (33m39) Annie King (25m53) Charlotte Ball (30m05) Amanda Cox (30m22) Alan Ridout (20m20) Martin Anderson (25m58) Samuel Rood (24m17) Steve Black (29m05) Ella Ward (25m46) Rachael Jones (33m03) Hugh Williams (22m36) Oliver Andrews (26m43) Rosanna Pengelly (25m00) Andrew Middleton (30m30) Jill Taylor (33m008) Georgia Cox (30m22) and Tony Nesbittt (36m50). DSC_9365
The Carpet Crawlers

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.


That's All! Enjoy the Afterglow - see you next week!

PS when you think someone has spotted the camera... DSC_9375

..but then you realise he's seen his little boy instead!


Weather warning for Saturday 29th February

Please be aware that the weather forecast for Saturday is, once again, fairly ropey - however the course is currently looking good (our roving reporter says that there's just a few puddles!) but it's expected that there will be both heavy rain and strong winds coming our way again...

..please note that if we get a YELLOW WEATHER WARNING for either rain or wind for the running time of the parkrun, then the Core Team will CANCEL the event - however at the moment we are clear (there's a Yellow warning for heavy rain 0300 - 0600, and the wind due to pick up to Yellow warning level at 12pm)

Do please keep an eye on this page and the Social Media outlets - unfortunately it may be something that has to be decided at the last minute...


A bit wet for the visit from Paul & Jo!

Another cracking week down in Yeovil Country Park, where even the ever-increasing rain (which inevitably stopped after the tail walkers had finished…) and one where 453 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first time park runners, 78 were running new Personal Bests and 1 runner was the founder of parkrun!


Yes, we were lucky to be joined by Paul and Jo Sinton-Hewitt, the founders of parkrun – wasn’t going to say anything but couldn’t resist joining in the First Timer’s Brief; Deb asked “put your hand up if it’s your first parkrun”, I added, “put your hand up if you were at the first parkrun” – only two hands went up!

Next week - Leap Year!

We have a special day next Saturday as it is the 29th February - and as it's Leap Year, expect lots of requests for you all to be Leaping about!! (not that I have been giving this much thought but I reckon as you crest the bridge will be good!)

Imagine a good big leap off this...

DSC_9227 this, but higher!

Still no-one has indicated that they'll be wanting to make a public proposal before the start of the run - it's a lady's privilege on a leap year, so girls, do let us know and we'll see what we can arrange!!

Keep Right


I know we say each week that you need to keep to the right hand side of the course in both directions but again we have had reports that there were groups of runners across the path making it difficult for some of the later runners (and possibly other park users)
It is important that you do please look out for your fellow runners throughout the run please – with so many of you here and the course narrow in places, it does make for a much more comfortable all round!


Don’t Forget the Barcode!

A reminder that we operate the policy “No Barcode, No Time, No Exception” – and need sight of a hard copy barcode (we cannot take those off a ‘phone, I’m afraid).

Also, if you've forgotten to wash your hair, there's an impromptu shower from the Goldenstones roof!

The run

Yeovil Montacute parkrun started on 7th September 2013. Since then 11,472 participants have completed 79,173 parkruns covering a total distance of 395,865 km, including 13,050 new Personal Bests. A total of 844 individuals have volunteered 8,436 times.


The event was made possible by 38 volunteers – thanks to all of you:

Adam D. HAWKINS • Howard BAILEY • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Paul DAVY • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Kevin Arthur STENNER • James LEGG • Robert EAGLE • Mike COLLINS • Karen EAGLE • Kim CAMPBELL • Rosemary SHEPHERD • Aidan MORRIS • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Lisa HALLETT • Christine GUNDRY • Nick KNIGHT • Debora WALKER • Emma MULLIS • Sarah BEERE • Claire OBERTHUR • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Paul SCRIVENS • Gill WETHERALL • Zara SCRIVENS • Kelly MILLETT • Alice WINES • Thomas LEDLIE • Alan PERKINS • Colin BANFIELD • Amy RICE • Ben ADAMS • Cade MCFARLAND • Harisson RICHARDS


Well done to our Milestone runners this week – Trevor Strelley brought up his 100, whilst we had three 50 runners (Nick Davies, Alison Pearson and David Loxton) and to Max Bray who’ll be getting his 10 T-shirt shortly!

Well done Trevor!

You'll be surprised at how many photos are taken this week from under the Somerset Wildlife Trust gazebo....

..or roof of Goldenstones leisure centre for some reason!

First across the line this week was Matt Thackwell, who finished in a time of 17m33, ahead of Jody Bovey (18m02), and with an unknown runner in third place – don’t forget your barcode!


First lady to finish was Daisy Davies, finishing in an excellent time of 19m36, ahead of our Isle of Wight visitor M Lewis (20m06) and Lucy Bickerton (20m26)


Amongst those of you running new PBs this week were (who’ve run 20+parkruns) Elliott Perrin (23m09) Samantha Reed (31m52) David Moore (21m40) Kirsty Andrews (32m15) Matthew Harriss (27m29) Mark Burton (27m52)...

Mark Burton dodges the raindrops to get his PB!

...Rachel Moores (30m06) Rebecca Gould (30m04) Richard Hooper (26m33) Ben Stradling (22m44) Alison Parsons (27m12) Nichola Harriss (28m07) Sarah McDermott (28m58) Cathy Parmenter (28m23) Paul Thomas (18m36) Darren Frost (21m38) Andrew Gould (21m10) Sarah Reep (41m37) Andrew Holt (26m12) Hilary Askew (33m34) Barry Holder (23m13) Lesley Matthews (25m45) and Marcus Albano (18m17) – well done all!!


How to feel old - when someone you were at school with nearly 30 years ago comes to your run.. and his 14 year old has run 332 parkruns!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

PS You might have seen that Yeovil Country Park has a bird trail running this weekend - you can spot things like this kingfisher!


(what do you mean, that's cheating?!)

PPS You will be pleased to hear that Montacute House was looking good today and that our parkrun tourists seemed to enjoy it!


The Long Gallery looks different - it's gone all "Tudor" - so much lighter..

..and the lawns have had a makeover!

PPPS It seems that it's all meant to be that I came to be involved here..


… will have to look up the family tree!


Saturday 22nd February – we’re back!

The good news is that the weather has improved this week so we're running again - we have a full Volunteer Roster so are ready to go (thanks to the late offers of help to make sure we're safe to run!)

Wet course running


Remember that we ask that you keep to the right hand side of the course throughout the run - now there may be puddles on the course.. please do not run around them (and potentially into the path of oncoming runners) but take the "Colin McRae" approach - bang straight through the middle!



As requested previously, please do not park in the Cooper's Mill pub car park - there's plenty of public car parks around and about. Still waiting for photos involving the Head near the Octogan…

No buggies or dogs

Please remember that there is no running with dogs or buggies on the Ninesprings course due to the narrow sections

Watch out...

..for special guests joining us this weekend!


CANCELLATION – Saturday 15th February

Unfortunately the impending Storm Dennis means that there are Yellow weather warnings in place for Saturday so in the interests of the safety of our runners and marshals, the Yeovil Montacute parkrun is CANCELLED this week.

Hopefully the weather gods will be kinder on the 22nd February and we'll be back!

(A reminder that it's a Leap year this year - if anyone is thinking of proposing to their loved one at parkrun on that day, let us know!)


Run Report, International Women’s Day – and parking update

Another busy week down at Ninesprings as we had 433 of you lovely people come and join us for the latest running of the Yeovil Montacute parkrun.

Thanks to those of you who humoured the attempt at a tribute to the late Kirk Douglas - the "I am parkrunner" video will go on to the Facebook page, for what it's worth (but wasn't quite the spectacle I had in mind - perhaps next time I will tell all of you it's happening first!)

20200208_094105We understand that we're not immune to shoe technology controversy - anyone broken sub-20 in their vaporflys?!


We have previously asked that runners coming to the parkrun avoid parking in the small car park immediately in front of Goldenstones – in order to allow parking for the people attending swimming schools.

One of our runners has indicated that the management of the Coopers Mill has asked that runners not park in the Pub car park (there are warning signs of fines for non-customers parking there)

There are plenty of public car parks around and about to park in (if you park in the large Petter’s Way car park, I’m still waiting for the first photos of someone kissing the “head” wire art piece by the Octogan!)

International Women’s Day

We will be celebrating International Women’s Day on Saturday 7th March – where we’ll be looking to have a female focused Volunteer team and ask for all of you to come dressed in purple! If you have any female friends who have yet to come along to parkrun, that day would be the ideal time for them to start!

The Run

This week 433 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 16 first time parkrunners and 112 of you recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.


The event was made possible by 40 volunteers:

Howard BAILEY • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Sandra LEVETT • Kevin Arthur STENNER • Robert EAGLE • Bob SHEPHERD • Jen SNAITH • Karen EAGLE • Lucy QUARTERMAN • Jeff WATSON • Rosemary SHEPHERD • Charlie ADKIN • Finlay CHILDS • Lisa HALLETT • Riley HANSFORD • Carol KNIGHT • Sarah QUARTERMAN • Janet WITHERS • Christine GUNDRY • Mike TAYLOR • Debora WALKER • Catherine RANDS • Emma MULLIS • Sarah BEERE • Ben STRADLING • Claire OBERTHUR • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Paul SCRIVENS • Gill WETHERALL • Kelly MILLETT • Alice WINES • Thomas LEDLIE • Alan PERKINS • Isobel SHERRY • Ben ADAMS


If you are able to help at future events, please contact us on – there’s plenty of volunteer roles to try!

Well done to our Milestone runners this week – Stu Cobb bringing up his 50th parkrun and three centurions, as Paul Thomas brought up his 100th (and got his son to run his first parkrun!) whilst both Isabella Frost and Tim Moores were conspicuous by their “100” balloons – & thanks for the cake, Isabella!


Stick the balloon under your arm and sprint for home!


First runner across the line this week was Duncan Ward in a time of 17m32, ahead of Matt Thackwell (17m36) – with the third finisher being an Unknown runner (see, it remains “NO Barcode, No Time, No Exception” – even if you finish top 3!)


First lady this week was Gill Pearson, finishing in 21m35, ahead of Isabelle Whittle, who finished in a new PB of 21m53 and Eleanor Mallinson was third female in a time of 22m06.

DSC_0041Bob's new shirt gets a run out!

Watch the crowds go wild!

Amongst the many PBs this week were (of those running 20+ parkruns) Samantha Reed (32m20) Aaron Mizen (23m52) Jo Hill (27m45) Julia Farmer (28m27) Mark Burton (28m17) Alice Wines (34m29) Lucy Hillier (22m51) Amanda Wills (26m38) Rachel Moores (31m18) Kelly Millet (34m59) Hilary Knight (28m15) Rebecca Gould (31m18) Stephanie Larcombe (26m22) Christine Greengrow (29m04) Teresa Nagel (29m34) Halil Ahmet (22m40) William Foster (23m07) Nick Davies (20m46) Jeanette Vincent (25m51) Adrian Tuffin (25m57) Jason Ball (25m36) Alec Foster (25m50) David Gillard (26m13) Neal Barton (30m37) Emily Dawson (31m35) Kevin Lewis (23m50) Valerie Helliar (35m05) Roseanne Eardley (26m53) and Hilary Askew (despite being held up by me talking to her for about 2km – in an excellent 33m35!).


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

The tail walkers are in - see you all next week!



International Women’s Day #IWD

We will be celebrating International Women's Day on Saturday 7th March!

Look out for further details in the weekly Run Reports!


Happy February!

OK, so the Transfer window has closed (why no striker, Jose?!), Brexit has happened and whatever you think about that, parkrun is definitely something to be “In”!

This week we had 443 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 44 were first timers and 96 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

Thanks to the few of you who humoured me by turning up in your rugby kit to celebrate the start of the Six Nations!

Watch this space for news of plans for International Women's Day!


We are dependent on getting enough volunteers each week to allow the event to run safely – this week our Volunteer Co-ordinators had a bit of a struggle to fill the Marshal positions (to the extent we were contemplating invoking the 59:59 time for all which is the penultimate sanction where we don’t have enough help (ultimate sanction obviously to cancel the run) – we really don’t want to ever have to do this!)

Please do offer your help by e-mailing (you can also Opt In on your parkrun profile to receive the weekly volunteer reminders so you’ll know if we’re short any week) - the more the merrier, and if you’ve not helped before, we’re more than happy to talk you through it!

The event was made possible by 41 lovely volunteers*:

Adam D. HAWKINS • Howard BAILEY • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Nick SALE • Karen TAYLOR • Jon CRANE • Richard SALE • Rachel HOLMES • Kevin Arthur STENNER • Lucy QUARTERMAN • Bradley JONES • Jemma REDDAWAY • David PITTARD • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Finlay CHILDS • Pete WESCOTT • Jo PITTARD • Lisa HALLETT • Riley HANSFORD • Carol KNIGHT • Sarah QUARTERMAN • Sharron HUTCHINGS • Sarah BEERE • Nichola HARRISS • Ian STEVENSON • Adam HARRISS • Claire OBERTHUR • John LEWIS • Emma TURNBULL-KIRK • Gail MITCHELL • Patrick LANGWORTHY • Gill WETHERALL • Abigail FARMER • Alice WINES • Richard TAYLOR • Thomas LEDLIE • Isobel SHERRY • Ben ADAMS

*only one of these volunteers gets their credit for typing whilst watching Detective Picachu at7am on Sunday morning!

Remember we have jobs you can do and still run!


Congratulations to Howard, who has volunteered on a weekly basis but completed his first parkrun (and first event for 5 years) on Saturday – me last week, Howard this, must be something in the air!

The month of love

We’re now into February (I know, where did January go?!) which means that we have Valentine’s Day coming up – this is on a Friday, so you’ll all be loved up on the Saturday still (or not talking to one another …!) – feel free to come on the Saturday dressed in hearts & what have you!

The coquettish look over his shoulder - our leading man loves leading out!

We also have a special day as February 29th falls on a Saturday – I mean, it goes without saying that I will be getting you all leaping about that day but it’s also tradition that ladies can propose to their partners that day.. if you are planning this and fancy doing so in front of 450 strangers, that would be excellent!! (You can e-mail us to the same address on the quiet and we’ll see what we can arrange!)

Keep Right

The weekly reminder please that all runners need to keep to the right hand side of the course throughout the run – unfortunately we had reports of runners still on their way out to Pen Mill being bumped off the course by runners who were right across the path on their way back in.

The paths are narrow in much of the course and if you keep right at all times, we should all be OK!


Barcode magpies

We had a couple of barcodes go home with runners this week – if you have one, can you bring it back next week please (like Lisa did with the missing 90 token last week!!)


If you hear reports of strange lights being seen in and around in and around East Coker in the early hours of Saturday morning, don’t worry Fox Chaffey has solved the case..

20200201_094357 was just Kevin on a midnight long training run for 100 miles along the Thames (and looking remarkably fresh!)

Tom Australia

Elsewhere our very own Tom Alsop has started an Antipodean adventure with a parkrun – Lalor parkrun in Melbourne is apparently the closest one to Thomastown!

The Run

Yeovil Montacute parkrun started on 7th September 2013. Since then 11,383 participants have completed 78,287 parkruns covering a total distance of 391,435 km, including 12,860 new Personal Bests. A total of 837 individuals have volunteered 8,357 times.

Well done to all of you who completed the run this week – in particular the 20 of you who were taking part in parkrun for the first time!
There were 26 unknown runners – if you bring your barcode next time, guys, you’ll get a time!

Harrison was literally flying!

Harrison Brown was the first across the line in a time of 16m35, with Duncan Ward (18m27) and Mike Parrott (18m38) second and third.



First lady to finish this week was Rachel Astington in 19m40 (husband Owen finishing in 19m41 – didn’t get the photo of the race for the line, sorry!), with Lizzy Ingram (19m45) and Harriet Quast (22m49)

Bloomin' ducks, creating ripples and spoiling the reflection - anyone would think they lived here!

Only one Milestone runner this week, with Matilda Know Cartwright bringing up her 50th parkrun – congratulations!



Lots of PBs this week, amongst them (of parkrunners who’ve run 20+ parkruns) Andrew Farrant (20m40) Aaron Mizen (24m21) Julia Farmer (28m43) Mark Burton (28m53) Amanda Wills (26m43) Rachel Moores (31m27) Stephanie Gale (33m555) Kelly Millett (36m09) Hilary Knight (28m31) Rebecca Gould (31m33) Julia Summerhayes (36m02) Cas K (26m49) and Aidan K (29m31) (Good week for the K family!)


Also running new personal bests were Paul Quantock (33m05) Harriet Quast (22m49) William Foster (23m10) Alan Foster (28m13) Jeanette Vincent (26m20) Jason Ball (25m58) Sarah Burden (30m10) Christopher Melley (23m006) Neal Barton (31m09) Helen Lucas (28m01) David Keogh (21m20) Terry Docherty (25m21) and Mike Youngman (24m52) – well done all!!

Swinging time had by all!

Late start but fortunately not early..!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

See you next week!

PS the garden birdwatch round Ninesprings didn't really happen - but they'll be doing a bird trail from the Café between 15th - 29th February & we'll have another go!. Here's a nice Robin..
..and Kingfisher was seen, but when snuck up for a photo, it transpires Hi-Viz isn't a good luck; who'd have thought it?!

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