Here we go again!

Any other day, we’d be celebrating a new record number of runners at Yeovil Montacute parkrun, as 514 of you walked, jogged and ran the new B course.. but following just days after the 661 runners on New Year’s Day it all felt a bit.. well.. quiet!!

(Apologies if some of the photos were a bit blurry - forgot the camera was still set for low-light starling murmurations!)


We have another guest reporter this week, but first some teething issues now we’re back at Ninesprings that need to be highlighted:
Finish Line etiquette!

With the B course and the numbers that we have had turn up at our first couple of runs, we need to just remind you all of a couple of things:


- The finish is between the cones - not running straight at the timekeepers! (having to avoid sprinting runners might make them drop the stopwatch!)


- Once you have finished, please do not run up the final finish straight again with your friends and family as this is confusing for the timekeepers – can you please stop at the cones and shout your encouragement of the final sprint from there?!

Like a hot knife through butter! We like seeing sprints like this!

- If you are running with Under 11s and let them sprint for the line, can you please keep them in sight/arm’s reach until the final corner – we had a couple of small children leaving their responsible adults to “eat their dust” from round the corner and appear to be running unaccompanied.

Keeping in arm's reach is good - if you can keep up!

- If you have run the full course and crossed the finish line, please take a token even if you haven’t registered with parkrun ( – register for free) or brought your barcode with you – the results are produced by matching the clicks on the stopwatches with the numbered tokens given out at the other end of the funnel, so if you don’t take a token that can mess things up!

- For the same reason don’t duck out of the finish funnel before taking a token – we will be having a second Funnel Manager each week to help you get through (in busy times the finish funnel will be extended up the hill and we ask that you stay in order until you’ve collected your token)

Good finish funnel etiquette!

- Please don’t take your tokens home with you.. the official term for this is a parkrun magpie!! We lost a couple of tokens on Saturday .. but got one returned that presumably was taken home last year!

Remember to keep right!

We ask that you keep to the right hand side of the path throughout the run, so that in the places where runners are going in both directions, you ought to pass without problem.

Follow the signs!

Unfortunately we had a couple of incidences of some of the later runners finding the path blocked (and even being bumped) where runners in the opposite direction were right across the path. If we can all keep right, we can avoid this. Thanks!


Many thanks to parkrun tourist (but possible future regular!) Jordi Hooper who joined us yesterday:

After a record-breaking New Year’s Day run, the first Saturday parkrun of 2020 saw an amazing 515 of you walk, run or jog around Yeovil Montacute’s B Course at Ninesprings Country Park. My boyfriend and I have been parkrunning since September, but bar a couple of tourist jaunts, our home parkrun has been St Mary’s in Bridport. Admittedly, this had a fair bit to do with being daunted by the more challenging Montacute course when we were beginners, but we may be swayed there in the summer after the warm welcome we received today at Ninesprings – it was much larger than we are used to, but we both enjoyed every second of the flat, fast and friendly course. We will be back!

Today’s run saw an amazing 72 first timers – perhaps some New Year’s resolutions being enacted? – with 112 recording a new Personal Best. After the no doubt calorie heavy and potentially inactive festivities over Christmas and New Year, that is no mean feat; well done all.

The requisite First Timers photo!

First across the line was Duncan WARD, who also held the top age grading today, with a staggering time of 17.37 (83.73%). He was swiftly followed by Owen ASTINGTON in 18.25 and Lee CUNNINGHAM in 18.35. First lady today was JW11-14 category Sophie NICHOLLS in an incredible 19.25. Some amazing times there, well done!


Of course, this event could not exist without the amazing hi-vis heroes. I am always grateful for the work of the core team, but with this being larger than other parkruns we have attended, I had increased admiration for the organisation required for an event like this to run every week. From the marshals, to barcode scanners and timers, and even the lead cyclist (a very helpful and impressive addition!), all were friendly and played a vital role. I even got a high five off a fabulous young marshal today!


Don’t forget to lend a hand if you can. A big thanks to:

Adam D. HAWKINS • Alice WINES • Ben STRADLING • Benjamin MAHONEY • Bob SHEPHERD • Carol KNIGHT • Catherine THOMPSON • Christine GUNDRY • Christopher CLARKE • Claire OBERTHUR • Corinne HAWKINS • Emma MULLIS • Emma TURNBULL-KIRK • Finlay CHILDS • Georgina WILLIAMS • Gill WETHERALL • Howard BAILEY • Jen SNAITH • John LEWIS • Jon CRANE • Jordi HOOPER • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Karen EAGLE • Kelly MILLETT • Kevin Arthur STENNER • Kevin DOHERTY • Kim CAMPBELL • Lesley NESBITT • Lisa HALLETT • Margaret HILL • Mark HILL • Natalie ROBINS • Niki CLARKE • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Riley HANSFORD • Robert EAGLE • Taryn MONKS • Thomas LEDLIE • Tony NESBITT

Here's the view of runners from the Ninesprings Café .. should you bring spectators with you!

Hope to see just as many of you continuing the New Year’s resolutions next week – I know we’ll be back. If you haven’t come along yet, get registered – it takes minutes and will be the best thing you ever do!

Thanks Jordi!

Well done to our new Milestone runners – Rebecca Sturgess and George Lewis both joined the 10 Club whilst Lilly Hawkins and Sam Stokes were running their 50th parkruns (hint; we like Milestone cakes at Ninesprings just as much as at Montacute!) and to those of you who ran new Personal Bests – special mention goes to Rob Gundry who broke the 20 minute mark for the first time on his 251st parkrun attempt!

Well done Rob!

Those of you who have run 30+ parkruns and recorded new Personal Bests include Harvey Walsh (18m38), Mark Thomas (20m03), James Bell (20m15), Holly Bigger (20m17), Sally Clarke (20m18), Edward Gould (21m46), Eleanor Mallinson (21m47), Andrew Gould (21m49), Nolan Lewis (22m29), Paul Sparks (23m20), Bradley Jones (23m21), Andy Harris (23m26), Fran Frost (24m25), Alexis Brooker (25m23), Stephanie Gale (34m02), Clare Allen (32m57), Kay Parmiter (32m49), Rachel Moores (32m27), Rebecca Gould (32m27), Jason Ball (26m31), Stephanie Larcombe (26m39), Jeanette Vincent (26m41), Richard Hooper (27m06), Samantha Lloyd (27m18), Amanda Willis (27m33), Ger Paul (27m38), Jo Hill (29m18), Nick Foulsham (30m38), Isabella Frost (31m16), Susan Paul (31m16) and Donna Reeves (31m29) – well done all!

We were also joined by one of the Leeds Building Society “Golden Batons” that were released at parkrun and get passed from runner to runner- Lousie Brown from Northala parkrun ran at Hanworth parkrun last week and received the Golden Baton from a chap called Steve and brought it to us as she is doing her parkrun alphabet… and has handed it on to Felicity who is heading back home to Brisbane and her home parkrun there!


See you all again next Saturday!


Happy New Year – think it’s gonna be a record one!

Happy New Year! Yeovil Montacute was putting the "Yeovil" bit back in as we returned to Goldenstones and Yeovil Country Park.. now, I can let you into a secret; we had rather expected a record number to turn out, with last year's New Year's Day run having been the previous record and plans were in place for something like 550-600 runners.

What actually happened is that we had 661 of you turn up!

Many thanks to all of the Volunteers who helped on Saturday but especially those at the finish funnel - the timekeepers, funnel managers, number checkers and token hander-outers - who had to cope with all sorts on Saturday. It was interesting to see the stopwatch recording up to 661st place on 500 memory (even if only 500 actually transferred to the computer afterwards...) and we'll make the funnel longer next time so you all fit in!

A couple of things..


Remember the old adage of "go before you leave home" as there are limited toilet facilities for our use! Thanks to Jack Clotworthy for leading the "Jack's Toilet Tours" back over to Petters Way car park to reduce the queue ...


The leisure centre will be open on Saturday and will have a full swimming school programme running so please try to avoid parking in the car park in front of the Leisure Centre  so that their "paying guests" can park.

Running with children

Unfortunately there were reports of a small lad being reduced to tears by an over competitive parent trying to get him to run faster. Please remember that parkrun is non competitive and " a run in the park with your friends" - there's always next week and we'd rather your children enjoy the run and want to come back next week..

Under 11s need to be kept within arm's reach of a responsible adult. We are lucky in that we now have a Junior parkrun in Yeovil that takes place at Yeovil Recreation Field every Sunday at 9am, where they can run 2km without needing an adult to run with them - - if you find that it's tricky running with your youngsters (or if they found running in such large numbers a bit intimidating...) then go and see our friends on a Sunday!


We need lots of Volunteers each week at the B Course (more than at Montacute - and even more if we continue having large numbers and needing to extend the finish funnel


We have had a nice report from parkrun tourist Karl Johnson who ran the parkrun double by travelling to our friends at Henstridge Airfield parkrun (and his report for that is here ) and this is below.

Yeovil Ninesprings pretends to be Montacute

Happy new year one and all...

So 2020 started off with a 100 mile car ride to the South West for a parkrun starting with the letter Y... but I bet you have heard this all before.

A quick hop skip and a jump I was able to find my way from Henstridge Airfield parkrun, kicking off the new year with a parkrun double.... in fact I think most of the 200 runners turned up at Yeovil this morning for their double too...

Big numbers attending Yeovil Montacute today being held for the time being on the Winter B course at Ninesprings.
New runners brief highlights over 15 new parkrunners - well done on taking the step into the parkrun community you will not regret it....
RD for the day gives a quirky brief and warns about the new “quiet please” paddles - used to punish those not being quiet, haha...
Then for the off - out and back course through the park to the ring road gate turn point - encountering along the way a few gates and a wooden bridge... back to the start line then another little out and back finishing with a little uphill lung puncher to finish..
Big numbers meant the first 2.5k were very crowded from where I started about a 1/3 of the way into the field of 600 timers! But don’t let that put you off - bigger numbers because if limited parkruns operating on New Year’s Day - normality will resume next week, but hopefully with a load of new starters!

This week 664 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 178 were first timers and 106 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 66 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 42 volunteers:

Adam D. HAWKINS • Howard BAILEY • Diana MONKS • Lesley NESBITT • Taryn MONKS • Mark BUNGAY • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Emma FRY • Jon CRANE • Tony NESBITT • Robert EAGLE • Mike COLLINS • Karen EAGLE • Pete MONKS • Kim CAMPBELL • Rosemary SHEPHERD • Rolf HAWKINS • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Sandra STOCKFORD • Mark STOCKFORD • David LOXTON • Ellen CHAFFEY • William CHAFFEY • Karl JOHNSON • Carol KNIGHT • Rob BULLOCK • Christine GUNDRY • Nick KNIGHT • Debora WALKER • Hannah KNIGHT • Emma MULLIS • Sarah BEERE • John LEWIS • Gail MITCHELL • Kelly MILLETT • Alice WINES • Christopher CLARKE • Colin BANFIELD • Christine BANFIELD

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

Thanks to all the volunteers giving up their New Years Day morning for us to enjoy our 5k run

May I wish you all a happy 2020 and happy parkrunning




2019 – a year reviewed in photos…

Something of a work in progress, but here are a few photos of the parkrunning year at Ninesprings then back at Montacute.. let us know your favourite parkrun experience of the year!

01 01 19 2

01 01 19 3

01 05 1

01 05 2


01 12 2

01 19 1

01 26 1

02 09 2

02 19 2

02 23 1

05 18

05 25 1

06 01 1

06 01 2

06 29

07 13 1

07 20 1

07 20 2

07 20 3

07 27 1

08 24 108 24 2

DSC_015509 07 1

09 07 2

09 21 1

09 21 209 21 3

09 21 409 28 1

09 28 209 28 3

11 09 111 09 3

11 23 112 07 Rob fireworks




Like a coiled (Nine)Spring(s)

Are you all getting excited about the return to Ninesprings?!

We will be celebrating the start of the New Year with an extra parkrun  at 10.30am this Wednesday, 1st January - the observant amongst you will have seen that the Course page has been updated to the Ninesprings course.

Please note that there is a slight error (which we're having amended) and that is that there will be no buggies  allowed on the course here - also there will be no dogs, in both cases because the course is narrow in places. 

We just about have a full roster for Wednesday (thank you!) but all offers to help in the coming weeks would be gratefully received - with offers please.

See you all next year!



B Course details – Yeovil Country Park

Yeovil (1)

With the cancellation of the Yeovil Montacute parkrun this week, here’s a chance to look ahead to our forthcoming trip down to our all new B Course at Yeovil Country Park!

As you may be aware, we move from our Montacute House home for the early part of the year - we'll be in the centre of Yeovil from 1st January until the week before Easter - to give the parkland a much needed break from the weekly 300 – 400 pairs of runners’ feet.

By moving to Yeovil Country Park – Ninesprings – we will have a course on tarmac paths that will mean that we’d only have to cancel in the case of ice and snow (hopefully that’s not the cue for a 2 month long white winter!)

02 02 19 cancelled
Only 1 cancellation in the stint earlier this year - when it was a bit slippy!

We will have an extra run on Wednesday 1st January 2020 (10.30am start to allow you to run over at Henstridge or Street first) and then Saturday 4th January (usual 9am start) & each Saturday thereafter.


The course will start and finish outside Goldenstones Leisure Centre (Brunswick Street, BA20 1JZ). The Centre is open on a Saturday morning if you want a pre- or post-run swim or gym session!



The course will use the pathway along the old railway line route through Yeovil Country Park and we’ll run out past the Cinema / Nuffield Centre complex and out as far as the Pen Mill pub, before turning round and coming back the same way.

Back at Goldenstones we’ll run out to the gate by the B&M store before another turn, back under the railway bridge and sprint for the finish!

If in doubt, follow Kev, our lead bike!


No Buggies or Dogs

Yeovil Country Park is a popular place to cycle with the kids or take the dog for a walk and the paths are ideal for this… However as there will be lots of you and parts of the course are on fairly narrow paths there will be no dogs and no buggies on the parkrun – there will be more people using the Park at the same time as us than we get at Montacute and we want to avoid any issues.



We found earlier this year that on wet runs the course gets big puddles in certain places - and this causes issues when people try to run around them (and into the path of oncoming runners) rather than taking what needs to be called the "Colin McRae method"...

IMG_3772...straight through!!!


It is not possible to have separate records for the two courses, and the B course at Ninesprings is a bit quicker than the mud and hills of Montacute! You'll need to keep your own records of the two courses (if you are concerned that you don't want to lose your Montacute time as a PB, we will need lots of marshals and appreciate any offers of help!)



We would be grateful for your assistance at Ninesprings in the same way as at Montacute – there will need to be 10 marshals along the course in addition to the usual Finish funnel / timekeeping / barcode scanning assistance.

Bookings now being taken for helping on New Year’s Day and for January / February – get your New Year’s Resolution in early and e-mail our Volunteer Co-ordinators on

HeronWe had help from some of the locals this year! Parking There is a car park outside Goldenstones but on a Saturday morning as there are various Swim School sessions taking place at the same time as our events. We please ask that you not park in front of the Centre (there is a small parking area round the back) but would rather you park elsewhere (Goldenstones will be letting us use their facilities so we don’t want to upset them!). There are other Pay & Display car parks at Cooper’s Mill pub but also the large car park at Petter’s Way (by the Octagon theatre) BA20 1UN (for sat-nav purposes) – where there’s a public toilets and a nice 2 – 3 minute walk through the gardens down to Goldenstones ( I’m expecting lots of photos of you kissing the head statue - though there were none this year!) DSC_0055

Café & Facilities
Post-run coffee is available at the Ninesprings Café (there are a couple of public toilets here too)
For the children there is a cracking play area just down the path (you’ll run past it twice so if you are running with your children, there’s no way that you won’t be going there!)

DSC_0150 (2)
If you’ve never been round Yeovil Country Park itself, it’s lovely! The walk round the Springs is nice – if you’re lucky you might get to see one of the resident kingfishers zipping past!



Saturday 28th December – CANCELLATION

I'm afraid that the elements have beaten us again and what was to be the final run of the year at Montacute House needs to be cancelled - following an inspection today, it is still waterlogged in a number of places, and the overflow car park area would have been severely restricted.

This being the case the next parkrun will be at the Yeovil Country Park B course on WEDNESDAY 1ST JANUARY AT 10.30AM - then each Saturday (from 4th January) until Easter at the usual run time of 9am.

Have a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you at Goldenstones, Yeovil Country Park on Wednesday!!

[I will put up some details of the B Course here in the next day or two]


Saturday 28th December – Course inspection on Boxing Day

As you are aware, we had to cancel the parkrun for last Saturday... can't think why?!


(There are more photos of how wet the course was on the Facebook page)

We are hoping to have a final parkrun of the year this Saturday, 28th December at Montacute, but this will very much be dependent on the state of the course.

To this end, we will be having a course inspection on Boxing Day morning and the result of this will be published here as soon as we can; watch this space!



CANCELLATION – Saturday 21st December

Unfortunately the weather has beaten us - the sheer amount of rain means that the course is already waterlogged and there's another day of rain due tomorrow.

This does mean that the parkrun for this coming Saturday (21st December) is cancelled - other local runs are still on (although do check before heading out) and I'm sure they'd love to see you in your festive outfits.

We will hope to have a run on Saturday 28th December but this will of course depend on the course being suitable to run on.. again please watch this space.

Have a very Happy Christmas and hope to see you all one last time this year!



Weather warning – Please keep an eye on this page…

...we will run if at all possible on Saturday (including if it's raining!) but not if there's Yellow Wind Warning - the old adage being that trees and runners don't mix!

If we have to cancel, we'll put the message here and on the social media outlets as soon as possible.

If we do run, we do still want you to come in festive fancy dress!


Keep Running!

Saturday’s parkrun at Montacute House (our 285th, if you’re interested!) and we were celebrating the Strictly Come Dancing final (means we get our Saturday and Sunday evenings back now!) – so the request was for the runners to tango, sashay and jive past the camera! (am kicking myself that didn't get a photo of the fountain this week - everyone needs to aim for that "black pool"!)


The House looked absolutely stunning in the sun (and moon!) – a nice memory later in the run when the biting wind and cold rain came sweeping in!



The House will be dressed for Christmas during the coming week - if you're able to stay until 11 next week and have a look. The Lord of Misrule will then be back in residence at 3pm! DSC_0098
If everyone brought a bauble next week, I reckon this tree would look stunning!

Christmas outfits next week please...just like this one!

..but be careful you don't fall over!


(this was before we'd even started!)

Remember that we have just two more runs at Montacute in 2019 – next Saturday (21st December) will be our Christmas Fancy Dress run so please turn up in your best festive outfits, and then our last run of the year is on Saturday 28th December – when we want you in your Christmas Jumpers! DSC_0093
No standing on ceremony here now!

We will then be returning to our B course at Yeovil Country Park for an extra parkrun at 10.30am on Wednesday 1st January and then each Saturday from 4th January up to Easter.

This week 232 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 5 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

DSC_0094Waltz all the fuss about?! DSC_0035

The event was made possible by 37 volunteers:

Michelle O'CONNELL • Howard BAILEY • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Stephen ALLEN • Paul DAVY • Richard DODGE • Nick SALE • Sue FOX • Chris CUSSEN • Nigel NEWBERY • Richard SALE • Kim CAMPBELL • Lucy QUARTERMAN • Allan SANDFORD • Rosemary SHEPHERD • Lindsay SAUNDERS • Finlay CHILDS • Lisa HALLETT • Stephen WARREN • Sarah QUARTERMAN • Rachel COMAN • Rob BULLOCK • Jasmine BULLOCK • Richard AYRE • Christine GUNDRY • Debora WALKER • Samantha PERRIN • Emma MULLIS • Ian STEVENSON • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Kelly MILLETT • Alice WINES • Thomas LEDLIE • Isobel SHERRY

Many thanks to all of you – some sterling work in the cold conditions!

DSC_0073It takes two to tango!

Rachel lives up to the hash name AOT - on Strictly they blame any falls on microphones getting caught up in their outfits; can you claim it Rach?!

Yeovil Montacute parkrun started on 7th September 2013. Since then 10,909 participants have completed 75,253 parkruns covering a total distance of 376,265 km, including 12,260 new Personal Bests. A total of 810 individuals have volunteered 8,112 times.


The dancers get lowered down from the top of the Avenue...



Leading the way this week was Wayne Loveridge, first across the line in a time of 19m49, ahead of Harvey Walsh (20m17) and Michael Parrott (20m28). DSC_0056

First lady this week was Helen Allen, the new wedding ring on show (Congratulations again!) in a time of 21m26, with Jo Pittard (24m04) and Rhoanne Murray (24m31) completing the top three.


Well done to our 3 First time parkrunners and to our Milestone runners – Margaret Hill running her 50th parkrun and Michael James bringing up his century!

Well done to Nikki for surviving the annual parkrun when she might not be feeling at quite 100%!!

DSC_0072Strictly everyone loves a journey and Jean-Paul has made quite a journey to join us!

We were joined by Jean-Paul Tanner from Newbury this week – who was completing his Alphabet (I reckon saving the best ‘til last?!) – it is some real achievement to complete the full lot and I can see Jean-Paul has run Zielona Gora parkrun to get the Z..most people who join us go to Zary instead!

A quick paso with shower cap used as a cape, perhaps?!

DSC_0081Caroline - I am sorry, can't remember what the dance step you were demonstrating was!

The eyes have it!


A quick step or two down the Avenue!

DSC_0061Comfortable in hold..

..and extra points for the lift!

Amongst the parkrun tourists joining us this week were Tim Ackroyd from Tooting Common, Emma Waters (Southwick County) Matilda and Amelia Noble (who both run at Ockwells Junior & Plym Valley parkruns) and Luke Elam from Blickling parkrun. Penelope Dix runs in both Plym Valley and Cambridge, Kay Pitchford joined us from Workington and Jonathan Forrest from Lochore Meadows, whilst Michael Cotterill runs at Kingsbury Water. Leilani Timpson drove down the A358 to join us from Taunton’s Longrun Meadow, Dan Marley at Bryn Bach parkrun (that sounds a bit Welsh!), whilst Ian Francis came down from Southwick County and Christian Noble runs at Maidenhead, Mark Watts (Ashton Court) Stephen Andrews (Weymouth) and Richard Michaels(St Albans) – welcome all!


All done for another week... Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

Sparkle here tried a tap dance but fell in the sink - unfortunately the Pudding House was locked otherwise it would have been Lisa doing that (you have to know who your mates are!)

PS Love it when a plan comes together .. can you watch that chap's umbrella as it's so windy it will blow inside out and I want the photo...
..told you!!