Christmas is coming…

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly upon us and we have just three more runs at Montacute House – next Saturday, 14th December; Saturday 21st December – when we expect you all in your best festive finery!; and the Saturday between Christmas and New Year (28th December) when it’s our traditional Christmas Jumper run!

These two get in the Festive spirit a bit early!

We will not be holding an extra run on Christmas Day – other local parkruns are, if you fancy a run (Blandford, Henstridge, Weymouth and Street are all on – Longrun Meadow and St Mary’s, Bridport haven’t yet confirmed on the Christmas Compendium).

We will then be holding an extra parkrun on New Year’s Day – at Yeovil Country Park, not Montacute House at 10.30am (giving the chance for you to run a cheeky double by going to Shepton Mallet (8.30), or Henstridge (9am) first). Last year we didn’t know whether we’d have anyone turn up .. might be a few, I suppose.. and then had a near record 437 runners turn up (in my mind it was more – remembering the panic when we thought we were running out of tokens!).

That will be the start of a period when we’ll be down at Yeovil Country Park until Easter – we’ll put some details up about the Yeovil course in the coming week or so as it’s a bit different to Montacute!

This our own John Lewis advert - missed opportunity, we could have filmed John and beaten that dragon to it...! (we'll get him trampolining with a Fox (Sue?!) next year!)

Christmas is coming..

If you’re still looking for Christmas presents, some ideas…

There’s plenty of parkrun branded products at including new barcodes, personalised bottles and other bits and pieces.

Parkrun is free to run and we don’t not ask for much – mostly that you just remember your barcode! However we do occasionally need to replace some of the Event gear and for this it is possible to make a donation to the event at (thank you to those of you who have already donated) - we are looking at getting a new stopwatch and some additional signage (including some “Quiet” paddles to help with the pre-run briefing!)

Hi-Viz jackets also available - if you want to be spotted!

There is a wider donation scheme to keep parkrun for everyone, for free, forever and this is called Parkrun Forever -

We also get to enjoy the National Trust’s hospitality each week and if you are a member, we scan cards as you come in on a Saturday (Montacute receives something like £2.75 for each scan from NT) – you might want to consider membership as a present & the ladies on Reception there would be glad to see you! (can you perhaps mention that you do parkrun if you’re signing up there, and let us know so we can perhaps mention it in any future meetings with NT before we return at Easter?!)


We are asked to keep coats and bottles off of the delicate walls at the front of the House, hence the 4 signs that get put out...


So if you failed to do this and found your stuff on the floor at the end of the run, that's why!  The parkrun Christmas tree was looking quite good though!


There is a tarpaulin put out for bags and coats - please use it!

The run


This week 255 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part.


The event was made possible by 33 volunteers:
Howard BAILEY • Stephen SUTTLE • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Paul DAVY • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Sue FOX • Arthur VINCE • Liz MARTIN • Verity TAYLOR • Nigel NEWBERY • Robert EAGLE • Karen EAGLE • Jason QUARTERMAN • Lucy QUARTERMAN • Colin SIMPSON • Rosemary SHEPHERD • Finlay CHILDS • Lisa HALLETT • Jasmine BULLOCK • Christine GUNDRY • Debora WALKER • Marc POWELL • Sarah BEERE • Tony BEERE • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Richard SCEATS • Alice WINES • Thomas LEDLIE • Isobel SHERRY


Yeovil Montacute parkrun started on 7th September 2013. Since then 10,887 participants have completed 75,021 parkruns covering a total distance of 375,105 km – meaning that with her finish yesterday, Isabel Sweet become our 75,000th finisher!!

The new results page is really quite whizzy now (but I must admit I preferred the old one for going through the results ahead of the Report – but that’s progress, I suppose!) but I struggle to work out now who has come as a Tourist – so the only one I know of is Amanda Husband of Black Pear Runners who joined us for a second time, but was first finisher… no ambulance needed this time, thankfully!


All the way from Edinburgh - our course is tougher apparently!

First finisher this week was William Parry of YOAC in a time of 18m31, and it ought to have been a good race for second place between Mike Parrott (19m57) and Adam Slater (20m07) but for Adam trying to head directly to the barcode scanners at the final corner – the importance of listening to the first timers’ briefing!

Leading lady this week was Lucie Guy who finished in 33rd place overall and a time of 23m05, just ahead of Jo Pittard – who was running her 200th parkrun and finished in 23m17 – and Chrissy Smith (24m00).


Other Milestone runners this week included William Sweet, joining the junior 10 Club, Adrian Tuffin and Jennie Stokes who were both running their 50th parkruns.. and Rob Bullock, who wanted to go “under the radar” on his 100th parkrun but refused to be photographed limboing under anything as might “look silly” – but did complain that there were no fireworks to commemorate his achievement…

Rob fireworks
(Bob Eagle and your Photoshopping skills - take a bow!)

Henry's got that target on his back again - go get 'im Jamie!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

Bye! See you next week!



Parkrun Report – Saturday 30th November

With thanks to Deb Walker for this week's Report...
The day was cold and crispy but the course was dry, drier than it had been in the last few weeks, even the few patches of mud had started to solidify. Montacute welcomed 265 brave and hearty souls who were not going to let a nip in the air stop them doing parkrun.
Ben Pitman was first man across in 19:39, followed by Thomas Brock in 19:50. Rachel Astington was first lady in 21:50, followed by Alice Jones in 23:22.
There were 36 first timers and 19 people got a PB, we had 14 Unknown #DFYB, congratulations to Adam for completing your 100th parkrun at Montacute.
Steve today’s Awesome Run Director (he didn’t as me to put that at all), mentioned in his briefing about volunteers.
We all know that parkrun can’t happen without the Core team and the band of volunteers, however we all shrug and think someone else will do it. When I started parkrun, I volunteered a few times but I was focused on reaching my 50 so I did pre-event set up and then I discovered First Timers briefing.
First timer briefing is fantastic to do, so many plusses to this role:
1. You get to use the Megaphone
2. You get to tell visitors about our fantastic course
3. The sheep, the undulatingness and of course Small Hill
4. You get to hear about their parkrun journeys
5. And you still get to Run
It can be daunting speaking to a group of strangers, but they are all there for the same reason as you, parkrun.
Therefore, they will listen to what you have to say about the course and they might ask questions but they will be grateful that you have taken the time to explain our course to them.
Yesterday was my 83 parkrun and my 68th at Montacute, it was also the first time I nearly ran the whole of Small Hill, and maybe next week I will manage the whole hill. I am not fast, as Howard with Luca his dog (normally at the end of the avenue of trees) says, maybe if I stopped talking to people on the way round I might get more PBs, but for me that’s not why I run. I run for the challenge, for fun and if I get to chat to someone then that is always a bonus. Therefore, if you have ended up speaking to a short woman with crazy leggings on then that is probably me.
There are roles that mean you can run, the run report, car-parking, token sorting, first-timers briefing, pre-event set up, super speedy people could barcode scan as well. Marshalling is always great fun, you get to cheer people on, and I had a lot of fun at the top of Small Hill cheering people up it on Pirate day.
Montacute needs 40 Volunteers EACH week just so we get to enjoy the run in safety so if you have ever been thinking maybe I should Volunteer drop an email to and let them know what you would like to do. The Core team are fantastic at explaining what each role entails.
Many Thanks to this week’s Awesome bunch:

Yeovil Montacute parkrun 23 11 2019

DSC_0049The run report this week is courtesy of Deb Walker - thanks! The morning was grey, gloomy, and a little bit chilly BUT it was not raining. The predicated bad weather had avoided Montacute, allowing the 266 runners a damp and drizzly run instead of a singing in the rain one. The course was slippery in places because of the weather, but the sheep were having a holiday so just their little presents to avoid. We welcomed 25 first timers to the course including 2 members of the Core team from Westmill Hertfordshire. First male runner through was Wayne Loverbridge (18:17), closely followed by Robbie Hawkins (19:08) First female runner through was Lizzy Ingram (21.19), closely followed by Birdie Payne (21:43) DSC_0020

Despite the slippery conditions, 15 runners got PB’s, we had 14 Unknown (remember the parkrun mantra) #DFYB with Christmas approaching why not visit and treat yourself to a rainproof barcode.

DSC_0044Congratulations to our Milestone runners - David Foster (50), Antony Robinson (100) and here's imon Eadon, bringing up his 150th parkrun! Parkrun cannot happen without Volunteers, so please consider volunteering, even if it is only 3 times a year it will help the Core Team out. There are roles you can do that mean you can still run, Car Park, Pre Event Set-Up (and take down) Token Sorting, Run Report, Tail Walking (also counts as a run) and for the super speedy you could Barcode Scan as well. All offers of volunteering help can be made by e-mailing Many thanks to all the Volunteers who made today’s event happen Stephen ALLENHoward BAILEYElisabeth BLACKRob BULLOCKJasmine BULLOCKMartin CHAFFEYFinlay CHILDSAnna CHILDSRichard DODGEKaren EAGLENoel FROSTDavid GERMANChristine GUNDRYLisa HALLETTAdam D. HAWKINSThomas LEDLIEJohn LEWISConrad LUCASLiz MARTINLesley MATTHEWSKelly MILLETTTaryn MONKSEmma MULLISTeresa NAGELNigel NEWBERYVanessa NICHOLSMichael NORTONNicky PARTRIDGELucy QUARTERMANSarah QUARTERMANRosemary SHEPHERDIsobel SHERRYDebora WALKERJeff WATSON DSC_0045

Apricot for Christmas? 

We have been donated an Extra Large apricot Yeovil Montacute Apricot shirt - let the Core Team know if you would like this (any donation to the event fund in return would be gratefully received!)

4 parkruns until Christmas...

We will have a Santa themed run on Saturday 21st December which will be our last before Christmas - we will have a final run at Montacute then on Saturday 28th December before returning to the B Course at Yeovil Country Park on 1st January!


Roxane’s run report!

 We have a guest Reporter this week, with Roxane Pratt stepping in!

My Parkrun journey started on Saturday 15th March 2014 at Montacute. This is the earliest photo I could find of me at Monty. It was September 2014. Potentially running the reverse route?

Roxane 1A few weeks before this first Parkrun, I had joined Langport Runners run/walk group, and my first Monty Parkrun was definitely a mixture of running and walking. Maybe more walking. My aim was to be able to run the full 5k one day. No idea if this was actually possible. However, fast forward and, fairly quickly, I was able to run the challenging hills at the Monty course and, five and a half years later, I have now completed 189 Parkruns and run them in 11 different counties and 6 different countries.

Roxane 2

Parkrun has now become a way of life for my husband, Nick, and I. The support when reaching a milestone is fantastic. My 100th was at Monty, when it was also my 50th birthday. A number of Langport Runners ran with me and helped me to achieve a 2 minute PB. Two and a half years later, the PB still stands. Testament to what adrenaline can achieve:

Roxane 3

In turn I have supported others on their 'milestone' runs. Here was fellow David German before his 100th run. I think his best side was snapped in this photo (sorry Dave!) And nice to be part of Sue White's 100th run:

Roxane 4

59 of my 189 Parkruns have been at Yeovil, 42 at nearby Longrun and my third most visited is Brueton Park, Solihull. Nick and I grew up in Solihull. We are often there visiting family and always squeeze in a Parkrun. This one is in an actual park, similar to Shepton and Longrun. Brueton Park runs adjacent to my old senior school, Sixth Form College and where my grandparents used to live; lots of happy memories. It does also take me back to images of the terrible cold, wet cross country running from school that dragged us through this park. I am sure my PE teacher would not believe that I now choose to run that park for pleasure.

Roxane 5

Street is now our nearest Parkrun and have run this course 12 times. It has been sometimes very hot, sometimes windy. A couple of weeks ago, it was the wettest Parkrun I have ever done. No rain until bang on 9am, then it just got heavier and heavier. Stoic marshalling and volunteer team. This photo was at Street in the sunshine back in the summer.

Roxane 6

We hunt down local parkruns while we are away, or travelling somewhere. We sometimes choose places to holiday according to proximity of Parkrun. Reasonably priced flights from Bristol took us to Toulouse in France this summer. In the 40 degree heat, we were very thankful the Park de la Renee had a lake to cool off in after the run. If you try it, you will find it is organised by Brits from the Airbus factory and the runners are mostly tourists. We met Parkrunners from Australia, Germany, Russia and Bradford. Parkrun has not been embraced by French runners. Numbers are still small. The RD here described the French as treating anything free with suspicion and also they are not keen on the volunteering culture essential to PR success.

roxane 7

Upton is an interesting course. We tried when on a camping holiday in Wareham with friends back in June. The same friends have also joined us at Lydney and Isle of Wight Parkruns. It has now become part of their holidaying too.

Roxane 8

Meeting up with our son Ed on his 'Unicycle around the World' enabled us to try 3 Parkruns in New Zealand in December 2017. Ed joined us on one of these; an interesting Parkrun in Rotorua, NZ. This one runs on Sulphur tracks, going through the geothermal areas. Incredible terrain, tinged with odour reminiscent of 1980's perm solution. New Zealand Parkruns start at 8am due to the hot summers. They were still too hot!

Roxane 9

Almost exactly a year later, my NZ parkruns contrasted with the 9.30 Scottish start to make the most of daylight. Coastal Edinburgh Parkrun was very bleak in December 2018. Generally, I do enjoy the coastal Parkruns. Weymouth, Seaton and Exmouth are amongst my favourite.

Roxane 10


Cardiff also had a particularly fun atmosphere the day before this year's half marathon and a couple of weeks ago we ran Evesham. It is alongside the river Avon. The river was starting to burst its banks due to large volumes of rain and it continued to rain throughout the run. The volunteers here were so encouraging and keen, despite the testing conditions. They have since had to cancel because of the flooding.

All of them have been very friendly and welcoming to us as visitors. Baltimore is our only USA Parkrun. We were in the States to surprise Ed as he neared the end of his World Unicycle Tour. The day before we tracked him down, we ran a very hot Baltimore Parkrun and, coincidentally, started chatting to a lady who was learning to unicycle. She had her British mother in law staying with her, who had brought her to the Parkrun and they were both fascinated by Ed's story. We ended up staying a night with them. Incredible hospitality, enabled by Parkrun.

My stats show that I have run in 38 different venues. Pedantically, this is actually 41 with the two 'B' Monty Courses of Ham Hill and Ninesprings; as well as a B' course at Southampton's Netley.

All the courses vary and challenge in different ways: Monty, Tring and Killerton are probably the hilliest I have experienced; Longrun, Brueton, Exmouth, Seaton are nice and flat; Street, High Wycombe, Tewkesbury all three grassy laps; and Rotorua is the smelliest. Hearing during the Baltimore briefing that we needed not to mistake sticks for snakes reinforced to me the need to listen to the RD. I do find it frustrating when the RD sometimes cannot be heard.

Roxane 11

Our daughter, Sam, was the person responsible for encouraging me to join the Langport Runners walk/run group. She is now a Marathon runner, and started running at senior school. I enjoy it when she can join us. This photo was from Tring Parkrun when Sam, her boyfriend (also a Nick) and Ed joined Nick & I when we were away for the weekend visiting my brother. Tring has a brutal climb for the whole of the first kilometre, be prepared for a lung busting start. All on grass.

Roxane 12

With volunteering being so vital to Parkrun success, I have enjoyed volunteering in a number of roles and each time it has been both rewarding and fun. Bella our family labrador has sometimes played a part in this too. She joined in the "Barkrun" at Street, when dogs were allowed for one week only. She has Marshalled with me at Monty a few times and wagged her tail as tail walker twice too.

Roxane 13Roxane 15

When running you are surrounded by people running at your speed. Marshalling on the course allows you to see all the runners. You see a mix of speedies at the front, experienced runners, families of runners, dogs, push chairs, toddlers, people coming back to fitness, people new to running. A real snap shot and amazing to see them achieving their individual targets. Pacing gives you an opportunity to help these targets to be met. I would encourage everyone to volunteer.

Roxane 14

Nick and I now also don our Vegan Runners vests and join their Parkrun 'meet ups'. This photo was from one in September at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham. An opportunity to chat with like minded people and often a chance to share cake and vegan recipes.

Roxane 16

The familiarity of Parkrun signage, briefings, keen volunteers have all meant that Parkrun has made us feel at home wherever we have been in the UK or the world. It is a simple concept that has brought so much to so many people, including myself. It brings people together on a Saturday morning. It provides an opportunity to meet up with friends, meet new people and a chance for the whole family to do something together. The non judgmental atmosphere encourages people to come along and then return again and again. It is hard to remember what Saturday mornings for us looked like pre-Parkrun. We now also start our Christmas Day with a Parkrun, possible Seaton this year. Time to look out the Christmas running gear...…

Roxane 17

This week at Montacute saw 310 runners. The weather was much drier than of late, so numbers were back to the usual level. This did mean that the car park volunteers worked hard at making the most of the car parking space. Not having been for a few weeks. I was very impressed with their efficiency. There was a distinct lack of the usual presence of local Langport Runners and BHAM runners due to the Lemur Loop race at on all day at Cricket St Thomas..

Roxane 18

The course was slippery in parts, but really not as wet as I had expected. Taryn Monks completed her 100th run at Monty. Taryn has now completed 133 runs and an impressive 284 volunteer credits; being Run Director 40 times. Taryn and Sandra passed me part way around the course. I snapped them at the end:

Roxane 19

There were a notable 39 PBs this week:

Graham GOLDSMID, Joseph BANKS, Richard CORBY, Philip MILLS, Craig OWEN, James WILSON, Edward SPARROW, Harry WILMOTT, Joseph SCROWSTON, Conrad LUCAS, Jeremy LYLE, Jason HUNTER, Oliver SHEPHERD, Paul NICHOLS, Vanessa NICHOLS, Julian UNTHANK, Amanda WILLS, Mel COX, Jennifer MCCONNELL, Hilary KNIGHT, Richard AYRE, Nick FOULSHAM, Jack MOSELEY, Oliver MILLS, Simon BANKS, Kelly ANDREWS, Phoebe MARSH, Donna REEVES, Paul CLARKE, Kirsty ANDREWS , Rachel MOORES, Esmay VEASEY, William COLLICUTT, Kayleigh HANN, Nyasha BVUNZAWABAYA, Kayleigh DARE, Cecile BLADON, Charlotte KERR

I chatted with Paul CLARKE as we came out of the finish funnel. We had spent the run taking it in turns to over take each other. He told me he managed to run the dreaded 'hill' for the first time and thought he had managed a PB. Looking at his time, he had knocked almost a minute off his previous best; very well done Paul.

And there were 34 First Timers.

A lovely entry in the Visitor Book read "Fantastic Parkrun! Stunning Views and very friendly volunteers love the D&T gang - Louise, Nikita, Erika & Danny"

Other visitors from Croydon, Bath, Burnham, Tring and Sidmouth.

Owen ASTINGTON was first male, closely followed by William PARRY; first lady and in 6th overall place was Rachel ASTINGTON.

Thank you to this week's volunteers:

Alice WINES • Anna CHILDS • Arthur VINCE • Chris CUSSEN • Emma TURNBULL-KIRK • Finlay CHILDS • Gary LOY • Hilary ASKEW • Howard BAILEY • Ian STEVENSON • Isobel SHERRY • Janet THOMAS • Jasmine BULLOCK • John LEWIS • Karen CLOTWORTHY • Karen EAGLE • Kelly MILLETT • Kim CAMPBELL • Lindsay SAUNDERS • Lucy QUARTERMAN • Lynda CHAFFEY • Mark STOCKFORD • Michele HURFORD • Nigel NEWBERY • Rachel BARRY • Richard DODGE • Rob BULLOCK • Robert EAGLE • Roxane PRATT • Sandra STOCKFORD • Sarah BEERE • Sarah QUARTERMAN • Stephen WARREN • Taryn MONKS • Thomas LEDLIE • Tina BEARD • Tom ROWE • Tony BEERE

Many thanks Roxane! If you fancy letting us have your parkrun journey or memories, please feel free to offer!!



I don’t care what the weatherman says…

..ah - the weatherman says it's raining!!

After being off due to a bad case of wind for two weeks, it was good to be back at Montacute House on Saturday, and after having to postpone our annual reverse run of the course (to celebrate the clocks going back – I’ve managed to return most of them but lost the receipts for some of them!), we were out early to arrange the signage and set the course “the wrong way round”.


Well, I can confirm that at 7.30am Montacute looked lovely – the sun was just rising, casting a golden light over St Michael’s Hill and the Tower as I drove in, and was creeping up over the trees in the parkland. We loaded the trolleys, headed out to lay the course and the clouds came over and then – perhaps it was the Curse of the Reverse starting to strike – at 9am exactly the heavens opened!!


This was then more like it!!

This week 302 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 17 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

Right to the top of the Avenue!!


The event was made possible by 38 volunteers:

Howard BAILEY • Lesley NESBITT • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Richard DODGE • Chris CUSSEN • Nigel NEWBERY • Thomas ALSOP • Amanda BIGGER • Robert EAGLE • Huw DAVIES • Karen EAGLE • Tom ROWE • Lucy QUARTERMAN • Jennifer WOOLGAR • Allan SANDFORD • Finlay CHILDS • Barnaby HICKS • Lisa HALLETT • Catherine MOFFATT • Elisabeth BLACK • Riley HANSFORD • Carol KNIGHT • Sarah QUARTERMAN • Christine GUNDRY • Emma ASHTON • Debora WALKER • Emma MULLIS • Sarah BEERE • Tony BEERE • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Christian BARRY • Kelly MILLETT • Jacob HALLETT • Pam JAMES • Thomas LEDLIE • Isobel SHERRY


First across the line this week was Mike Parrott (19m30 – I did tell you all to follow him from the start line!), ahead of Paul O’Mara (19m37) and Tommy Hummel (19m39).


We’ll give Jo Pittard the first lady title, as she finished in 23m44.. if you forget your barcode, you don’t get a time, even if you do finish first! Vicky Scrowston finished in 24m32 and Rhoanne Murray third lady in 25m12.


Lots of Milestones this week – 50th parkruns for Peter and Sarah Burden, Jason Ball, Alec Porter and (putting herself through the pain barrier as tail walker!) Emma Ashton. Philip Andrews brought up his century in style, and Tom Rowe, whilst not getting a T-shirt this time, was running his 200th parkrun.

Well done Phil!

There were lots of PBs this week – Tommy Hummel (19m39) Jon Grover (22m28) William Armstrong (24m18) Ryan Wyncoll (27m33) George Litchfield (28m49) Rebecca Pinnock (28m57) Katrina Gillard (29m09) Benjamin King (29m18) Paul Nichols (29m21) Jeremy Lye (29m26) Hilary Knight (31m16) Karen Perry (36m35) Adrian Perry (3m36) Victoria Pearson (36m43) Alison Pascoe (52m57) and Patricia Hymas (52m58) – well done all!


Run finished - gazebo down - rain stopped again! (albeit momentarily!)

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.



Saturday 9th November – we’re on!

We've had the good news from National Trust that we're good to go again on Saturday!

We will look to finally run the course in the reverse direction - the parkland might be a bit wet & slippery so be careful - parts of the car park will be out of commission so usual requests stand; car share where possible, arrive early, and be nice to the car park marshals!


Remember, remember…

.. the 5th of November - and that if it wasn't for Guy Fawkes we might not have anywhere to run!

If you ever wondered who had Montacute House built, then have a look at the Wikipedia page for Sir Edward Phelips ( - he was a successful lawyer who, amongst other things, opened the prosecution of a certain Mr Fawkes (we'll gloss over the fact that the House was built in 1595 and the Fawkes trial wasn't until 1606...!) 

If you want to meet the Phelips family - as well as a number of their Tudor friends - then do visit the House after the run on Saturday, where the Long Gallery has a really good collection of portraits as part of the National Portrait Gallery collection


Next Saturday – 2nd November

We will be running at 9am next week as usual and - as we were cancelled yesterday - will run the course in the Reverse direction to celebrate the clocks going back last night, and if you don't want your Hallowe'en costumes to go to waste, please feel free to wear those too!

(It was pointed out that next Saturday is All Souls Day - if anyone wanted to come dressed as the Indefinable Spirit of Humanity?!)

It is the World Cup Final starting at 9am and we suspect that one or two of you might be wanting to rush home and watch it on ITV+1 - so the same rules apply please guys, no spoilers/checking scores whilst at parkrun please!!



Unfortunately the forecast for tomorrow morning is for High winds so as a precaution both the Farmers' Market and parkrun at Montacute House are being cancelled (please note that this is due to high winds and absolutely not so everyone can watch the rugby!)

Other local parkruns are still running if you fancy a bit of tourism - do check their social media outlets before heading over - just in case...


Saturday’s run..


This always feels a bit of a fraud – writing the Report when not getting out to Montacute on a Saturday! I did manage to see most of you, either in the Garden Centre or around town, during the rest of the weekend and I can only say as I said to them – it wasn’t all about watching the rugby (though a bit of that went on!)!

Talking of which…

It is the World Cup semi-final at 9am on Saturday (do they not think of parkrun when scheduling such things?!) and I suspect that many of us will be watcing on catch-up or plus one channels – so please don’t go looking at your phones or spoiling things please!

You might want to watch this on YouTube if you have a spare half hour… and think of us who will be avoiding the score.. there will be no hiding place!

Car Parking

Unfortunately we had further reports of a car driver being rude to the volunteers who were in the carpark on Saturday. We are trying to get you all in to the car park in a safe manner and the car park marshals are volunteers who are there to help you.

If there are any further incidences of rudeness or abuse we will report matters to parkrun HQ and have the sanction of removing results – though we don’t want to do either, so please just be nice!


Run Briefing

Similarly the reports were that there was a lot of noise as the Run Director was giving the run brief – particularly as we change running lines it is important that everyone gets to hear the safety briefing; can you please all keep quiet as the Run Director speaks (it’s me this week so you better!)

Hallowe’en and a Reverse Run!

This Saturday sees the annual reverse run around the course to mark the clocks going back on Saturday night – so you’ll be running to the top of Avenue, back down through the trees and then out to the right and down the Hill!

And as it’s Hallowe’en next week, we’ll be in spooky costumes too – please join us by dressing in your best scary outfits! (will have to see if I recognise Jeff this year!)

And the run itself…


This is where I could do with some help from someone who was actually there! I hear we had some errant walkers who missed the turn back down the Avenue and did two big laps of the Park (they were found eventually!)

Runners writing in the Visitors’ Book included Richard from Krakow in Poland , Janet and Louise from Shetland and David & Olivia from Ardgillan in Ireland. Elsewhere we had some of our runners taking part in other parkruns – including Bob & Karen down in Lanhydrock and Rachel up in Bakewell.



This week 368 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 78 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part. IMG-20191019-WA0010

The event was made possible by 36 volunteers:

Howard BAILEY • Taryn MONKS • Martin CHAFFEY • Lynda CHAFFEY • Stephen ALLEN • Paul DAVY • Noel FROST • Richard DODGE • Sue FOX • Anna CHILDS • Lisa ELAND • Harry ELAND • Nigel NEWBERY • Bob SHEPHERD • Tom ROWE • Raquel TAYLOR • Lucy QUARTERMAN • Finlay CHILDS • Ashtyn TAYLOR • Lisa HALLETT • Philip ANDREWS • Natalie ROBINS • Sarah QUARTERMAN • Rob BULLOCK • Jasmine BULLOCK • Christine GUNDRY • Debora WALKER • Emma MULLIS • Sarah BEERE • Tony BEERE • John LEWIS • Janet THOMAS • Shona TURNBULL-KIRK • Emma TURNBULL-KIRK • Alan FORSTER • Thomas LEDLIE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovil Montacute parkrun Results Page.

All ready to go again for Saturday!