A cool, clam morning

Yeovil Rec junior parkrun #58 saw 28 volunteers arrive to enable 81 young people run, walk, hop & skip around the course. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Paul ANGULOChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDHolly BESSELLNeill CLARINGBOLDNiki CLARKEAmanda COXBonita COXNoel FROSTIona GARRADLaura GARRADAdam D. HAWKINSCorinne HAWKINSJohn LEWISJoy LEWISSimon LOUGHRANJason MARSHALSEAJucinta MARSHALSEABrian MOUNTJOY-ROWDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDMarc POWELLSandra STOCKFORDSheila STOCKFORDSamantha STONEGill WETHERALLLily YEATMANRachel YEATMAN If you're able to help please email yeovilrecjuniors@parkrun.com


We welcomed 6 first timers, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you again.

warm up

There were 29 PB's congratulations to you all. Was it the cooler, calm morning that helped?


We awarded Half marathon bands to James Booth and Violet Gledhill and a marathon band to Daisy Gledhill - well done to you all. This week half marathon bands were achieved by Harrison Brooks, Willow Hawkins, Monty Hyde-Phillips, Harry Sharman and Barnaby Booth. We will have your bands ready for next week.


On Sunday 31 October it will be Halloween. If you would like to come along dressed for the occasion we'd love to see your outfits.