Happy Numbers


100,000's: of beautiful autumnal leaves lit up by the crisp morning sunshine

62: the number of Yeovil Rec junior parkruns now completed

26: cheerful helpful wonderful volunteers that made this mornings run possible. Paul ANGULORichard BESSELLMartin BURROWNikki CLARINGBOLDBonita COXNoel FROSTDaniel GARRADIona GARRADLaura GARRAD, Andrew GELDARDAdam D. HAWKINSJohn LEWISSimon LOUGHRANBrian MOUNTJOY-ROWDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDJanet POLLARDSandra STOCKFORDSamantha STONEGill WETHERALLJoy WHITEEmma  WOODCONDrew YAPPEmma YAPPLily YEATMANRachel YEATMAN - Thank you

60: enthusiastic, energetic and determined participants that ran, jogged, skipped and walked round the 2km course.


50: the number of junior parkruns completed by Henry Marr prior to this week resulting in the presentation of his ultra marathon wristband. Fantastic -  really well done

21: the number of junior parkruns completed by Sammy Humphrey and Abigail Stone prior to this week resulting in the presentation of their marathon wristbands - many congratulations

11: the number of junior parkruns completed by Alex Yapp and Oscar White prior to this week resulting in the presentation of their half marathon wristbands - very well done.2 (2)

8: the number of personal bests achieved this morning - superb effort.

5: first timers trying out the parkrun. Great to see you. Hopefully it was good fun. It would be great to see you again soon.



1: There can only be one first boy and first girl finisher. Finley Willes and Lacey Moore super runs - you really impressed this morning.

63: the number of junior parkruns completed by this time next week: It will be wonderful to see you there.


A Crackling Dazzling Morning Run

Bright morning colours and sparkling dew welcomed all to Yeovil Rec for our 60th junior parkrun. Amongst the vibrantly coloured clothing belonging to runners, parents and wonderful volunteers were plenty of the seasonal Halloween and bonfire yellows, oranges and reds.

image (2)image (3)

In front of this spectacular backdrop Owen and Barnaby received their half marathon milestone wristbands - well done.

Owen receiving his wristband 'pumpkin' style

Owen receiving his wristband 'pumpkin' style



Jackson was also congratulated on the fact that he was about to complete his 50th junior parkrun and will receive his ultra marathon wristband the next time he runs with us.

Simon's imaginative and fun packed Halloween themed warm up contained plenty of jumping, twisting and howling and certainly lit our young athletes blue touch paper. A few moments later a burst of action filled the rec as the junior parkrunners zoomed towards the first marshal and whizzed onward for the next 2km with a little underfoot squelching of mud and cracking of twigs.


Of the 52 finishers, 7 new runners popped along to join us for the first time - we hope to see you again soon and 7 others sizzled their way to a PB. Mason and Mia were the first boy and girl to complete the course. Lilia completed her 21st run whilst Joshua and Florence finished for the 11th time. We will have milestone wristbands ready for you next week - congratulations.

A big thank you to our brilliant band of cheerful and caring volunteers of all ages including, this week. one proudly wearing a glittering gymnastics medal. You all made this event happen: Kimberley BACONChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDNeill CLARINGBOLDChristopher CLARKENiki CLARKEBonita COXLeah FLYNNNoel FROSTDaniel GARRADIona GARRADLaura GARRADAndrew GELDARDCharlotte IRWINDavid IRWINJohn LEWISJoy LEWISSimon LOUGHRANAmy MOORESRachel MOORESTim MOORESBrian MOUNTJOY-ROWDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDJanet POLLARDMark POLLARDGill SOUTHERNEmma STACEYSimon STACEYSheila STOCKFORDGill WETHERALLLily YEATMANRachel YEATMAN

image (1)



First Steps Towards a Marathon?



After Saturday’s deluge, a bright crisp Sunday morning welcomed 84 junior parkrunners to Yeovil Rec all eager to complete their weekly 2km run and to in some way replicate the efforts of those runners who were participating in the first London Marathon for eighteen months: including a few of our usual volunteers and family members of our regular junior athletes. Congratulations; we hope all went well and you enjoyed yourselves.

The morning began with Iona and Lily receiving their very own marathon wristbands as a reward for having already run 21 junior parkruns. Well done both.IMG_1958

Any event, whatever the size, is always reliant on a host of volunteers and this morning run was only possible due to the valuable assistance of the following group of local heroes: Adam D. HAWKINS  •  Amanda COX  •  Bonita COX  •  Brian MOUNTJOY-ROW  •  Cicely HUNT  •  Corinne HAWKINS  •  Daniel GARRAD  •  David PITTARD  •  Deb STANFIELD  •  Debora WALKER  •  Gill SOUTHERN  •  Gill WETHERALL  •  Holly BESSELL  •  Jo PITTARD  •  John LEWIS  •  Joy LEWIS  •  Kimberley BACON  •  Laura GARRAD  •  Lily YEATMAN  •  Mark YEATMAN  •  Martin BURROW  •  Nikki CHANNON  •  Noel FROST  •  Sheila STOCKFORD  •  Steve WALKER  •  Tors BUSHIMG_1961IMG_1962

As for the cheerful, energetic and joyous participants, there were 11 first timers including visitors from Newcastle (you all did brilliantly - please come back again). 10 young athletes achieved personal bests. The quickest girl and boy runners this week were Iona Murray and Ben Dawe and of course, everyone of the runners deserves a massive well done.IMG_1965

Volunteering at these events is hugely rewarding mainly due to the sheer pleasure and talent shown by so many of the children whilst they complete the course. One wonders how many of this mornings small steps will develop into the athletic strides that will, one day in future, carry the same smiling faces around the streets of London as they take their turn to complete the marathon. From small beginnings …….IMG_1966



Run #55 Yeovil Rec Junior Parkrun.

On a lovely morning in late September, 90 young souls ran, skipped, walked and sprinted to 2km.  All the children seemed particularly raring to go this morning and were full of enthusiasm.


We had 13 First Timers at Yeovil Rec with visitor Leyton flying into 1st place, George running a PB into 2nd and First young lady Steffi in 3rd.  The fine conditions led to 29 personal bests too!

2 Olivers and 1 Ellie received their half marathon bands today so very well done to them having run 11 Junior Parkruns.
Many thanks to all the volunteers this week, we really couldn't do it without all your help.  If you would like to be added to the volunteer list then you can click the link in your results email.  Thanks to all of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers today too.
Please don't forget there is no Junior Parkrun next week as race for life are using the grounds.

Doing It Your Way !

Few of the 68 runners who completed the 54th Yeovil Rec junior parkrun will have listened to the song 'My Way' made famous by Frank Sinatra and covered by a multitude of other artists such as Shirley Bassey, Elvis Presley, Sid Vicious and Miley Cyrus to mention a few. However, when it comes running, jogging, hopping, walking or using all of these methods at some point, in travelling 2k around Yeovil Rec, our young athletes certainly 'Do it their way.'


 Doing the run very quickly were James and Abigail Farley who were the first two runners to complete the course. Doing the run faster than before were 23 juniors achieving a PB - well done -  and doing it for the first time were 5 intrepid runners whom we hope to see again soon.

Daniel Shucksmith so enjoys the Yeovil Rec junior parkrun that he was awarded his marathon wristband for having done it 21 times previously. Receiving a half-marathon wristband  were Daniel Linsdell, Georgia Cox, Rose Salmon, Matilda Mills, William Trott, Elizabeth Mills, Ellousia Cox and Raya-Jane Woodcon. Many congratulations to you all.


As always the young athletes completed the run in their own unique styles. Some with bounding long strides, some moving their minute legs rapidly, some taking time to enjoy the morning sunshine,  some working as a team and holding hands to support each other and many with cheerful beaming smiles.


It is this variety and imagination that helps make volunteering so rewarding. In fact our volunteers also enjoy 'doing it their way.' Some encourage quietly, some encourage with a friendly 'well done', some encourage with the ringing of a bell, some use fancy dress (tail and ears) and they all use bright clothes and  return the wonderful smiles that they are given.


The Yeovil Rec junior parkrun is impossible to hold without our wonderful volunteers.  Their age range this week was 7 to nearly 90 years old. In 'doing it' their way, we had an imaginative first. A cartwheeling tail walker whose gymnastics is so impressive that they crossed the finish line with a perfectly executed round off ! Sorry about the poor quality photo - you moved too fast !



Run Report – 05 September 2021

So it was with the sun shining down like an early summer morning that event number 53 was set up by our usual crew of intrepid volunteers.

We were joined by 69 runners who recorded 14 PB's, we also welcomed 5 first timers!

PHOTO-2021-09-05-12-16-47 5

It was here that we awarded half marathon bands to Sienna Theron, Conrad Bacon, Edward Flynn and Deryn McGregor. We also presented a marathon band to Arianna Clarke.

PHOTO-2021-09-05-12-16-461  4 3


Once the awards were given out we moved on to the warm up which was led today by one of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, Emma. It was Emma's last volunteering role with us to be able to qualify for the volunteering element of her Bronze Award. I think that you will all agree that she did a fantastic job not only today but in all her previous roles.


 "Today marked my 21st time volunteering at the Yeovil parkrun, and more importantly my final session to support my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. To celebrate that achievement I wanted to say a few words.

Firstly, thanks to all parkrun adults for being so supportive. Particularly I'd like to thank Mr Pittard. He's had to put up with me as a pupil in East Coker School, and now as a volunteer! It was nice to have a familiar face to guide me.

To anyone thinking of volunteering, whether for DofE or as a parent, go for it! I have found it so rewarding to marshal the parkrun, as I can see just how much the children appreciate the encouragement marshals give the runners as they go by.

There are also lots of different roles to do like barcode scanning and time keeping, but I liked marshalling the best.

Volunteering at parkrun is a great way to meet the DofE award challenges, and it supports our local community. I feel really lucky I got the opportunity to do something so rewarding."

As always it is fantastic to have you all attend our event and we look forward to seeing you in the future.



Smiles and Colour

The smiling cheerful enthusiastic faces of 80 colourfully adorned young athletes lit up the slightly overcast morning that greeted all those involved in the 50th running of the Yeovil Rec junior parkrun.

During the briefing Travis Passmore received his Marathon wristband for having previously completed 21 junior parkruns. Porscha King was presented with her Half Marathon wristband for having completed her 11th parkrun in recent weeks. It is great seeing so many young athletes returning each week. We have a number of other runners who have completed their 11th and 21st junior parkrun and they will receive their marathon and half marathon wristbands when we see them next. Read about participation incentives here


It was also Porscha's birthday and her delight and sparkle certainly brightened the morning up



Deb's and Heidi's multicoloured clothing and sprightly warm up began to liven up the sleepy bodies that had arrived beneath green, pink, blue, red, yellow and other colourful running tops.


As always the warm up worked its magic and within minutes there was an explosion of enthusiasm and a blur of colour as the run was underway.



The ensuing twenty minutes was full of sprinting, jogging, running, walking, hopping and most importantly exuberant smiles. By now the morning was ablaze with buoyant lively sparkling energy.


19 runners managed a personal best - well done and we were delighted to welcome 13 first timers. Hopefully we will see most of you again very soon and that our visitors from Nottingham and Yorkshire enjoyed their morning run. Congratulations to Flynn Garrad (Marathon) and Sienna Theron (Half Marathon) who have have joined the list of runners due wristbands. Also well done to Charlie Wheeler and Finnia Lyon-Wilson for being the first male and female finishers.


However the brightest colour (hi vis yellow) and the widest smiles, this week and every week, are provided by our wonderful team of volunteers. As always, many thanks to: Kimberley BACONNeill CLARINGBOLDAndrew COWIEAmanda COXBonita COXDaniel CROOKENoel FROSTLaura GARRADAndrew GELDARDAdam D. HAWKINSSusan IRWINJohn LEWISJoy LEWISBrian MOUNTJOY-ROWJohn PARTRIDGEDaren PASSMORENaomi PASSMOREDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDTracy SHEENBen SOUTHERNSandra STOCKFORDSheila STOCKFORDDebora WALKERSteve WALKERGill WETHERALL


The Right Trousers!

It was a showery morning with the set up volunteers getting a mild sprinkling of rain before it cleared for Yeovil Rec junior parkrun number 49.

This week we had the challenge of finding enough volunteers with many of our regulars away on holiday. So many thanks toConrad BACONKimberley BACONChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDHolly BESSELLRichard BESSELLKirsten BROXNiki CLARKEPaul CLARKEAndrew COWIENoel FROSTLaura GARRADAndrew GELDARDKate HARRISAdam D. HAWKINSJohn LEWISJoy LEWISBrian MOUNTJOY-ROWNaomi PASSMOREDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDMarc POWELLSheila STOCKFORDGill WETHERALLDave WILLMOTTOliver WILLMOTT for making this weeks run possible.

Maybe a few of our regular runners were on holiday too. Have you tried a junior parkrun anywhere else? if so, let us know.

This week we were fortunate that Kate and her son Harvey came all the way from Telford to volunteer and run. Many thanks to Kate and to Harvey for waking us up with the brightest running tights I have ever seen!

The Right Trousrs

With the absence of Deb our usual warm leader (and her bright tights), Brian stepped in and did a great job. We think that he enjoyed it a little too much as we started the run 5 minutes late!

65 brave young souls left their houses bright and early for the best possible start to a Sunday going. We had 10 first timers, 17 personal bests and only two forgotten barcodes this week.

Alex Moffatt was the first placed young man and Lexi Coleman first young lady.

Don't forget that now adult parkrun has returned, junior parkrun is now open to all children from 4 to 14 years old. We would love to see you all back!

We look forward to seeing you all bright and early next Sunday, it might even be sunny!



A Centurion Visits

Event 47 welcomed 57 young people to wind their way around Yeovil Rec, including 8 first-timers.

24 july 1

Luckily the weather held off for us and it was fantastic to see a couple of our runners raring to go with a crouch start!

24 july 4

It is great to see you all coming back so often and watching you all improve, which was demonstrated by a fantastic 10 PB's!

We were also joined by Harry and Oliver Hibbard on their way down to Cornwall on holiday

24 july 7

and congratulations Harry, celebrating your 100th parkrun with us.

24 july 3



Yeovil Rec junior parkrun 46

On the 46th running of Yeovil Rec junior parkrun the sun shone and there was warmth in the air. Briefing and warm ups were carried out with participants in the shade of trees.


The runners excelled with 15 personal bests recorded and 5 first timers in field of 69 finishers. We think that a few of our usual runners took advantage of the glorious weather and headed to the beach.

The first runner home was Luca Sughayer on his 5th run in the time of 7.54. The first female runner home was Anna Wheeler in 9.54 just below her PB



The following runners received their marathon wristbands for completing 21 runs: Elizabeth Cheesman and Leonidas Clark.

Half marathon bands for 11 completed runs were presented to: Bradley Webb, Edward Morgan, George Marr, Marcus Southern and Lilia Claringbold. Well done to them all.


A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers for encouraging all the youngsters (and parents) to keep going on a lovely warm day.


We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Conrad BACONKimberley BACONChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDCharlotte BOYDNiki CLARKEPaul CLARKEAndrew COWIESusan IRWINTim MOORESSarah MORGANBrian MOUNTJOY-ROWDaren PASSMORENaomi PASSMORETravis PASSMOREDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDBen SOUTHERNSimon STACEYSheila STOCKFORDDebora WALKERSteve WALKERGill WETHERALLCharlie WHEELER




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