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We’d like to say a big thank you to Tim Moores as he steps down as a Run Director and member of the Core Team
Tim has been involved since the first meeting to establish a team to bring junior parkrun to Yeovil & has regularly been seen in the blue & white vest

We would therefore like to recruit a few more people to the Core Team who would like to be Run Directors
As the RD you are responsible for the running of the event on the Sunday when you have agreed to be in that position- the more of us there are the less frequently this will be & the more likely others will be there to support you (especially to start with)

If you’d like to know more about what’s involved, please either email us at or speak to one of us



Yeovil Rec junior parkrun 61      14th November 21


It was a good morning for the parkrun: a little sunshine, a clear morning and only a light breeze.    The ground had recovered from the recent rainfall to maintain a good solid surface.

Only two children out of nine to achieve wristband awards were there to receive them.    Jackson Sheen led the way having completed 50 runs was awarded a ultra-marathon band while Lilia Claringbold completed 11 runs for her half-marathon band.    The remaining seven children will receive theirs next week.

Forty-seven children finished today’s run the lowest total for a while but it was known that several youngsters where taking part in Remembrance Parades.    Even so 10 runners achieved personal bests. First home was Ben Dawe in a pb of 7:50. In the under 11s Hyden Garrad in 9:34 held off Mia Shore a second outside her pb in 9:41. We also had three first timers.

A big thanks goes out to all volunteers for their help and encouragement to all the youngsters (and parents), to keep going on this mid November day.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Kimberley BACON, Richard BESSELL, Martin BURROW, Kate ENGLISH, Daniel GARRAD, Iona GARRAD, Laura GARRAD, Adam D. HAWKINS, John LEWIS, Joy LEWIS, Simon LOUGHRAN, Amy MOORES, Tim MOORES, Brian MOUNTJOY-ROW, David PITTARD, Jo PITTARD, Janet POLLARD, Gill SOUTHERN, Debora WALKER, Gill WETHERALL, Joy WHITE, Drew YAPP, Emma YAPP, Lily YEATMAN



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Chilly October parkrun

On a Chilly October morning, the early set up team arrived to set out the course and as Run director I was told all was well with the course.

The other volunteers arrived, collected there Hi-vis, position lanyards, walkie talkies and cow bells for some to cheer on the junior parkrunners. They gathered outside in the cold chatting away waiting for the run brief to start.


We had four collect their Half Marathon bands Harrison Brooks, Willow Hawkins, Harry Sharman and Grace Robinson. Well Done to them. Also Well done to Marcus Southern for collecting his Marathon band.


We had 64 junior parkrunners hop, skip, run and walk their way around the course today, with Fletcher Aslett being the first across the line. The conditions suited today as there where 11 Pb's well done to them. We also had 6 first time parkrunners at Yeovil Rec junior parkrun. Hope you enjoyed the course.


Abigail Stone completed her 21 junior parkrun and next week will collect her Marathon band. Owen Stanfield completed his 11th and will collect his Half Marathon band next week.

Thanks to all the volunteers: Abigail STONE  •  Amanda COX  •  Andrew GELDARD  •  Bonita COX  •  Brian MOUNTJOY-ROW  •  Christine BANFIELD  •  Christopher CLARKE  •  Colin BANFIELD  •  David PITTARD  •  Gill SOUTHERN  •  Gill WETHERALL  •  Holly BESSELL  •  Jason MARSHALSEA  •  Jo PITTARD  •  John LEWIS  •  Jucinta MARSHALSEA  •  Kimberley BACON  •  Marc POWELL  •  Mark STOCKFORD  •  Niki CLARKE  •  Nikki CHANNON  •  Noel FROST  •  Paul ANGULO  •  Samantha STONE  •  Sandra STOCKFORD  •  Sheila STOCKFORD  •  Simon LOUGHRAN


See you all next week for Halloween when fancy dress is encouraged.


Double, double toil & trouble, fire burn & cauldon bubble!......


A cool, clam morning

Yeovil Rec junior parkrun #58 saw 28 volunteers arrive to enable 81 young people run, walk, hop & skip around the course. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Paul ANGULOChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDHolly BESSELLNeill CLARINGBOLDNiki CLARKEAmanda COXBonita COXNoel FROSTIona GARRADLaura GARRADAdam D. HAWKINSCorinne HAWKINSJohn LEWISJoy LEWISSimon LOUGHRANJason MARSHALSEAJucinta MARSHALSEABrian MOUNTJOY-ROWDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDMarc POWELLSandra STOCKFORDSheila STOCKFORDSamantha STONEGill WETHERALLLily YEATMANRachel YEATMAN If you're able to help please email


We welcomed 6 first timers, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you again.

warm up

There were 29 PB's congratulations to you all. Was it the cooler, calm morning that helped?


We awarded Half marathon bands to James Booth and Violet Gledhill and a marathon band to Daisy Gledhill - well done to you all. This week half marathon bands were achieved by Harrison Brooks, Willow Hawkins, Monty Hyde-Phillips, Harry Sharman and Barnaby Booth. We will have your bands ready for next week.


On Sunday 31 October it will be Halloween. If you would like to come along dressed for the occasion we'd love to see your outfits.



In the Autumn Sunshine

Yeovil Rec Junior parkrun #57 saw 75 young people, run, walk, hop and skip around the park in the autumn sunshine. A big thank you to the 30 volunteers who made it all possible:

Adam D. HAWKINS  •  Bonita COX  •  Daniel CROOKE  •  Daniel GARRAD  •  David PITTARD  •  Deb STANFIELD  •  Gill SOUTHERN  •  Gill WETHERALL  •  Haydn GARRAD  •  Holly BESSELL  •  Iona GARRAD  •  Jen SNAITH  •  Jo PITTARD  •  John LEWIS  •  Kimberley BACON  •  Laura GARRAD  •  Leah FLYNN  •  Lily YEATMAN  •  Mark STOCKFORD  •  Neill CLARINGBOLD  •  Noel FROST  •  Paul ANGULO  •  Rachel YEATMAN  •  Sandra STOCKFORD  •  Sheila STOCKFORD  •  Simon LOUGHRAN  •  Stephanie STANFIELD  •  Steve WALKER  •  Susan IRWIN  •  Tors BUSH

We celebrated with Quinn bacon as she collected her marathon band for completing 21 events.


After a good warmup it was off to the start.


Today Isabelle Whittle, Abigail Whittle, Daisy Gledhill and Marcas Southern completed 21 runs and we will have their marathon bands ready for next week. James Booth and Violet Gledhill completed 11 runs and we will have their half marathon bands ready. Whilst we aim to spot all milestones from the results and announce for a few weeks, should  you know of anyone we've missed, please email us and we can have the band ready when you next join us.

gogo 2

The first three finishers were: Isobel Stacey, Isabelle Whittle and Jessica Spolton - well done girls!



Sunday 26th Run Cancelled

Unfortunately we are cancelled this Sunday 26 September due to the Race for Life taking part at the Rec.

We will be back as usual next week 3 October. If you are able to volunteer on that day, please email as we will miss having the whiteboard out for you to sign up on.

Enjoy whatever you do this week, be it a lie in or a walk in the park and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Race for Life


Race for life: Yeovil will be taking place on Sunday 26th September at Yeovil Rec and Yeovil College. Although this event does not start until 11am, due to the set up requirements for this run, we will need to cancel the Yeovil Rec junior parkrun on this day. We apologise for any disappointment and will be resuming our weekly junior parkruns on Sunday October 3rd.


This Sunday’s run, September 19th, will continue as usual.



As the fog cleared…

Yeovil Rec Junior Parkrun 52  29th August 21

The fog was clearing from Yeovil recreation ground as the team of volunteers started to layout the course. The grass quite wet with morning dew.  By the time the course was set up the sun was shinning brightly for the running of the 52nd Yeovil Rec Parkrun.

warm up

There was a little confusion as volunteers checked in as the volunteer co-ordinator had managed to use a previous volunteer board list. Despite this technology blunder all volunteer positions were filled with happy smiling people.

As the air warmed up it was time for briefing and warm up exercises.  Two runners Lova Den Hartog and Amelia Haines received their Marathon wristbands for completing 21 runs. One runner Zani Den Hartog received her Half-marathon wristband for completing 11 runs.


The run was competitive with places being changed along the route especially up the long slope. Even some parents finding it difficult to keep up with their off springs.  The runners excelled, with 17 personnel bests recorded and 6 first timers in a field of 75 finishers.  The first runner home was Rocco Sughayer in a time of 7:02. Closely followed by under 11 runner Heath Worledge in 7:28  The first female runner home was under 11 Finnia Lyon-Wilson in 9:21, with over 11 Lexi Coleman in a new PB of 10:00.

Congratulations to Arianna Clarke on completing 21runs (Marathon) and Oliver Sharman and Evie Sharman 11 runs (half marathon). Wristbands will be presented next week.

A big thanks goes out to all volunteersChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDHolly BESSELLNeill CLARINGBOLDNiki CLARKEAndrew COWIEAmanda COXBonita COXAndrew GELDARDAdam D. HAWKINSJohn LEWISAmy MOORESRachel MOORESTim MOORESSarah MORGANBrian MOUNTJOY-ROWDaren PASSMORENaomi PASSMORETravis PASSMOREJo PITTARDTracy SHEENMark STOCKFORDSandra STOCKFORDSheila STOCKFORDDebora WALKERGill WETHERALLDave WILLMOTTOliver WILLMOTTLily YEATMAN  for their help and encouragement to all the youngsters (and parents), to keep going on this warm sunny day.



The sun shone, but…….

When we arrived to set up for Yeovil Rec junior parkrun event #51 the sun was shining, but we soon realised it was jumper weather as the wind began to blow across the Rec.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who made this event happen: Kimberley BACONChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDHolly BESSELLNiki CLARKEPaul CLARKEAndrew COWIEAmanda COXBonita COXDaniel CROOKELeah FLYNNDaniel GARRADLaura GARRADAdam D. HAWKINSSusan IRWINJohn LEWISJoy LEWISRachel MOORESTim MOORESBrian MOUNTJOY-ROWClaire OBERTHURDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDDarrell SHEENTracy SHEENSandra STOCKFORDSheila STOCKFORDDebora WALKERSteve WALKERGill WETHERALLLily YEATMAN And congratulation to Sheila who recently completed her 25th event and has received her purple tee shirt.


We welcomed 73 young people who ran, walked, hopped and skipped around the course. There were 3 first timers visiting us today. Congratulation to Euan Carroll visiting from Sheffield who was the first to finish.


We celebrated with Holly Swain and Flynn Garrad by presenting them with their marathon bands. Today Amelia Haines completed her 21st event. Conrad Bacon, Edward Flynn, Charlotte Maxwell and Deryn McGregor completed their 11th. Well done to you all, we will have your marathon & half marathon bands ready next week.


Thank you to all those who signed up on the board to volunteer next week, it really does make a difference when we have lots of offers early in the week. As we had plenty of offers for today we had one of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers taking photographs - take a look at our facebook page to see who you can spot.


Let's hope the sun shines next week and the wind eases!


It’s the holiday season!

Yeovil Rec junior parkrun #48 saw 72 young people run, walk, hop & skip their way around the park. A big thank you to the 28 volunteers who enabled this event to take place: Paul ANGULOConrad BACONKimberley BACONChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDHolly BESSELLRichard BESSELLKirsten BROXAndrew COWIEAndrew GELDARDAdam D. HAWKINSJohn LEWISRachel MOORESTim MOORESBrian MOUNTJOY-ROWClaire OBERTHURDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDGill SOUTHERNEmma STACEYSimon STACEYMark STOCKFORDSandra STOCKFORDSheila STOCKFORDDennis WALTERSGill WETHERALLCharlie WHEELERDave WILLMOTT

With the holiday season upon us a number of our regular volunteers are away, so if you're able to help please email us at The event is run entirely by volunteers and it would be very sad if we had to cancel one week due to lack of support. If you're unsure of what's involved & would like to know a bit more, please email or chat to one of the core volunteers by the table on a Sunday. To hold a run with a finish line we need, a run director, a warm up leader, 12 over 18 marshals (1 every 100m) & 2 over 18 tail walkers (this is for safeguarding purposes). To be able to give finish positions we need someone to give out the finish tokens & 1 barcode scanner to every 25 participants (usually 3 or 4), then all participant will be given a time of 59:59. To have a timed event we need at least 1 timer. It's helpful to have a back up timer in case something goes wrong. A number checker is useful if there are any discrepancies when we process the results. A funnel manager is helpful to keep everyone in the correct position so they get the correct finish token (& to remind adults not to enter the finish funnel!).


We celebrated with Darcie Childs who was awarded her half marathon band & Riley Holder who received his marathon band. Emily Rumsey completed her 11th event today and will be given her half marathon band next week.


Isabelle Whittle was the first finisher and Finley David was the first male to cross the finish line. There were 18 PB's this morning - I guess the conditions suited you?

We welcomed 10 first timers this week. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

If you're going away and visit another junior event, please send a photo to our facebook page so we can see what fun you have. Or tell us where you've been when you next join us. I hope the rain stops, the sun comes out & you have a good time.

large group

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