A cool, clam morning

Yeovil Rec junior parkrun #58 saw 28 volunteers arrive to enable 81 young people run, walk, hop & skip around the course. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Paul ANGULOChristine BANFIELDColin BANFIELDHolly BESSELLNeill CLARINGBOLDNiki CLARKEAmanda COXBonita COXNoel FROSTIona GARRADLaura GARRADAdam D. HAWKINSCorinne HAWKINSJohn LEWISJoy LEWISSimon LOUGHRANJason MARSHALSEAJucinta MARSHALSEABrian MOUNTJOY-ROWDavid PITTARDJo PITTARDMarc POWELLSandra STOCKFORDSheila STOCKFORDSamantha STONEGill WETHERALLLily YEATMANRachel YEATMAN If you're able to help please email yeovilrecjuniors@parkrun.com


We welcomed 6 first timers, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you again.

warm up

There were 29 PB's congratulations to you all. Was it the cooler, calm morning that helped?


We awarded Half marathon bands to James Booth and Violet Gledhill and a marathon band to Daisy Gledhill - well done to you all. This week half marathon bands were achieved by Harrison Brooks, Willow Hawkins, Monty Hyde-Phillips, Harry Sharman and Barnaby Booth. We will have your bands ready for next week.


On Sunday 31 October it will be Halloween. If you would like to come along dressed for the occasion we'd love to see your outfits.



In the Autumn Sunshine

Yeovil Rec Junior parkrun #57 saw 75 young people, run, walk, hop and skip around the park in the autumn sunshine. A big thank you to the 30 volunteers who made it all possible:

Adam D. HAWKINS  •  Bonita COX  •  Daniel CROOKE  •  Daniel GARRAD  •  David PITTARD  •  Deb STANFIELD  •  Gill SOUTHERN  •  Gill WETHERALL  •  Haydn GARRAD  •  Holly BESSELL  •  Iona GARRAD  •  Jen SNAITH  •  Jo PITTARD  •  John LEWIS  •  Kimberley BACON  •  Laura GARRAD  •  Leah FLYNN  •  Lily YEATMAN  •  Mark STOCKFORD  •  Neill CLARINGBOLD  •  Noel FROST  •  Paul ANGULO  •  Rachel YEATMAN  •  Sandra STOCKFORD  •  Sheila STOCKFORD  •  Simon LOUGHRAN  •  Stephanie STANFIELD  •  Steve WALKER  •  Susan IRWIN  •  Tors BUSH

We celebrated with Quinn bacon as she collected her marathon band for completing 21 events.


After a good warmup it was off to the start.


Today Isabelle Whittle, Abigail Whittle, Daisy Gledhill and Marcas Southern completed 21 runs and we will have their marathon bands ready for next week. James Booth and Violet Gledhill completed 11 runs and we will have their half marathon bands ready. Whilst we aim to spot all milestones from the results and announce for a few weeks, should  you know of anyone we've missed, please email us and we can have the band ready when you next join us.

gogo 2

The first three finishers were: Isobel Stacey, Isabelle Whittle and Jessica Spolton - well done girls!



First Steps Towards a Marathon?



After Saturday’s deluge, a bright crisp Sunday morning welcomed 84 junior parkrunners to Yeovil Rec all eager to complete their weekly 2km run and to in some way replicate the efforts of those runners who were participating in the first London Marathon for eighteen months: including a few of our usual volunteers and family members of our regular junior athletes. Congratulations; we hope all went well and you enjoyed yourselves.

The morning began with Iona and Lily receiving their very own marathon wristbands as a reward for having already run 21 junior parkruns. Well done both.IMG_1958

Any event, whatever the size, is always reliant on a host of volunteers and this morning run was only possible due to the valuable assistance of the following group of local heroes: Adam D. HAWKINS  •  Amanda COX  •  Bonita COX  •  Brian MOUNTJOY-ROW  •  Cicely HUNT  •  Corinne HAWKINS  •  Daniel GARRAD  •  David PITTARD  •  Deb STANFIELD  •  Debora WALKER  •  Gill SOUTHERN  •  Gill WETHERALL  •  Holly BESSELL  •  Jo PITTARD  •  John LEWIS  •  Joy LEWIS  •  Kimberley BACON  •  Laura GARRAD  •  Lily YEATMAN  •  Mark YEATMAN  •  Martin BURROW  •  Nikki CHANNON  •  Noel FROST  •  Sheila STOCKFORD  •  Steve WALKER  •  Tors BUSHIMG_1961IMG_1962

As for the cheerful, energetic and joyous participants, there were 11 first timers including visitors from Newcastle (you all did brilliantly - please come back again). 10 young athletes achieved personal bests. The quickest girl and boy runners this week were Iona Murray and Ben Dawe and of course, everyone of the runners deserves a massive well done.IMG_1965

Volunteering at these events is hugely rewarding mainly due to the sheer pleasure and talent shown by so many of the children whilst they complete the course. One wonders how many of this mornings small steps will develop into the athletic strides that will, one day in future, carry the same smiling faces around the streets of London as they take their turn to complete the marathon. From small beginnings …….IMG_1966



Sunday 26th Run Cancelled

Unfortunately we are cancelled this Sunday 26 September due to the Race for Life taking part at the Rec.

We will be back as usual next week 3 October. If you are able to volunteer on that day, please email as we will miss having the whiteboard out for you to sign up on.

Enjoy whatever you do this week, be it a lie in or a walk in the park and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Run #55 Yeovil Rec Junior Parkrun.

On a lovely morning in late September, 90 young souls ran, skipped, walked and sprinted to 2km.  All the children seemed particularly raring to go this morning and were full of enthusiasm.


We had 13 First Timers at Yeovil Rec with visitor Leyton flying into 1st place, George running a PB into 2nd and First young lady Steffi in 3rd.  The fine conditions led to 29 personal bests too!

2 Olivers and 1 Ellie received their half marathon bands today so very well done to them having run 11 Junior Parkruns.
Many thanks to all the volunteers this week, we really couldn't do it without all your help.  If you would like to be added to the volunteer list then you can click the link in your results email.  Thanks to all of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers today too.
Please don't forget there is no Junior Parkrun next week as race for life are using the grounds.