York parkrun #364 04/01/2020 – run report

Oh What a Beautiful Morning  

As the sun rose over the Knavesmire on Saturday 4th of January, it most certainly was a beautiful morning. With blue skies, sunlight glinting down and sending golden shadows over the grass and a degree of warmth greater than previous days, 616 eager people gathered to take part in the 364th Knavesmire parkrun. No puddles, no mud and no shivering - hard to believe it is actually January! And the coffee van was there.

With due celebrations for those achieving milestone runs (more about that later), cheers for Adam who was running his 200th and for Peter celebrating his birthday (not saying which) with gingerbread for all; after a round of applause for all our amazing volunteers and the usual safety messages, we were off with our wheelchair runner at the fore!

parkrun is not a race, although some choose to make it that, striving to beat their previous times each week and to attain a personal best (PB). For most it is more about the company, the exercise and just running and making new friends. It is good to see how many of us are taking part in initiatives such as RED January and other charities. Oh and the gingerbread was good too!


  • Cheers today were in order for Jason Newman celebrating his 250th run, for Steve Rhodes and Lindsey Illingworth celebrating their 100th and for Sarah Brennan and Jane Ruston celebrating their 50th runs.
  • Cheers also to the 45 runners who gained a new PB. Congratulations and well done!
  • A round of applause too to the 85 people celebrating their very first parkrun, you know who you are and should be proud of your achievement. Hope to see you all again next week!

Now, firstly, a big thank you to all of the volunteers who worked to set up the course, marshal, cheer us on, scan bar codes and all the other jobs that ensure that we are able to run. Without your help, runs would have to be cancelled (two down south were cancelled last year due to lack of volunteers). We really do appreciate what you do for us!

This week our volunteers included the following 32 amazing people:

Danny SAMPSON • Chris POULTON • Stephen WILSON • Lynn STANNARD • Andrew DAVIS • Don FORMHALS • Nick GRIFFIN • John REEVELL • David CHRYSSIDES • Kate OSBORN • Barbara GRIFFIN • Ellie GRIFFIN • Tim GIBSON • Andrew GREEN • Anna MARSHALL • Ian JENKINSON • Michael HEMSWORTH • Jennifer ROBERTS • James CARTER • Alan WILKINSON • Ellie PAGE • Ethan ARNOLD • Caroline DOCHERTY • Abigail BROOKS • Yvonne ORTON • Emilia BROOKS • Sally MINSKIP • Gill TAYLOR • Toni JENKINSON • Marc CROSBIE • and Danny EVANS


And now for the results.

Male placings:

First past the post in a time of 16mins 29 was Tom Charlton from Tyne Bridge Harriers. He was followed by Chris Poulton of York Acorn AC in 16mins 49 and Paul Begley who came in third place with a time of 17mins 29.


Female placings:

Katherine Davis from North Shields Polytechnic AC came in first woman in a time of 20mins 48. She was followed by Sophia Sachedina of Striders of Croydon AC time of 22min 15 and Gemma Walker came in third with a time of 22min 23.


Well done to all of you. #Three Cheers!


And now a word of encouragement - please don’t think you have to be another Mo Farrah to join us. This week we had pacers for all paces and, whatever your speed or ability, you are welcome to join us. You will never be the last person in - we have a tail walker who takes that position. For mast of us parkrun is not about racing and winning, but a warm and welcoming social event with a run or walk thrown in for good measure. So come along and try us out!

You might even like to join our band of happy volunteers - there are plenty of opportunities to help out and we are always pleased to see new recruits. Just take a look at our park run web page and send us an email at yorkhelpers@parkrun.com if you would like to take part as a volunteer. See you next Saturday!