York parkrun #372 (report no.2) – By Linda Ethell

Last Saturday, parkruns all over the world were joining the celebrations for International Women’s Day by encouraging as many women as possible to participate and by asking as many park runners as possible to bring a female friend along. In partnership with the This Girl Can campaign, parkrun hopes to break down some of the barriers to taking part in sports that women in particular face and encourage them to come along to their first parkrun.

This week saw me completing my 120th parkrun and volunteering for the 8th time.  I began back in July 2016, when a female friend invited me to join her. I had run before, but not for several years, so was both excited and nervous about doing it again. Like many others, I had reservations because I didn’t really know what to expect – would I be too slow, too fat, wearing the wrong clothes, would I get lost, what should I do with my barcode?  But after my first parkrun, I knew I would be back. Once I had completed my 50th run, I decided that I would also volunteer from time to time.  This too is a wonderful experience.  It takes a team of around 30 dedicated volunteers to make York parkrun happen each week.  Please consider joining them sometime, there are lots of different roles available to suit everyone.  Not only is volunteering rewarding and fun, but it also provides a valuable insight into how parkrun works and makes you appreciate the hard work which goes into providing our free, weekly and timed event every Saturday.

Having been introduced myself by a female friend, I decided to do the same. I asked my daughter Jodie if she would like to come with me for her first ever parkrun and to my immense surprise she said yes. She is not a runner and I know she felt self-conscious and a bit out of place initially, but there she was at the start with me - and her lovely dog Tyrion. It was a lovely feeling to participate with her.  We walked much of it, ran when we wanted, chatted to each other and others and enjoyed the lovely sunny weather and unusually dry conditions. It was a fantastic experience for me to be further back than usual and to witness the cameraderie of the walkers and slower runners. How lovely that those people who lapped us also waved, greeted or even encouraged those of us still on our first lap. That is the true spirit, support and inclusiveness of parkrun in action, and what keeps us coming back week after week.


Despite the fact that we were gutted to finish after all of the biscuits had gone, we had a great time taking part.  Tyrion made so many friends whilst waiting at the start.  He was so excited to take part that, had it not been for his (short) lead he would have completed the course in a quarter of the time that we did.  Jodie did well to hold on to him and as such may now be the only person to wake up the day after her first parkrun with her shoulders aching more than her legs!

The results for this week show that 44 people completed their first ever Parkrun at York, of whom 29 were women. Well done to all of you! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and that you will be back again.


York parkrun #372 by Liz Piper

Saturday 7th March 2020

As befits the day before International Women’s Day 581 runners, walkers and joggers gathered on York Knavesmire course, many clad in purple, for the start of the 372nd Knavesmire parkrun.

Last week the Knavesmire was underwater and parkrun cancelled whilst seagulls, porpoises, whales and sharks (NB minor exaggeration) sported in the deep.  This week, under a cloudless, blue sky, the land had emerged once more and was open to running - all bar a section where gulls gathered mutinously around a small and receding puddle at the far end.

parkrun can be likened to a journey - and I’m not just referring to the 5k here!  I began my first parkrun reluctantly and with great trepidation (ie all those new people, and can I possibly run THAT far) five years ago.  As our run director asked the question it was heartening to see that almost everyone had begun with the same fears.

For the past four years I have volunteered as a run / walk pacer.  This role is to encourage new runners and help them to reach their potential.  Whilst running and walking, we chat and it’s great getting to know some most amazing and inspirational people.  Let me share some of their stories.

It’s never too late to start running:

Hats off to a couple of people in their 70s, who have recently started running - they wanted to ‘Get fit’.  And they have!  They thought they might be too old to begin and have truly proved that age is just a number.

‘I’ll never be able to run that far’

You don’t have to.  Take it one step at a time.  Take it easy.  Three cheers for the person who told me that she wouldn’t ever be able to run round the course.  Now, a year later, she is running marathons - and enjoying it!  Others have branched out and taken part in: triathlons, fun runs, muddy obstacle courses and fancy dress races.....  Have faith, we are here to encourage you as you go around the course.

‘I don’t know anyone’

It is amazing how many people find friends along the course.  my congratulations go to the small group of new runners who have banded together in a group and meet up to run together (and share a coffee from the coffee van afterwards).  Parkrunners are a friendly, chatty crowd and there is always someone to cheer you on.

What shall I do with my children

No probs.  They will probably beat you round the course!  One of our runners was dragged down to parkrun by her daughter (I use her words!) about a month ago.  She now comes every week, has improved her speed by 10 minutes and made new friends in the process.

‘I’ve never run in my life’

A runner this week made just that comment.  She has now run once in her life and has gone home resolving to print out her bar code and come regularly.  Quote: ‘That was easier that I expected!’  An inspirational woman!

So, whether you are the speediest thing on two legs with total focus on being the first one in, or content to jog around and chat, or you’re only just starting out, you are all doing something that thousands of others haven’t even tried.  Parkrunners you are amazing!

And now, to keep with tradition, some random stats and comments.  

Firstly many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who included:


Well done, without your help there would be no parkrun.  You deserve a round of applause.

If you would like to join our band of happy volunteers - there are plenty of opportunities to help out and we are always pleased to see new recruits.  Just take a look at our park run web page and send us an email at york@parkrun.com.  See you next Saturday!


  • Cheers today were in order for Kevin McCaffery celebrating his 200th run, for Emma Davidson celebrating her 50th run and the 43 people completing their first ever parkrun.  First timers, you know who you are and should be proud of your achievement.  Hope to see you all again next week!
  • Cheers also to the 77 runners who gained a new PB.  Congratulations and well done!

Random stats

  • Today was the 7th, and in 7th place was Jan-Philipp PFLÜGL in a time of 18min 1.
  • March is the 3rd month.  Chris Poulton was 3rd runner back in a time of 16mins 49.
  • And as we are in 2020, in 20th female place was Lily Seach.

Well done all of you.  For full results go to: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/york/results/latestresults/

And finally - please don’t think you have to be another Roger Bannister or Kelly Holmes to join us.  This week we had pacers for all paces and, whatever your speed or ability, you are welcome to join us.  You will never be the last person in - we have a tail walker who takes that position - and there is usually the coffee van at the end for a warming drink.

Whether you walk, run or jog, you deserve a round of applause for taking part and finishing this 5k course.  Because for mast of us Parkrun is not so much about racing and winning, but a warm and welcoming social event with a run or walk thrown in for good measure.  So come along and try us out!  We look forward to seeing you again next Saturday.


York parkrun number 371 by Jennifer Roberts

Another windy weekend for York parkrun. The Knavesmire has been a lake for most of the week but as Saturday approached, the water receded to puddles and mud allowing 458 people to run, jog and walk for the event number 371 aided by 25 brilliant windswept volunteers.

Congratulations to Terence Forrest, a Cairngorm runner and first timer to York, who was our first finisher and Monika Smutek who was first over the line for the ladies.

A few milestones to mention: Mike Smith on 250, Nicholas Jones, Peter Quinn and Matthew Johnson reached 100. Well done.

The early morning rain eased and the sun came out for the start. From my marshalling position by Cherry Lane, I had great views of the parkrunners, dogs and buggies starting the weekend in the best way possible. This was my 25th volunteer and marshalling has to be my favourite role. It’s wonderful seeing so many people of so many different abilities: the determined, the competitors, the social runners, the family groups, the health conscious and the forced-by-their-friend participants coming together, united for a short space of time, usually with a smile on their face. The power of parkrun.

If you have never volunteered before, come and see what parkrun is like from the other side. It will make you love it more. If you have never run before, watching other runners may just inspire you to take those first steps to a 5k. However you take part, I hope you now refer to Saturdays as parkrun day and continue to enjoy it as much as I do. Have a great weekend and see you next week for the 29th February leap year parkrun! Not to be repeated until 2048 so don’t miss out.

This week 458 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 86 were first timers and 30 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 59 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Laura WEIGHTMAN who recorded a time of 16:12 on 12th March 2016 (event number 190).
The male record is held by Graham RUSH who recorded a time of 14:37 on 19th August 2017 (event number 253).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 97.59% (21:25) on 17th November 2018 (event number 308).

York parkrun started on 14th January 2012. Since then 22,285 participants have completed 140,918 parkruns covering a total distance of 704,590 km, including 22,647 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,066 individuals have volunteered 8,610 times.


York parkrun #368 – by Tim Gardiner

Unicorns dancing on ice

After forays into the Midlands, I finally hit the north for a parkrun. I’d previously drifted no further north than Newark or Lincoln for my parkrun fix; but York’s a city that’s worth the extra miles up the A1. What constitutes ‘The North’ has always fascinated me; it being a state of mind and culture rather than a strict geographical demarcation. The consensus at York seemed to be anywhere north of Leeds!

It was my first racecourse parkrun, having toyed with the idea of Market Rasen for a while. The Knavesmire is a magnificent venue for a run, you can imagine the thunder of hooves and cheer of the crowd, as you run round the course (approx. 25 furlongs!). It’s a course where amateur athletes have run with Olympians such as Jonathan Brownlee and Laura Weightman (female course record holder). On my warm up jog, the Puddle of Broken PB Dreams appeared to have dried up. This joy was quickly offset by the Breeze of Broken PB Dreams which gusted across the exposed racecourse at around 40 mph. The Knavesmire Knobbler which sweeps down from the Pennines is an infamous thwarter of running ambition.

A total of 618 athletes turned up for the 368th York parkrun, with representatives from 64 different running clubs. Many of these were first-timers to the course (105) and parkrun such as the fantastic walking effort by 5 year old Betsy Wilson to finish her first parkrun in 51:02, beating mum Ellie in a sprint finish. The fantastic support of 34 volunteers supported the athletes, eager smiles and encouraging comments more than welcome on a windy morning. Despite the strong wind there were 86 new pbs; well done all! We were awash with milestones beginning with Joe McDonald joining the Junior 10 Club. The 50 Club had three newcomers: Briony Mawson, Andrew Storr and Sally Shuttleworth. And last but not least, David Barrett stormed into the 100 Club! Congratulations to all runners for staying the course! An unofficial milestone in the form of Catherine Ward’s 200th parkrun didn’t go unnoticed. That’s true dedication to parkrun!

Personally speaking, 270 runners beat the poet (26:38); I was checked by the Knavesmire Knobbler after going out too fast in the first mile. That I ventured into the Sarlacc’s sandpit shortly after the start did not help matters. It was equally as treacherous as the infamous Swaffham Sarlacc and the Great Pit of Notley (Essex)! No-one mentioned the Knavesmire Knoll, the small hillock in the southern part of the course. Oxygen was in short supply second time round!

While scoffing a bacon bap after the run, I was informed by run director, Ellie, of the York Ice Trail in the city centre. Forty ice sculptures were dotted around the streets, melting rather too quickly in the February sun. I managed to find Sonic the Hedgehog, Gruffalo (minus a hand which had dropped off) but missed out on the Ewok and Jawa from Star Wars. It’s something I’m gonna have to learn to live with. On my return to the racecourse, maybe the Jawa will be lurking around the Sarlacc’s sandpit?

Poetry Corner #8

To fit with the majestic location, this week’s poetry corner features poet Jane Lovell, who has won many poetry awards and is widely published and anthologised. To date, Jane has had three poetry pamphlets published. She also has a love of horses and nature which she captures beautifully in this superbly crafted poem, the last line of which captures the emotion that can consume a parkrunner when they enter the finish funnel for the first time.

Godolphin’s Stallion

Beneath the sleeping giant, bones white as hazel,
Godolphin’s stallion shifts and twists
with the turning of the Earth, the slow creep
of rainfall through the hillside,
crawling, burrowing subterranean life.

Lost in the soil:
the rush of wind against his face;
startled partridges and pheasant airborne
like winged bottles, birds of Phasis ringing the silence
with their fat rusty bells;

deeper still, his master, long since rotted in his satins,
face drawn to a ghastly leer,
reins, a curled rind, grasped by the bones
of his hand.

The gods remain only in the spines of gorse.
Late June, early mornings, some say,
they flinch at the thundering hooves, the salt
and stench of champed grass as the stallion passes,
eyes wild with triumph.

In the stalls (and possible lame!), a series of my one line poems about parkrun inspired by famous York racehorses, starting off with the winner of The Great Match against Voltigeur (literally a two horse race!) in 1851. It’s said that this duel between Yorkshire horses drew over 100,000 people to the Knavesmire. Kudos if you can name the year each horse won without looking it up!

1. Flying Dutchman slowed down by a headwind

2. those second lap blues Die Hard

3. where’s that watter tap - Lake Coniston?

4. Vicious Circle lingering thoughts of another lap

5. personal best missed by a second Heartbreak City

6. Invincible Army first-timers smile from ear to ear

Tim Gardiner
Aka the parkrun poet
Twitter: @parkrunpoetry

The event was made possible by 34 volunteers:

Jane LAWSON • Chris POULTON • Egg CAMERON • Mark HARNEY • Nick GRIFFIN • Adrian STIPETIC • Deirdre SOUCH • David CHRYSSIDES • Barbara GRIFFIN • Ellie GRIFFIN • Graham WALTON • Fiona SEFTON • Adam SEFTON • Julia GAVIN • Ian JENKINSON • Rachel GILLESPIE • Alan WILKINSON • Ellie PAGE • Angela NORTON • Peter NORTON • Penny GREGG • Andrew CLARK • Yvonne ORTON • Tim GARDINER • Judi WATSON • Sally MINSKIP • Jill MOGER • Myra MCKAY • Ruth MALONE • Pauline DUCAT • Stuart MASHEDER • Adele STORR • Margaret INGHAM • Danny EVANS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Laura WEIGHTMAN who recorded a time of 16:12 on 12th March 2016 (event number 190).

The male record is held by Graham RUSH who recorded a time of 14:37 on 19th August 2017 (event number 253).

The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 97.59% (21:25) on 17th November 2018 (event number 308).

York parkrun started on 14th January 2012. Since then 22,009 participants have completed 139,390 parkruns covering a total distance of 696,950 km, including 22,452 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,042 individuals have volunteered 8,533 times.




Run Report for event #365 – Happy 8th Birthday! – By Dave Lingwood.

A bumper crowd of over 700 parkrunners flocked to the Knavesmire on Saturday morning to be part of York parkrun’s 8th birthday celebration.

Whilst the weather didn’t join the party, there was a celebratory atmosphere as the masses began to assemble near to Cherry Lane. As the briefing began, attention turned to those completing milestones. Firstly, congratulations to Paddy WORDSWORTH, Jenny MCNEIL and Alison STEWART DORINS, who each marked their 50th parkrun. Well done also to Nicholas JONES, who was celebrating reaching a ton of parkruns. Lastly, but certainly not least, a massive congratulations to Wesley POSSIBLE and Andrew DAVIS for reaching 200 parkruns each. Collectively, all of the above legends of York parkrun have completed 650 events – an amazing achievement!

After a big round of applause for the volunteers, who looked very cheerful despite the inclement weather, we were off. Setting off a bit slower than usual, I was a little preoccupied by the windy conditions – would I be battered by a headwind all the way around? Would it all die down? Or better still, would a perfect tailwind and a bit of luck propel me to PB glory?

All seemed well at first – the wind dropped; there were no puddles of doom and even the muddy stretch didn’t require any off-road intervention. Just after I passed the Grandstand for the first time, this naïve optimism became all too hard to keep up as a brutal headwind hit us all. At times, it felt like I was running in slow motion, adding a further bit of insult, given my limited speed. Gritting my teeth, I ploughed on through though. Looking around, there was a steely resolve and a lot of furrowed brows, which made me feel a bit better knowing others were finding it tough too. Eventually, the wind dropped again. Normal optimism levels returned, and there was even a pleasant tailwind as I sauntered down the last stretch. Crossing the finish line, I felt slightly windswept but thankful the hard work was done. Thank you to all of the volunteers for putting on a great event, and in particular for braving the elements. Here’s to 8 more years, and many more, of York parkrun!

Many congratulations to all the participants including the following:

George PHILLIPS – First Male Finisher (16:39) with a new PB.

Monica SMUTEK – First Female Finisher (19:59)

Mary FARMERY - Best Age Grading (82.62%) with a time of 26:05.

Neil LAWSON - Most Experienced Parkrunner, amazingly completing his 436th parkrun.


For the benefit of the statistically inclined we welcomed an incredible 93 first time visitors from different parkruns, and runners from a range of different running clubs. Tourists came from London Heathside, North Shields, Doncaster, Halifax, Tyne Bridge, Sheffield, Penyffordd, Lancaster, Cannock and Stafford to name a few!

Congratulations to the hardcore 65 parkrunners who smashed their PBs. An amazing achievement on such a cold and windy day.

We finally welcomed an astonishing 43 first ever parkrunners to York, quite conceivably one of our highest ever. Well done to Jan-Philipp PFLUGL, Joe STAFFORD, Ben CRYER, Luke MAFFETT, James ATKINSON, Jamie STEANE, Dale HUDSON, Harry RALEY, Andrew BRISTON, Eve PARKINSON, Lindsay MITCHELL, Gary WADFORTH, Dave TURNER, Andrew CARMICHAEL, Anna BLOOR, Sarah MILLS, Stefan GUTNICK ALLEN, Oliver RICHMAN, Rachel PARKINSON, Rachel WALTERS, Oliver THRIFT, Lawrence LUMB, Alana SULLIVAN, Sarah DIBLEY, Jayne TWIDLEY, Bradley HARRISON, Robert GAULT, Beth BATTWOOD, Sam SHUTTLEWOOD, Linda COLLIER, Sydney FOX, David CHAPMAN-PELL, Catherine CHAPMAN-PELL, Michelle POTTS, Steph MUSCROFT, Jo LUMB, Abbie SIMPSON, Grace SNOWDEN, Richard MORLEY, Simone BOLTON, Brian MCANISH and Chandra Kala DAHAL. Congratulations to you all and welcome to the parkrun family – I promise the weather does get better (sometimes).

Today’s parkrun wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to ensuring the event went as smoothly as ever. Thank you to the following awesome volunteers who offered encouragement and a warm welcome:

Neil LAWSON • Jane LAWSON • Chris POULTON • Emily Ruth HAMMOND • Sarah HARVEY • Jane Victoria MARSHALL • Mark HARNEY • David BANNISTER • Stephen WILSON • Nick GRIFFIN • John REEVELL • Adrian STIPETIC • David CHRYSSIDES • Barbara GRIFFIN • Jane ANSPACH-SYKES • Ellie GRIFFIN • Liz PIPER • Roger HORBERRY • Michael LEADBETTER • Julia GAVIN • Anna MARSHALL • Christine COCKETT • Rachel HOW • Ellie PAGE • Ethan ARNOLD • Graham ROBERTSON • Patricia SMITH • Dave LINGWOOD • Sally MINSKIP • Rob BYERS • Helen JONES • Elizabeth MITCHELL • Danny EVANS • Sophie HUTCHINSON

This week's full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Laura WEIGHTMAN who recorded a time of 16:12 on 12th March 2016 (event number 190). The male record is held by Graham RUSH who recorded a time of 14:37 on 19th August 2017 (event number 253). The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 97.59% (21:25) on 17th November 2018 (event number 308).

York parkrun started on 14th January 2012. Since then 21,705 participants have completed 137,437 parkruns covering a total distance of 687,185 km, including 22,189 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,036 individuals have volunteered 8,431 times.


York parkrun #364 04/01/2020 – run report

Oh What a Beautiful Morning  

As the sun rose over the Knavesmire on Saturday 4th of January, it most certainly was a beautiful morning. With blue skies, sunlight glinting down and sending golden shadows over the grass and a degree of warmth greater than previous days, 616 eager people gathered to take part in the 364th Knavesmire parkrun. No puddles, no mud and no shivering - hard to believe it is actually January! And the coffee van was there.

With due celebrations for those achieving milestone runs (more about that later), cheers for Adam who was running his 200th and for Peter celebrating his birthday (not saying which) with gingerbread for all; after a round of applause for all our amazing volunteers and the usual safety messages, we were off with our wheelchair runner at the fore!

parkrun is not a race, although some choose to make it that, striving to beat their previous times each week and to attain a personal best (PB). For most it is more about the company, the exercise and just running and making new friends. It is good to see how many of us are taking part in initiatives such as RED January and other charities. Oh and the gingerbread was good too!


  • Cheers today were in order for Jason Newman celebrating his 250th run, for Steve Rhodes and Lindsey Illingworth celebrating their 100th and for Sarah Brennan and Jane Ruston celebrating their 50th runs.
  • Cheers also to the 45 runners who gained a new PB. Congratulations and well done!
  • A round of applause too to the 85 people celebrating their very first parkrun, you know who you are and should be proud of your achievement. Hope to see you all again next week!

Now, firstly, a big thank you to all of the volunteers who worked to set up the course, marshal, cheer us on, scan bar codes and all the other jobs that ensure that we are able to run. Without your help, runs would have to be cancelled (two down south were cancelled last year due to lack of volunteers). We really do appreciate what you do for us!

This week our volunteers included the following 32 amazing people:

Danny SAMPSON • Chris POULTON • Stephen WILSON • Lynn STANNARD • Andrew DAVIS • Don FORMHALS • Nick GRIFFIN • John REEVELL • David CHRYSSIDES • Kate OSBORN • Barbara GRIFFIN • Ellie GRIFFIN • Tim GIBSON • Andrew GREEN • Anna MARSHALL • Ian JENKINSON • Michael HEMSWORTH • Jennifer ROBERTS • James CARTER • Alan WILKINSON • Ellie PAGE • Ethan ARNOLD • Caroline DOCHERTY • Abigail BROOKS • Yvonne ORTON • Emilia BROOKS • Sally MINSKIP • Gill TAYLOR • Toni JENKINSON • Marc CROSBIE • and Danny EVANS


And now for the results.

Male placings:

First past the post in a time of 16mins 29 was Tom Charlton from Tyne Bridge Harriers. He was followed by Chris Poulton of York Acorn AC in 16mins 49 and Paul Begley who came in third place with a time of 17mins 29.


Female placings:

Katherine Davis from North Shields Polytechnic AC came in first woman in a time of 20mins 48. She was followed by Sophia Sachedina of Striders of Croydon AC time of 22min 15 and Gemma Walker came in third with a time of 22min 23.


Well done to all of you. #Three Cheers!


And now a word of encouragement - please don’t think you have to be another Mo Farrah to join us. This week we had pacers for all paces and, whatever your speed or ability, you are welcome to join us. You will never be the last person in - we have a tail walker who takes that position. For mast of us parkrun is not about racing and winning, but a warm and welcoming social event with a run or walk thrown in for good measure. So come along and try us out!

You might even like to join our band of happy volunteers - there are plenty of opportunities to help out and we are always pleased to see new recruits. Just take a look at our park run web page and send us an email at yorkhelpers@parkrun.com if you would like to take part as a volunteer. See you next Saturday!



York Run Report 14th December 2019 – by Caitlin Clark

York parkrun in winter is a bit of a gamble. When it's lashing down, there's no shelter and respite, especially as rainclouds are often accompanied by gales on the Knavesmire. However, Saturday 14th December was a bright winter morning, if a tad breezy, and 575 parkrunners made their way down to the racecourse for their Saturday morning 5km. The sun was rising over the 'mire as we huddled together at the start. A fellow parkrunner noted to me that although lovely, the sun would be full in the face on that first kilometre. Given that he then got a PB, I don't think it hindered too much!

After a briefing by RD Rob, a special guest from our sister parkrun at Heslington, we were off. Despite being on a well-drained racecourse, the York route does have a few puddles of long-standing fame, such as the puddle of broken PB dreams, but thankfully they weren't too pernicious this weekend. It was more muddy than anything else!

11 parkrunners chose to kick off their parkrun journey with us at York this week. Well done, and see you next week?
57 runners got a York parkrun PB this week; well done, especially with that headwind!
Clare Rowntree was first lady back in a time of 20:42.
Tobias Fletcher was first male home this week in a time of 16:29, which was also a PB.
Steve Asquith was the highest age grading with 79.32%

We also had quite a few milestones this week:
Liz Gilley, Anne Turner and Helen Dearlove ran their 100th parkrun.
Thomas Tam, Elisha De-Alker, Ailsa Parker, Russ Carr, Tony Simmonds ran their 50th parkrun.
Isla Nicholl and Mollie Nicholl ran their 10th parkrun as juniors.

Finally, it couldn't have happened without the 32 people who volunteered their time to make it happen:



York Run Report #356 – by Sharon Fox

Y York?

I’m sure York parkrun are used to Alphabeteers and this weekend I joined those who have travelled before me to gain my Y in the Alphabet Challenge. It was also a good excuse for a weekend away in beautiful York with husband Nick, brother Dave and Sister In Law Terri.

Saturday morning could not have been more Novemberish; it was grey, cold and very wet however everyone I came across seemed oblivious to this and just seemed happy to be at parkrun as usual. Following the directions advised on the Facebook page we parked easily and sought out RD Alan who welcomed us warmly and pointed us in the direction of the start.

As we reached the other side of the racecourse, around 8.45, I was surprised at how quiet it was, however, within a few minutes 429 people had appeared from nowhere and looked keen to set off so they could at least warm up a little. I’d noticed a 22 pacer who introduced himself as Ian and after a quick chat I’d committed to trying to stay with him in search of a PB (I’d heard it’s a flat course on a decent track so why not go for it!). The start was pretty congested and starting a little further back I think cost me a good few seconds and Ian was out of sight. There was plenty of deep muddy water to splash through to add to the frozen feet feeling and biting winds along the back of the course, but you soon warm up!

My PB wasn’t to be as although Ian was in sight my cold legs weren’t feeling it. Dave and Terri had good runs too and husband Nick was the hero keeping the bags dry for us at the finish (he recommends the coffee from the Café 2 U van at the finish line!). Then it was off to The Knavesmire to help with token sorting whilst warming up with more coffee and breakfast. All was going smoothly until we realised a bag of tokens had sneakily gone home with another volunteer so sorting was abandoned mid flow until the missing tokens could find their way back to HQ. Overall, despite the bitter weather, we all loved our York parkrun experience and really loved York in all its Xmassy glory.
A few stats from today;
There were 13 completely new parkrunners, welcome, it doesn’t rain every week I promise!
Trevor Clough was the highest age grade this week with 80.98%.
Adam Moger was the parkrun veteran with his 451 st parkrun, wow!
Congratulations to Janet Cordingley on her 250th
Rob Evans and Rachel Gillespie ran their 100th , congratulations!
Lisa Elwood ran her 50th too.
33 Knavesmire Harriers ran, the biggest club representation.
As always a big shout out to the volunteers who stood out in the rain and cold to make it happen;
Why not get involved and volunteer? It’s so rewarding and there’s plenty you can do and still run

Thank you York for a lovely morning. ☺️


Course & weather update – York parkrun 9/11/19

As of this Friday morning 8/11/19 the course is currently a bit puddly in places, a bit sandy in places, but perfectly runnable.

Tomorrow's forecast looks a crisp wintery belter - calm, sunny, speedy conditions. That said, the temperature is due to dip around zero at dawn, so a small chance of being greeted by frozen puddles when we arrive around 8. We're pretty confident all will be ok, but have put a contingency in place of diverting to our alternative grass course on Bustardthorpe field if the tarmac track isn't safe in the morning. In that event, we'll have a volunteer marshal at our normal start line until 9am directing people across the other side of the Knavesmire, and would give everyone time to get across.

Other piece of course news is there's a MoRun running event taking place straight after us tomorrow at 10.30. Their event HQ is around our half way point, so we'll have the novelty of running under their giant inflatable moustache. There might also be chip timing mats on the ground but they've assured us they won't create any additional hazards and we'll have a marshal in place there too.

Volunteers - see you at the finish area at 8.30. parkrunners - see you at the start, first timers briefing at 8.55.

Geordie is back with his coffee van at the finish line, and the Knavesmire pub is open for post parkrun brekkie.

Promises to be a lovely crisp wintery parkrun morning. Wrap up warm and don't forget your barcode!


Two Run Reports for the price of one! (York parkrun 351 & 2)

Run Report for event # 352 – The Soggy One.

By Dave Lingwood.

Nearly 275 headstrong and hearty souls braved relentless rain, cold temperatures and giant puddles of doom at the Knavesmire on Saturday to get their park run fix for the week.

Gathering at the start for the usual briefing at a soggy Knavesmire, by which time it had been raining non-stop in York for well in excess of 18 hours, there seemed to be a steely sense of determination in the air. After the customary group photograph of the Yorkshire Marathon and 10 mile heroes and heroines (well done all!) talk turned to milestones. Congratulations to Felicity Wheeler who celebrated her ton, and also to Elliot Thurland for completing his 50th. Lastly, congratulations to Adam Sefton, a Knavesmire parkrun stalwart, who was not only completing his 175th York parkrun but also celebrating his 25th birthday. A lovely tribute by Nick – who reflected on the positive impact that parkrun has on all of us as individuals and as a community – left a warm glow, lifting the gloom of the rain.

After the briefing was completed, Nick let us off along the Racecourse with the minimum if fuss. After only 15 seconds or so, it became clear that this week’s course would offer some steeplechase sections for those interested. After trying to avoid most of the first puddle of doom – realising it wasn’t really possible halfway through – I decided just to run through the next one. Whilst it was bitterly cold, it was a strangely liberating experience just plowing through without a care in the world. Looking around, it was reassuring to see that I was not the only parkrunner employing this tactic either! After navigating all of the waterlogged sections – which all appeared to be Cherry Lane side of the racecourse – the rain stopped a little which felt like a small victory. Thankfully, there was little wind, which can be punishing to say the least at York Racecourse. With no more rain, it was a case of keeping the head down and getting the miles done, in between a second stint of swimming York Racecourse style. Finishing in a bit of a slower time than normal and trudging and squelching my way back to the car, I wondered if I would ever feel dry again. Looking around it seemed like others were thinking the same thing. The one common denominator though – we all made it out and around, and that beats sitting on the couch!

Many congratulations to all the participants including the following:

Laurence Griffin– First Male Finisher (16:37) and Best Age Grading (78.44%)
Lucy Holland – First Female Finisher (21:39)
Adam Moger – Most Experienced Parkrunner, amazingly completing his 447th parkrun!

For the benefit of the statistically inclined we welcomed a whopping 49 first time visitors from different parkruns, and runners from clubs in Northwich, Preston, Islwyn, Kilbarchan, Wilmslow, Ystrad Mynach, Milton Keynes, Thames Valley, Leeds, Abingdon, Ingle and Worcestershire. An amazing 14 runners smashed their PBs, an amazing achievement given the hazardous conditions.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we welcomed 6 first ever parkrunners. Congratulations to Craig Haxton, John Lowe, Chris Allen, Lewis Hayler, Leanne Richards and Piyachart Promthong for being daft enough to start your park run journey this week. I think its fair to say that if you have the mettle to do your first ever parkrun in torrential rain, every subsequent one will considerably easier.

Today’s parkrun wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to ensuring the event went as smoothly as ever. Thank you to the following awesome volunteers who braved the challenging conditions:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Graham RUSH who recorded a time of 14:37 on 19th August 2017 (event number 253).
The female record is held by Laura Weightman who recorded a time of 16:12 on 12th March 2016 (event number 190).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 97.59% (21:25) on 17th November 2018 (event number 308).

York parkrun started on 14th January 2012. Since then 20,552 participants have completed 130,000 parkruns covering a total distance of 650,000 km, including 21,454 new Personal Bests. A total of 984 individuals have volunteered 8,007 times.

Run Report for event # 351 – by Dave Lancaster

A lovely perfect clear day greeted 568 parkrunners on the Knavesmire this morning. Leading the filed all the way from Bedford was first timer Peter Grahamin an excellent 16 min and 21 secs. the runner up who set a new PB of 18 min 54 sec and was also achieving a new milestone of 50 parkruns was Jonathan Hardy (South Leeds)

Leading ladies were Sarah Hunter (Ackworth Road Runners) in a new PB of 18m 54 sec and Elizabeth Clough a first timer all the way from Peterborough clocing 19m 53 secs. I was also celebrating today by reaching a milestone of 200 parkruns and i chose my home course to achieve it on my 79th appearance here. I decided to remember it by presenting a Tesco voucher to teh oldest man and lady running today.

The two octogenarians showing everyone how it's done regardless of age were Don Gunnrunning an excellent 38 min 32 sec together with Dot Mockridge returning an impressive 56 min 52 sec. It was a pleasure to meet both of them and hopefully they will inspire other people in their age group to turn out on a Saturday morning as it is such a social atmosphere as well as for keeping fit.

Other park runners celebrating milestones today were James Carter (York Postal) also hitting 200 parkruns, well done and keep it going. Louise Fuller all the way from Northampton chose York for her 100th edition, as was Steve Simms fantastic efforts from both of you!

Another equally impressive tally was from Graham Todd of Ebor Orienteers who reached the magic total of 250 parkruns completed - terrific accomplishment!
Finally not forgetting Allyson Lyster, Anne Chaplin (Fit Mums and Friends) Anna Maughan (first timer) Helen Davis who also recorded a new PB of 28 mins 53 secs and Richard Lovedale all achieving an awesome 50 parkruns - well done to you all and keep setting new goals

As always the biggest cheers are for this weeks volunteers for without them we wouldn't be able to participate in parkrun - just almighty appreciation for you all.

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